iPhone lands on UK, no 3G though

18 Sep, 2007
Apple finally announced officially the carrier which will sell exclusively the Euro iPhone in the UK - it comes as no surprise that O2 will be cashing on this deal since rumors about that have been going on...

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  • nadir

i realy want to bye i phone

  • DavidS

i seriously suspect that apple are employing people to defend the iphone on here, why would anyone care enough to defend a this phone so vehemently? it's just a piece of technology.

although having said that, to me the iphone seems to be pure overpriced gimmickry aimed at people in love with the brand. it will be funny to see people kicking themselves in a few months time when their shiny new apple phones pale into insignificance against the constantly evolving nature of the other manufacturer's offerings. this phone will date very very quickly.

  • Simon B

SE's W960 seems to the placed to the iPhones closest competitor.

8G, Touch screen, WiFi, music and video focused.

  • Anonymous

Hmm. Not convinced on this phone. It seems to be another way of Apple cashing in on its innovations. Not that theres a problem with doing this but making it with no 3G?? Whats with that? There will be a lot of disapointed people in the UK as its only available through O2 and Apple stores. This means a negative reaction from the independants (who sell more contracts than network stores I believe) as they are barred from selling this product.

  • Ole

I fully agree with Nicksti... there are different types of phones for different types of people... You want a trendy, chic looking phone, get the iphone... you want a big slider phone with lots of gadgets (and kinks) get the N95, but please... stop comparing... Apple is Apple, Nokia is Nokia!!

  • Danny

i agree totally all it gets compared to is the N95 when it's a totally different type of phone, i work for a phone company and the N95 is the most faulty phone iv seen or dealt with so god knows why it gets compared with the iphone when it doesnt promise to have any features the N95 does.

  • nicksti

Anyone else tired of the N95 being mentioned in the same comments as a phone with a touchscreen?

The N95 IS NOT the ultimate phone because it does not have any real way to compose or edit anything. Anyone looking at a touchscreen / qwerty phone really should not have to hear about the N95.

  • shazly

this phone is very very very good

  • Jon

The showstopper for me is lack of 3G and then probably a million other annoying things that you don't think of until you start using the phone. For example, I heard that you can't send an SMS to more than one person at a time.

The US version does not have MMS, surely Apple must have added that to the euro version? Does anyone know?

  • mike

Great phone, no. There are better phones out there. Think Sony-Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola. This is better than an iPod though...

  • Hope, Iraq

Such great phone, great design but not available in Asia
Btw, poor for not support 3G, HSPA..

  • MobileSlider

Uhhh, dave...

This is a discussion forum. In a forum all opinions are posted whether you agree with them or not.

What is so "sad" is the fact that you take everyone's opinions to heart. Did all the iPhone bashing make your world come crashing down all around you?

Don't be so sensitive, either that or get castrated, so it will be more acceptable for you to whine.

And as far the comments stating that Nokia was being greedy for selling the N95 for $700.00...You're kidding right??...The N95 has all the features & apps to justify the price tag.

What in the hell justified Apple's $800.00 price tag?? It is just an over-priced, mediocre featured status symbol.

  • dave

Do you think its possible for a company to release a phone without everybody coming on here and ripping it to bits, like no this no that, what a let dwon without this etc.

Word of advice for you if you dont like it, move along and get a phone that you do like, but im sure most of you will still talk absoloute crap on here about the features your phone doesnt have, at the end of the day mobile phone companies spend millions and make millions with the phones they design, so i dont think they give a crap when all you sad little people on here sit there and say oooo no apple, very bad i wont be buying.

Get a grip.

  • Scofield

I actually was really excited about the i phone even though it wasent the best phone but just because it was gna be an awesome gadget to have,unfortunately im very dissapointed by the price tag here in uk as well as the options to purchase it,i think i will be getting a samsung or sony erricsson intead,

  • Danny

i think they are building so much hype up in the uk that when its actually realised a month b4 xmas people are gonna think twice about the 269 price tag and poor tariff options offered.

  • navi

THE new apple phone is blasting which contains 8 gb of his memory.i like this apple phone.but camera in this phone is very much small

  • Anonymous

the lack of A2DP seems quite novel. in a device supposedly integrating an ipod and a phone this feature is a must. the lack of 3g is puzzling too. sure, in the uk hotspots are everywhere. im in australia and i can tell you right now, hotspots are NOT everywhere. 2g networks speeds at dial up. so why bother. i think ill be buying an ipod touch and sticking to my nokia n73 for now until they can be integrated into one device more competently. but thats just my opinion.

  • Steve

I hope this phone never comes to Australia EVER. i would hate to sell this heap of camel dung.

  • Anonymous

All you people bad mouthing the Iphone are just stuck in your contracts or just can't afford it... who in the world uses 3G anyways....NOONE.. Sourgrapes! you know the demand for this phone is going to be insane. just watch.

  • Ole

I don't think it's a matter of greed... I think buyers have the right to decide on what to buy... What I think is important is to warn users that maybe there has been too much hype about the iphone and that in the end, it may not be as "wonderful" as everybody though it would be. Also, I think it would be fair to warn future buyers/users that Apple may slash prices pretty soon. So word of advice... If you are sure you want an iphone, see first or maybe try it and wait a little longer to see how sales go in order to avoid spending a lot of cash and then find out that prices have been reduced by almost 50%... Cheers!