iPhone lands on UK, no 3G though

18 Sep, 2007
Apple finally announced officially the carrier which will sell exclusively the Euro iPhone in the UK - it comes as no surprise that O2 will be cashing on this deal since rumors about that have been going on...

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  • sunglasses ron

'also unlimited wifi accesses....'

wifi is free anyway!

35.00 tariff 200 mins 200 sms i belive. no value for money there!

  • Wonderkid

Fact this is not a) HSDPA b) On Vodafone who support the former brilliantly c) With 16G of memory, is a massive mistake. O2 are good value, but not as good as Vodafone. I'm waiting for the more versatile LG Viewty or Samsung F700, both of which are due on Vodafone I believe.

  • Anonymous

i work for o2 and just been brieft the phone is going to have exclusive tariffs and can only be avaialble on a 35,40,50+ and still have to pay 269.99 for the handset only on 18m contract and also unlimited wifi accesses....

  • Shadow

The iPhone is a great idea, the design is Brilliant, but it is not actually all that great, it is a great toy, and a great ipod, but for its use, many phones out there are better, do not buy this if you want a phone, buy this is you want a great music player!

  • SpUd

Im sorry but with the arrival of the n95 8gb later this year there is no point in buying this handset also se are releasing the 8gb walkman handset as well so why buy a handset that is very very expensive when you can have a handset that does so much more free!!!!!!!

  • Fab

Very lovely device. But this is only a phone for the rich people. It means you have to pay always even when downloading songs since it only accepts iTunes files & not the uncopyrighted files. So this phone is only affordable by rich people or high-income earners unlike me. :(

  • bob

I just got a Nokia N95 and an iPod classic for 155 cost to me. And they want me to spend 250 odd on this, hahahaha, surely no one is that stupid. Also my cheaper N95 has 5MP camera, 3G, memory card slot, MMS, video recording, smartphone capabilities, built in GPS, and the rest!

  • Anonymous

i work in telesales and i cant wait to earn lots of commission selling this phone. Bit of a shame about only the 2 mp camera though!!

  • SpUd

too much for such a poor phone......
no mms
no personal ringtones
low end 2mp camera

plus the new i pod touch allows you to use it as a phone by calling mobile numbers on the internet using wi-fi and thats just 199.99 for the 8gb model!!!

  • Simon B

looks like O2 is going to sort out its data plans too :-)

  • Simon B

34% more pricey than the US version.

going to hard to sell it at the price to the high end O2 customers with out subsidsing, those spending less than 35 a month may be willing to pay 269, but those spending over 60 will want it free or discounted..

  • Anonymous

poor iphone...