Xiaomi raises Redmi Note 5 Pro and Mi LED TV 4 55" Indian prices to cover for higher taxes

30 April 2018
The Redmi Note 5 Pro will sell for INR 1,000 more while the Mi LED TV 4 55" for INR 5,000 more.

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  • 01 May 2018

I think asus was waiting for this kind of news.

    AnonD-734497, 30 Apr 2018This does not seam to be a price hike due to increase in im... moreFor some reasons, I felt the same...

      [deleted post]Well I optimized software for the phones I use but I am getting tired of it. Never had a smartphone from Sony, almost got one years ago but ended buying Huawei instead. Had Huaweis, Samsungs and Xiaomi non of which had polished software. Helped creating costume solutions for them that whare better than firmwares. As we see degradation from all OEM's including even Sony & Google with it's Android programmes, who knows me by I buy Sony if nothing else to play with AOSP.

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        • kAF
        • 01 May 2018

        ZolaIII, 30 Apr 2018This will destroy any remaining "Indian smartphone manufact... moreThe Indian manufacturers are pretty bad anyways. Couldn't care less about them..... Besides if manufacturing shifts to India, it's more jobs for locals. Win win situation. Government gets money, company gets cheap labor, customer gets easy servicing

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          • 01 May 2018

          Please bring the TV to Jakarta officially.

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            • sAZ
            • 01 May 2018

            Ibm007, 30 Apr 2018Don't buy China phone Might. Buy Taiwan based company Asus ... moreWhat kind of language is that lol.

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              • 01 May 2018

              ZolaIII, 30 Apr 2018Stick with Sony. Official AOSP & real software support ... moreBiger problem with Sony Xperias in 2018 if can someone afford, design, flow something, or fat phone in reality. For biger (XZ2) model also, weight, for smaller plastic back, and its not the slimmer Compact Xperia around. Missing 3.5mm audio jack is not big deal, but with that design and tickness, they can have 2 jacks on 12mm phone

                Import duties are added by Indian govt to force smartphone companies to manufacture PCBA and other important smartphone components in India itself. Five year back very few smartphone companies were assembling in India but because of import duties now almost all smartphones from major brands are assembled in India with a "Made in India" tag. Xiaomi increased price only because there is high demand for Redmi note 5 pro.

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                  • 30 Apr 2018

                  Don't buy China phone Might. Buy Taiwan based company Asus Zenfone max pro more than value for money. But the design is not up to date.

                    AnonD-659431, 30 Apr 2018Oh dear, India have more galaxy, iPhone bla bla than your t... moreIkr?

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                      • 30 Apr 2018

                      Geric.770, 30 Apr 2018Maybe in Philippines? Uh no, people still love to buy Galax... moreOh dear, India have more galaxy, iPhone bla bla than your total population.

                        GeraltOfYenfer, 30 Apr 2018Truly speaking, I m a Sony guy. But when it comes to recomm... moreStick with Sony. Official AOSP & real software support are worth it if you can afford it.

                          imRGZ, 30 Apr 2018This is just an attempt by the Government to force companie... moreThis will destroy any remaining "Indian smartphone manufacturers" as they are even less made in India while Xiaomi will adapt (they already are adapting). Most component aren't even made in China (SoC, RAM, NAND...) but just assembled. Foxconn and other utterly unethical companies will establish circuit board production in India & Xiaomi will use them but it will take some time. In the meanwhile you will pay the tax from your own pocket, more work places will be lost than gained & those working for Foxconn & alike will be greatly exploit. So in the end this is bad decision from Indian government and we will see if they learn anything from it. I agree India should make their own product's both made & own by Indians in each & every possible category but this ain't one of those.

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                            • 30 Apr 2018

                            GeraltOfYenfer, 30 Apr 2018Classic India. Unable to produce a competitive product, the... moreThis is just an attempt by the Government to force companies to manufacture their products in India rather than Assembling in India.

                              GeraltOfYenfer, 30 Apr 2018Truly speaking, I m a Sony guy. But when it comes to recomm... moreWell, this move is going to force them to make all their phones in India only, like they are doing with many of their phones.
                              They are only charging more for now. Once they get established here, the same phones will be cheaper than they already were, because of zero import duty.

                                There is no recent hikes in any duties by the government! This is simple lie by Mr Jain who is a marketing fellow. You want to make more money, say it so openly!!!

                                Make in India doesn't mean assemble in India! That's called screw driver Technologies in the days of earlier governments in 60s,70s,80s and 90s.

                                People are smart enough to find out the truth!

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                                  • 30 Apr 2018

                                  Leepu, 30 Apr 2018The government takes various taxes just for the sake of it ... moreWell, all those vehicle modifications you do aren't helping the cause of CO2 emission. ;D

                                    GeraltOfYenfer, 30 Apr 2018I guess they will do that. Mi has proven to be pro-consumer... moreYeah I am RAW agent defending Indian government here.....lol. . You mean assembly plants right? Nice try. But you and me both know the difference betweem assembly and manufacturing. Didn't knew Xiaomi officials are active on GSMA :P

                                      Androidloveralways, 30 Apr 2018Changing goalpost now. Typical SJW. If Xiaomi is pro custom... moreI guess they will do that. Mi has proven to be pro-consumer from the very start. The only reason they already have 3 manufacturing plants in India with 3 more to start soon is that they wanted to speed the process to help Indian consumers facing issues. And there was no change of goalpost on my side, It was about showing you the mirror. Didn't knew Indian Gov officials are active on GSMA :P

                                        nigerianprince, 30 Apr 2018Will you buy any of these products with their increased pri... moreTruly speaking, I m a Sony guy. But when it comes to recommendations I always tend to favor Mi. The get upticks in all directions. Some may complain about the Software, but firstly, it's not entirely different, and secondly, it's iSheepish launcher is easily replaceable. In its price segment, It has the better camera, better hardware, better display, and overall better experience. The only alternative is Honor, but I tend to never recommend anything that boards any SoC other than SD.