LG Q7 trio unveiled with DTS sound and optional Quad DACs

21 May 2018
Also, a 100° selfie camera will ensure that all your friends fit in one shot.

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AnonD-468012, 22 May 2018About mid range phones here, Zenfone 5 with great main and ... moreIdk.
As far as my region is concerned, it's $400 here. The Zenfone 5Q or 5 Lite is the one that costs $300 here, and its camera quality is average to good at best.

Luxor, 22 May 2018I really hate the advertising of saying 'charge 50% in half... moreActually, no they couldn’t. Battery charge times tend to slow down as the battery approaches full charge capacity. Take my oneplus 3 for example. It’s advertised as 60% charge in 30 minutes. That’s because the remaining 40% take another ~45 minutes to charge.

  • AnonD-468012

Shanti Dope, 22 May 2018Get a wide angle lens and pay $400 or give it up to reduce ... moreAbout mid range phones here, Zenfone 5 with great main and 2nd wide angle camera has 300$ price even is has RAW support aka Camera2API support that can install Google HDR+ without rooting.

Oh, and Zenfone 5 has Hi-Res, DTS:X Surround, Dual Speaker Stereo, In Box Zen Ear Pro Hi-Res Earphone for audio.

I do not know about LG move.

I really hate the advertising of saying 'charge 50% in half an hour'. Like seriously? -_- Could just say 100% in 1 hour or full charge in an hour.

vrvly, 21 May 2018Kind of miss super wide back camera there. Tele too.Get a wide angle lens and pay $400 or give it up to reduce the price to $300?
Wide angle lens, while cool, are still imperfect.
They don't even work that good on flagships, imagine them on mid rangers.
A good single camera on the back is always better than weak dual cameras.
It is why Pixel 2's camera is still one of the best. They chose to make that single camera to perform at its best, rather than having dual, or even triple, cameras, and not use them in their highest potential.

SohailSays, 21 May 2018Helio P60 is a different chipset lmao. I am sure this guy w... moreAnd that is where you are definitely wrong.
MediaTek chips are good, but OEMs use them improperly, which causes them to be bad even when they're not.
I've tried a Helio P10, P20, P23, and some other low end chipsets, and they were all good.
There are some not-so-good chipsets, but at least they don't cost that much, and their more expensive SnapDragon counterparts are even worse.
You'd only experience overheating if you try to run Crysis on your phone. But since you're blind against MediaTek, you will obviously keep on believing what you pursue to think.
And that's not exactly a bad thing, so long as you don't use it to deny a proof that's already proven by real life tests a trillion times.

ProJames, 21 May 2018Quad DAC and high fidelity audio but no wired headphones? H... moreThe wired headphones will connect through the USB C with its USB C headphones, or there will be a USB dongle to connect the 3.5mm jack with it, in which the Quad DAC might be built into the USB C, and the dongle with a clear and powerful amp.

Gauron, 21 May 2018An affordable "audiophile" phone with no headphone jack - t... moreUSB C can deliver superior audio capabilities if you'd give it a time to improve.
And it's not always about having a 3.5mm jack to be called an "audiophile" phone. In that case, every single smartphone in the world with 3.5mm jack is considered an audiophile phone.

Optional, 21 May 2018LG tries their hard to shoot on their own feet all the time... moreYou make a false claim to be true, then criticize them for that thing and predicts the future of their division with just one single product alone.

No wonder why I don't like people at times :)

  • AnonD-426158

Maybe Lg kromax or epik....unamed chipset

  • AnonD-468012

Shanti Dope, 21 May 2018What's the problem? Helio P60 pretty much destroys every s... moreI think we must stop underestimating Mediatek. They innovative too.

  • Johannes

Anonymous, 21 May 2018Seems like a downgrade from Q6How is that?

  • Johannes

Geric.770, 21 May 2018Finally! Q series has USB C port with fast charging support... moreRe: DAC. The USB-C standard actually includes support for analog audio. Not sure how common it is though.

  • