Google says Duplex AI will explicitly tell callee they're talking to a bot

11 May 2018
Following outcry, Google has issued a statement confirming the AI calling system would identify itself.

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Only Human , 11 May 2018I agree with you, i get so annoyed when friends of mine say... moreAs long as you will make AI without capable of being self-aware there should be no issues with it

  • Discoverer

Awesome @ first.
But with analysis found that Google must work to find a better development of technology that make all human to work a bit to get what they intent to or truly deserve.
Any advance TECH, that makes people of all credo for any simple or complex work on daily basis is the best, than making people lethergic is not.

  • Anonymous

The law is telling Google that they need to put a disclaimer that the call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance and security purposes.

O S, 11 May 2018Google Duplex doesn't need to disclose it's a bot, it shoul... moreexactly. Just having it say "I'm calling on behalf of..." addresses the issue nicely.

Allowing users to set a name for the assistant would be a nice addition too. Then it would simply say "I am , calling on behalf of . . ."

  • potatopotato

Anonymous, 11 May 2018plot twist: it's just call centers in low-salary countries.listen, i was not ready

  • Anonymous

.alpha, 11 May 2018That AI call was staged and scriptedplot twist: it's just call centers in low-salary countries.

  • Anonymous

Why does it matter that you are talking to a robot or human? The shop wants your service. You want to get that service without the hassle of the phone call. Both ends win.

In fact if this tech develops more then the shops can scrap the human as well! No one likes to work or deal with customer service anyways.

  • Anonymous

That’s a dumb move. Upon the business knows it’s a bot, they’ll immediately hang up. You can’t be sure if it’s a scam

Anonymous, 11 May 2018clearly, the end of the world will be caused by a speechbot... moreIt was deliberately shown it as a fun tool with implications hidden multifold which is the speciality of typical Google. While you underestimate their true capabilities, they match ahead.

I see there are many use cases in eliminating jobs that require assistants for mundane tasks yet requires a human.

Assuming that Google could master your browsing habits and their assistant trying to create a tiff between family members?

  • Anonymous

While the reason is understandable, there goes half the awesomeness.

  • Only Human

.alpha, 11 May 2018That AI call was staged and scriptedName a call center call that you've had that hasn't been scripted....

  • Anonymous

zeynep tufekci seems like a really bitter person.

  • Anonymous

clearly, the end of the world will be caused by a speechbot calling a restaurant and reserving all of the tables so no one can eat = world starves 2 death : D

  • .alpha

That AI call was staged and scripted

Google Duplex doesn't need to disclose it's a bot, it should just say " I'm calling on behalf of ..."

  • duck of death

The odds that this "triggered" person works with a competitor falling behind is pretty low. I think, we all know whom.... "How can we keep up with their progress? Ours sounds so 90's. I know, FAKE RAGE!" :)
The quality of AI speech is not the point we need to focus on. We've tried to perfect that since the 80's. The focus is how AI is used. High bandwidth divisive, multi-layered spam on the internet is one.

AnonD-138848, 11 May 2018Everyday we are deceived by Credit Card calls, Insurance Ca... moreExactly man
It's like ppl hear AI,
Immediately go Skynet!!
AI is the future, no it's not gonna take over the human race
And I think most services wouldn't care either way, because they are paid just the same at the end of the day.

I would happily let bot talks to pesky calls from promotional and other stuff...wait, soon those originating calls as well going to be performed by bots! Let two bots figure it out with each other!

They take decisions for us, learn for us, perform tasks for us, communicate for us....then what are we all going to do!

Just exist with a Social security or tax ID or citizen id with a mobile number with an assigned Bank Account and as associated credit card number, and without a job!!

Well done

AnonD-138848, 11 May 2018Everyday we are deceived by Credit Card calls, Insurance Ca... moreGoogle just make crazy features nowadays. Let's see if this is useful on certain people though.

  • AnonD-138848

Everyday we are deceived by Credit Card calls, Insurance Calls, Personal Loan Calls. Why nobody shouted for this? Now alone you all are deceived when a bot speaks like human? Come on grow up kids, if you are at 90's, we can't help you.