LG G6 ThinQ pops up, brings no changes whatsoever

16 May 2018
The name of the phone appeared on the English version of LG Canada, Oreo update likely out of the box.

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Brandstifter, 17 May 2018My condolences on buying a G6. Got rid of mine two weeks ag... moremust be a galaxy fan enjoy your blowup/flame thrower of a phone (Y) Lol Been using LG phones since the Optimus G pro E980 g2,g3,g4,g5 and now the G6 not one phone ever bootlooped etc fantasic phones its called neglect over work them they get fkn hot and become toast but NOT as toasty as any samsung i've seen(winks)

  • SonicVision

On July 4th my Canadian G6 got and update and now on start up displays "G6 ThinQ" and the camera has had a bunch of changes done to it.

  • D0D

AnonD-489040, 17 May 2018I have LG G6 (H873) Canada model. I have received Oreo upda... moreG6 H870 already have facial unlock with Nougat on Europe. Mine have

  • AnonD-489040

ZloiYuri, 16 May 2018You liar. I never met any peopke who used LG phone and upgr... moreYou are si wrong. I had G2, G4, G5, V10, V20 and now I have G6. I think that V20 was best.

  • AnonD-489040

I have LG G6 (H873) Canada model. I have received Oreo update a week ago. There is no ThinQ rebranding on boot (as on V30+), there is no AI camera, only some minor updates on camera software, new menues in settings and the biggest update is facial recognition. So no ThinQ. That LG G6 ThinQ add on LG Canada eebsite is not a news, it's from month or more ago

  • AnonD-241270

Brandstifter, 17 May 2018If the previous models had even worse battery life, I shoul... morei doubt if G6 have 16:9 it wold be worse, it could be better from my experience because people with huge hands (like me) is better to hold it since G6 is too narrow in the sides, and when texting it makes some kind of weird feel in between the indicator and the polegar finger.

i already have a case on it, arrive today, i go with Nillkin Carbon Fiber case and a H9 Nillkin glass screen protector and i am very happy with the result.

what can i do?! if the brand itself didnt release the update i cannot make a scene with them, i just need and want (but i am sure i will not get it) montly security updates. But from my point this should be Google fault, they need to change the montly update system and integrate them with WebView app and dont be the brands to make it, brands from my point of view just need to do a update to the system like Android version nothing more, Security Updates should be Google work only to globaly scale like universal thing.

I use AOD so, i didnt turn off this feature, since i left the phone screen down the AOD shut off and keeps off until i pull it up, i see a 1 to 2% drain this morning when check the phone battery, thats the porcentage they draw in 10 hours.

its not afection, is more like taste, i like the LG UI, i like the features as i mention before (IR Blaster and other little things). And of course is more like a brand loyality, i am loyal to LG, my TV's all are LG, my washing machine, i love LG and i dont have any problems until now with this brand, with sammy i already have much more but...sammy is not the theme of this speak.

i just dont go for V30 or G7 because are little design things i didnt like, G7 look like a chinese cheap phone, and V30 fingerprint color and material dont match the same back of glass of the phone is just look ugly, thats why i go for Astro Blasck G6 and this is a fkng sexy phone i ever have.

i already have some Sony phones like Xperia SP, Xperia Z Ultra (wich is a monster btw, the first phablet with more than 18 cm i have and couldnt keep because it dont fit my pocket so i sell it, but love the phone in every aspect, the SP was the greatest Sony i have but the screen sensibility to response when texting and others is not for my fingers, i need to hard press it to put a number or a word). And this kind of things never happen with LG phones, the screen sensibility is awesome for me.

And when i need support i go to online support and LG Service Center always talk me with respect, very competent and very nice to me...really, i love this brand and i know i didnt need to do this and trow my atention to people not brands but, i feel like LG is part of family, i go to a lot of homes (part of my work) and everytime i see a LG product in the house of people i get more attencious and maybe that is a subject of some kind of interation with the person who owns it because maybe the feel the same like me with that kind of product, have the same opinion and so on.

I am very emotional even with things like a fkng phone, a gadget so...this is normal to me.

AnonD-241270, 17 May 2018thank you, your condolences are well acepted! xD I have ... moreIf the previous models had even worse battery life, I should be glad that it was my first LG phone. Even with all the non-root tweaks (including disabling LDB but not including those which would impair usage comfort; oh, and including disabling bloatware with LG Package Disabler) it barely reached 6 hours SOT with a significant amount of that being in battery saver mode. Yep, I use my phones to the full extent.

The screen ratio is good, it would be a way worse phone if it had a 16:9 screen. But it is still too wide, and it's uncomfortable to hold because of this and the slippery glass back. Luckily the second problem is easily solved by a Nillkin frosted case indeed.

Not updating your flagship phone is a clear sign of negligence. Even if LG encountered some issues with Oreo they could have kept pushing monthly security updates.

Wide angle camera was awesome. I had to turn off AOD to conserve battery though (yeah, I know it doesn't consume much, but every percent matters when your phone can't survive a day of moderate use).

You know what? It clearly sounds like affection on your side. I'd advise you against any brand affection. I had 4 Sony phones in a row, but when they started having severe quality issues I left Sony without doubt. I've tried a couple of other manufacturers and got back to Sony when they returned to their tracks. I'm not saying I'd never ever buy an LG phone again. If they consider their mistakes and address them in new phones I'd be glad to grab one (as long as it has their unique selling point, the wide angle camera). Right now I see them repeating their mistakes, G7 is a joke with an even bigger display and an even smaller battery.

Spare your love for people, places and art. Brands don't deserve it. They all suck and we just have to choose ones that suck less.

