New leak shows Motorola Moto Z3 Play in flesh

03 May 2018
The leak reveals a design in line with what we've seen so far, including missing fingerprint sensor both from back and front.

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  • Sanathkumar

I Guess That It May Has Dual Stereo Speakers...One On Top And Another One Bottom Just Below The Motorola Logo....

motofan, 04 May 2018you must have damage vision. lolLook at the front it looks like Moto X

  • motofilipino

AWESOME! I'm pretty excited for this one.

The security patch is not May 1. It's actually dated January 5th according to the image.

"In flesh"??? Unless this is some Terminator type thing, I think this is an incorrect use of that phrase.

  • motofan

LG Superfan, 03 May 2018Look like.Moto Xyou must have damage vision. lol

  • Anonymous

This might be worthwhile if it gets good lineageOS support. Metal back+FM radio+unlocked bootloader+dual sim+good enough SoC. I will wait and see how it turns out.

  • AnonD-254911

Looks like Motorola Atrix :p

Look like.Moto X

  • Anonymous

The Motorola mods was a great idea for them, they win extra money if the customer want improve what the phone lacks, like a big battery, a better camera, etc. More profit for them selling or licensing them. Plus another extra, if the customer accidentally drops the phone, doble profit repairing both the mod and the phone or selling new ones, a win win for them.

The lack of frequently updates is usual at Lenovo and now Motorola, and perhaps their updates even aren't necessary, because at the rhythm they release them your personal data already could have been worldwide shared before receive the next one.

  • AnonD-704307

Anonymous, 03 May 2018OMG, cant you understand? that is not the final security pa... moreOMG, thanks captain obvious, nobody expects them to release a new phone with half a year behind on software, jesus calm your tatas.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-704307, 03 May 2018No, I meant that the software is several months old on a ne... moreOMG, cant you understand? that is not the final security patch level on the phone..

  • AnonD-756732

It's sooo tiring to read the negative comments that always get posted regarding Motorola devices. This will be a great phone, as was the other Plays before it. I've learned my lesson buying 800 series Snapdragons, you know.., the ones where you have to charge after 6-8 hours. My first gen Play with the power pack attached gives me 5710 mAh in a phone that is a just a little bit heavier but runs for days. If you don't like it don't buy it, but every device has it's faults and sometimes haters just need to STFU.

  • AnonD-704307

Anonymous, 03 May 2018Are you referring to xiaomi and oppo and one plus?? same th... moreNo, I meant that the software is several months old on a new device. I dont see who moto is copying with this design outside of themselves.

Would like to see and buy Moto X5 for my GF.
I am owning and using of Moto X4 and i am tottaly satisfied with my phone.

Anonymous, 03 May 2018The security patch level is actually "Jan 5th, 2018".(From ... moreIt's a pre-production model what do you expect.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-704307, 03 May 2018Somethings dont change with lenovorola xD Are you referring to xiaomi and oppo and one plus?? same thing, copy cats.

  • AnonD-704307

BMW E30, 03 May 2018Jan 5 security patch, not May 1Somethings dont change with lenovorola xD

Aloof, 03 May 2018This isn't the first time you sir "thought" Lenovo is dead ... moreNuh. I like the old Motorola before. I owned a clamshell Motorola phone u know. But things change now and this product is not in the radar of Europe and Asian countries!

Jan 5 security patch, not May 1