iPhone lands on UK, no 3G though

18 Sep, 2007
Apple finally announced officially the carrier which will sell exclusively the Euro iPhone in the UK - it comes as no surprise that O2 will be cashing on this deal since rumors about that have been going on...

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  • Anonymous

i'm not sure how this makes apple "greedy," at least, no more than nokia selling their n95 for $700 (american). i'm glad Europeans and the rest of the world basically have had 3G for a long time. good for you! congratulations. you are the mobile device kings.

  • MobileSlider

NO 3G!!??!

HaHa...Good job Apple!! You are geniuses, absolutely no one across the Atlantic will buy this crap phone. Europeans have had 3G for so long, they won't go without it. You will be lucky to hit 100,000 sales.

Greedy pigs..

  • Anonymous

how do you know the iphone is a piece of crap if you don't own one? actually, the phones are made in Taiwan. the company (apple) is American. do your homework before you talk about products of which you have no knowledge.

  • Anonymous

the interface really makes this phone worth while. network/wi-fi connectivity is a breeze, despite the lack of 3g. i never use the phont network anyhow. there's always wi-fi around. syncing data is quite easy too. the n95 has a ton of features, but the interface is disorganized.

  • Hoiliday Styles

japanese phones will always dominate. iphone is a piece of crap.(made in USA) if you don't have any knowlegde of phones that means you own an iphone.

  • Tordrumguy

yes the WiFi will work in your home just fine

  • Dimis Greece

Will I be able to use my iphone in my house WiFi connection or will I only be able to use in specific so called "WiFi hot spots"?

  • raf

won't buy it. no 3G, no A2DP, no removable battery, overpriced. it's a toy rather than a phone. will stick with my N95. cheers

  • Anonymous

only those ppl duno anything about hp will buy iphone...those ppl who knoes phone well will think this phone is nothin more then a decorative stone

  • heuteland

Apple again has proven to make a big fuss around nothing. The phone is okay, but certainly not extraordinary. The recent price drop just shows that consumers are not stupid enough to by an overrated and underspec'ed phone.. Welcome Apple to the real world... I am keen to seen Apple fail in Europe first just to come back with a better answer than that... Either a new phone with better features or a better price and maybe a more exciting design, then just a screen.....

  • nwobhm

its simple apple price their device as they want it. people buy it as they want it...but hey we are not forced to buy iphone right? so what we can do is push the market.. push them so they will revamp their price or tweak the specs... be a responsible consumer dont support a product that is not worthy... or is unreasonably priced...


over all,this fone will please and displease people.people need not get upset, because it does'nt have this or that.there is a fone out there that will meet "your" requirments.go buy that 1.if every fone have all the features on da market.it would be boring 2 buy a new fone.apple have tryed something different,applaud them.this fone will sell."trust me"

  • Anonymous

Why everyone so bother for this phone. It's not a 3g, can't record video. You guys are being possessed by American marketing spell ;P

  • Smacky_Wolf

I'm a little surprised at the bashing that is occurring over such a simple article. Yes. We have established that the iPhone has no 3g. Why? Because American phone networks are behind other countries. And the iPhone was manufactured for that country.

Sure, it's a new product. It's probably not living up to the massive insane hype around, I don't know, we don't have them here in Australia yet.

Do what I'm going to do. Play with one, and then complain.

I still can't get over the lack of A2DP, though. Wtf. It's a music phone, for god's sake.

  • Wonderkid

To those complaining about lack of MMS. MMS is an expensive low resolution rarely used waste of time, which is why the Americans (who are a LOT more sensible with their purchasing decisions) don't use it, and only recently turned to SMS. Why? Because there is an alternative less expensive technology available on most mobile phones (if you invest some time configuring them) that allows you to send much larger images and other media, can deliver to almost anyone, not just another mobile phone, is a global standard - and most importantly, a LOT more reliable. May I introduce you all to 'MAIL', with an 'E'. So what's YOUR pleasure? iMap or Pop? Rock and roll baby.

  • Anonymous

Let's see how you gonna write here when you will have a chance to play with it. This is the most sophisticated gadget/phone available at the moment with it's super fast UI. It's a real smartphone. Not much soft ready yet, but it's coming... It's 600Mhz processor kills all the competitors. And remember - it's just the beginning. You pay 400Euros for SE P1i or Nokia N95? And you complain about 400 Euros for iPhone? You really did not have it in your hands YET.

  • Anonymous

just to let you guys know that iphone is not for you if you cant afford. FULL STOP.

also not for "tight" rich people.

iphone is suitable for for people who can afford and is happy enough to spend the amount required and also for business people because they can claim it back at the end of the tax year..

if youre not one of those mentioned, dont even bother thinking iphone EXIST ! !

hope you guys get it because all you got to bear in mind is that ----- Apple is a money-making company, not a CHARITY.

  • Pat

People will regret buying the first gen iPhone the same way people who bought an iPod six years ago. Who would pay $500 for a 10GB mp3 player nowadays? Ridiculous. The iPhone will get cheaper and improved over the next few years. This beta version is only a test run. The N95 & HTC Kaiser are better than this. I might consider an iPhone if they add many of the practical features that the Nokia already does with their NSeries.

  • Arcx

Mobile-Review really packs a hit to iPhone downfall,
and i couldnt agree more with their reviews..

  • Anonymous

do u hv to use itunes to sync all your videos or music?
and if u do, must u buy them from itunes?