  • AnonD-241270

Brandstifter, 17 May 2018My condolences on buying a G6. Got rid of mine two weeks ag... morethank you, your condolences are well acepted! xD

I have no complains about battery life so far, i only charge it 1 time since day 15 and until now i have 32% battery with almost 6 hours on screen time and almost 4 of heavy use playing games.

maybe you dont know how to make things work better with battery, i dont mean root and etc, because mine isnt rooted yet but the basics like go all the settings and disable some things even in google part and disable the "spy on you" thing wich eats battery too, disable MLT etc etc.

Sorry if you dont know how to use the phone and complain about a thing you are blind! My last 5 devices was LG and i have nothing to complain about, because i know what i am doing.

My LG 4X HD never had a problem, the problem there is the Tegra 4 chip wich is a power hungry, my G2 Mini have no problem, 0 and battery life was amazing at that time, then my G3 have only heat issue but solved with thermal paste between the SoC and the display frame, my G Flex 2 had the same heat issue but solved with the same process like G3, next my V10 never had one issue, i say NONE ISSUE WHATSOEVER, is the most perfect phone i have until G6 wich i can tell you is the king of battery of my LG devices so far.

Ok, the size of G6 is not the problem, the problem is more the screen ratio wich makes them a little unconfortable to hold but a case solve the problem.

Oreo is a little too late but i dont care much, is around the corner and we will get it until the end of this month, i myself wait almost 6+ months for the Nougat for V10 and they receive it even when my hopes is low, V10 receive 2 major updates, they arrive with 5.1 updated to 6.0 and then to 7.0.

My H870 variant is bootloader unlockable capable so i didnt worry in that part, one day i will do it.

And yes, the wide angle camera, the always on display and some other things are the reason why i buy this phone. i dont care if they have the old SD821, for me is enough because i came from a SD808 (V10) and they never fail on me, is like i can grab a Lambo but i prefer a modest mustang or something.

So, for me you lose in every line you wrote, nobody known LG mobiles better than me, long use, i always buy LG because i get used to have IR Blaster (not more, G6 didnt have it) and the UI for me is the simpliest and the beauty of all (personal taste no more).

For everyone saying "oh, you have a LG phone, you are poor" or "your phone will bootloop soon" etc etc: SHUT UP YOUR MOUTH'S, YOU ONLY HAVE PROBLEMS IF YOU DONT ANTECIPATE THEM AND MAKE SOMETHING EARLY TO THAT DIDNT HAPPEN.

BETTER BE SAFE THAN SORROW is my life learn logic.

AnonD-241270, 16 May 2018shut up your mouth. you dont know what you are talking abou... moreMy condolences on buying a G6. Got rid of mine two weeks ago.

I mean, it's not the worst phone out there, of course. But it's not a good phone either.

The battery life is poor. The size is uncomfortable. Glass back sucks. Updates are missing. Well, Oreo is rolling out now, but as of two weeks ago my G6 still had Nougat with the October security update. Oh, and there is no bootloader unlock for most variants which means the community can't help you.

Pros? Well, the wide angle camera is awesome. The main camera is really good as well. And it's pretty sturdy. Cheaper than most competitors. That's basically all that's good about this phone.

  • Anonymous

Godspeed LG, godspeed.

  • Too big to fail

ZloiYuri, 16 May 2018You liar. I never met any peopke who used LG phone and upgr... moreLG G6 is still a great phone,....used to have GFlex 2 which was not bad but none of them suffered or suffers of boot looping!!!

  • ZloiYuri

AnonD-241270, 16 May 2018shut up your mouth. you dont know what you are talking abou... moreYou liar. I never met any peopke who used LG phone and upgraded to other LG crap. Personally me still using lg g4. After bootloop and repair, after lack of updates at all. LG software is worst, support too. But they still use paid trolls to shut up truth. Miserable company.

  • Anonymous

crazyboys.tp, 16 May 2018LG has totally gone mad. Release Oreo update OTA to all exi... moreLG launched the G6 Oreo update in Canada just the other day, with some vague 'AI' enhancements over Nougat devices. They are just rebranding the phone the G6 thinQ to call attention to this fact and capitalize on the current 'AI' buzz in the media. They are not re-releasing anything, and the rebranding extends to existing devices that are updated to Oreo, both G6's and V30's.

  • AnonD-241270

ZloiYuri, 16 May 2018Maybe you wandering why because never used LG craphones?shut up your mouth. you dont know what you are talking about.

i myself buy a G6 yesterday and i can tell you have more features, are more atractive than those sammycrappys or crapples around.

and this AI update to the camera will make G6 even more powerful than already are.

i came from a LG V10 now with G6 is a worth update, im blown away with G6. People who use sammy or crapple never know what is have a perfect phone. G6 is one of the perfect phnes around, even much for the price tag in this days you can grab it for almost half the price of the S8, one third of iJunk 8 Plus and 1/4 of the iCrappy Xhit.

  • SesÂ’

You’re wrong. G6 ThinQs now.

Anonymous, 16 May 2018can somebody please tell LG nobody likes the ThinQ brand Let's say the whole LG Mobile Division received it well, do yku think(Q) it will matter??
Once they start it, there's no turning back. Look what they did with QHD display smartphones.

  • Anonymous

can somebody please tell LG nobody likes the ThinQ brand

  • ZloiYuri

RANDOMS, 16 May 2018why ?? just why LG?Maybe you wandering why because never used LG craphones?

  • AnonD-234961

Put a Snapdragon 835 in the G6, call it ThinQ or whatever and I'll buy it today ! The G6 was a great phone, among the extremely few with 100% flat screens (great for tempered glass protectors), with great always-on-display, but the chipset ruined the large battery advantage.

bref, 16 May 2018Nothing gets released. It's just a software re-branding.Men, I don't like their habit of rebranding software that nobody cares!