LG Q7 trio unveiled with DTS sound and optional Quad DACs

21 May 2018
Also, a 100° selfie camera will ensure that all your friends fit in one shot.

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  • ns1030

AnonD-755352, 22 May 2018For any of you wondering, this phone DOES have a headphone ... moreGreat Find... looks much better than press release images :-D

xXENDER FREAKXx, 22 May 2018Advertising purposes fam. It is just like brands saying tha... moreYou're 100% right!... +1 when I get back my desktop PC

  • Audio Crazy

I would rather go for V20 rather than an unknown chipset.

Luxor, 22 May 2018I really hate the advertising of saying 'charge 50% in half... moreAdvertising purposes fam. It is just like brands saying that their high-end flagships can last for 2 days in a single charge a few years back like what Sony and other brands advertised which I think it is bullshit considering the fact that Number 1: The SNAPDRAGON 810 that year is inferior in terms of heat and efficiency, and Number 2: That advertised battery life is just based on the system's estimation if u are a very light user and most of the time it is on standby. Let's talk about another example, WiFi speeds. On WiFi modems and WiFi routers products, they like to advertise a lot on the WiFi speeds, like the typical 867mbps here, providing a fast experience. But that isn't the case, because the real results showed that that WiFi speeds are only achievable if u are using ethernet, which is wired cables connecting your pc to your modem/router, if u are accessing it wirelessly, it is less than half of it. Lastly like Qualcomm's Quick Charge 4.0, charging for a 5 minutes giving u "bla bla bla" hours of use, that is the battery life if u were to put it on standby, not when u were using, kind of related to the first one I said. So, what does this mean? Never take what companies advertise too seriously sometimes

Shanti Dope, 22 May 2018Get a wide angle lens and pay $400 or give it up to reduce ... moreI never felt lg flagship cameras are better than most of alternative flagships, also with them using super wide in flagships for some time, I would want them to bring that to mid range, even if as only camera, just to see they are serious about their super wide move. But recently even that is getting less and less wide.
And though normal fov is taken as normal, its definitely not, compared to reality as seen by eyes. Also its not feature destined to be dead as everything is better if more close to reality.
Surely you may miss zoom-in ability you are so used to, but its can be still as additional feature.
There is too many similar phones, though better audio performance can be tasty alone, its a shame that the rest is nothing new.

Anonymous, 22 May 2018haiya, if you already fully understood specs of a smartphon... moreThat all just basic. Even someone well verse like me give it a bit of doubt. Who knows? Maybe if its a new charging tech. Not all phone charge the same way.

  • AnonD-755352

For any of you wondering, this phone DOES have a headphone jack. I found the hands-on review for the carrier version of Q7 here:
and this is how they look like:

Also the headphone jack on the bottom:

  • AnonD-755352

DK, 22 May 2018More DACs doesn't mean better sound quality.Quad DAC is not about just numbers but about improving S/N ratio. And at least it sounds far better than any other smartphones in the market right now.

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 22 May 2018USB C can deliver superior audio capabilities if you'd give... moreno. but all audiophile headphones have jack

  • BobLoblaw

Given the official press source article mentions Qualcomm, then I'd hedge my bet on a MTK for the standard and lower model, and SD for the upper model.

I know here in Australia, we'll get the MTK variant and be slugged as much as the SD variant overseas.

  • Anonymous

Luxor, 22 May 2018That is almost like false advertising. What if I start char... morehaiya, if you already fully understood specs of a smartphone like RAM/ROM and processing power, its just automatically understood that charging phase of a battery differs with percentage...

  • AnonD-708551

What! hifi audio phone with no 3.5mm? Good luck LG.

v.i.andron, 22 May 2018Actually, no they couldn’t. Battery charge times tend to sl... moreThat is almost like false advertising. What if I start charging at 50% and waited for half an hour thinking it will be full by then. I could sue them. Should had advertised it as 0% to 50% in half and hour. Also need to specifically stated that charging time beyond that percentage is slower. Just saying.

missed out on design, specially the rear design (look like xiaomi phone)... could have been much better,,,LG must have to release the camera centeric mobile (both rear and selfie) in mid range category...

  • DK

More DACs doesn't mean better sound quality.

  • Abhishek

thejamesarnold, 22 May 2018You said it has an unnamed chipset but there's also a menti... moreNice observation

You said it has an unnamed chipset but there's also a mention of qualcomm quick charge, so it's qualcomm right?

  • ipolit

Very nice phone if it keeps the dimensions of Q6. The only problem of those LGs is the price. I wanted to buy Q6, but it costs twice the price of Redmi 5/Redmi 5 plus and the hardware is a generation older - 28 nm CPU. There is nothing wrong with MTK if you won't play games, but for a LG with internals of 100 USD chinese phone priced at 350 USD will be very hard to take my money.
On the other hand in Europe where the prices are ridiculos, this might be considered as a cheap phone and carriers will be able to sell it with a contract for something about 20 Euro/month.
Anyway Q6/Q7 are the only phones with dimensions siutable for use by humans (except Sony compact devices, but they are targeted excentric milioneers humans with those prices)

If I didn't have an army of phones. (and my beautiful SenTouch. XD) I'd buy this just for the DAC.

  • Anonymous

Shanti Dope, 22 May 2018Idk. As far as my region is concerned, it's $400 here. The... moreIt's fresh out of the oven. Give it two or three months and you'll find it at that price.