Oppo Realme1 in for review

18 May 2018
Oppo's new disruptive Realme brand kicks off and the Realme1 is tasked with putting it on the map.

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  • prem sathe

Sir i want this phone but what about the 4+64gb variant

Why do you guys never post the storage speeds (Read/Write) of the phones you review? Even within eMMC the performance might vary a lot and having that information will be very helpful to make a choice.
Another nifty addition would be heating issues. How much does the phone temp increase to after consistent 4G usage or gaming. Another good addition to an already great format.

  • shahnawaz

Does it support volte

  • Anonymous

How many drop tests has the realme 1 gone through?

Gsmarena team, publish the Oppo Realme 1 review today, because there is sale of phone on 25th.

Shanti Dope, 18 May 2018Well I wouldn't say it really. Helio P60 is a really good chips... moreI think you've got it backwards. There's nothing wrkng with their graphics. It's their cpu cores that are the problem- weak and inefficient. However I will give props for the 12 nm chipset size

  • Kavin

Must have added minimum 4200mah battery .. people compare battery first then ram then internal storage..missing fingerprint is also bad...
I dont know why oppo missed in battery front.. sucess of redmi is mainly due to stamina.. though samsung and sony has more juice out of their smaller battery, the word mah matters as like megapixels in camera..

  • Anonymous

Dear Gsmarena, where is Zenfone 5? Thanks.

Anonymous, 19 May 2018How many people want ROM?Did you even read the comment I replied to or you just blindly keep replying.

How is SD 625 is better than P60.

So the only way that SD 625 is better than P60 is that Qualcomm Releases Kernel Sources and Meditek Doesn't so people who are interested in custom ROMs and Android development will be benefited.

Doesn't matter how how many will install custom ROMs or not an option to unlock your bootloader is always good.

So that once your OEM stops pushing updates you can increase the longevity of your phone by installing custom ROMs.

  • Jack

have you compared the SAR or radiation level along with other features?

Anonymous, 19 May 2018How many people want ROM?As many as the people who are interested in making their phones to work way better.

  • Anonymous

Merwyn Fernandes, 18 May 2018You Forgot Kernel sources and availability of custom ROMs. Wh... moreHow many people want ROM?

  • AnonD-533352

Does this phone support automatic call recording?

ChronoRad, 18 May 2018Lol the author is clearly a Xiaomi fanboy comparing a P60 chip t... moreIt's not like that.
The Note 5 is just about the same price as this phone, hence the necessity to compare them.
It's none of Oppo's business that Xiaomi offered an outdated SD625 for the same price that Oppo gives you a Helio P60 already.

  • Li

It an good choice with better spec but don't need more camera pixel and notch screen.

  • day1rooter

The-Artist, 18 May 2018Waiting for the full review. I might get this to play PUBG on it... moreOPPO has worst custom rom support, especially mediatek one. I personally happy if they got quick root support & a decent kernel, to debloat and undervolt-clock p60.

With this price tags, who knows what kind of bloat/persistent ads generator they systemize. 12 nm is gimmick, the real name is 16/12nm. Both A53 which not designed for 2.0, and Mali @ 800 will suck way more power than it should be. Need tone them down to 1.6 and 650mhz respectively with atleast - 50mV. A73 ones should be fine as is. It'll be a sd636 tier with a little more power usage but with better isp and npu.

Mediatek notoriously put high number for bench sake while almost always throttle in continuous heavy usage. Last time I read, on long HD game sessions, P60 will throttle into SD625 tier, I never had this one but I had x10 an x20 ones. Both darn hot, literally.

Waiting for the full review. I might get this to play PUBG on it. The Helio P60 is a capable chipset, near the same level as SD660 slightly weaker on the GPU front. Just hope Custom ROMs will be available for this phone in future.

Aslipundit, 18 May 2018. You have no clue do you? there is literally not a single aspec... moreYou Forgot Kernel sources and availability of custom ROMs.

Which is the main disadvantage of mediatek.

Lol the author is clearly a Xiaomi fanboy comparing a P60 chip to a lowly SD 625.

. You have no clue do you? there is literally not a single aspect in which the SD 625 is better than the P60, none at all....

cpu, gpu, memory, process node,AI .... lol everything.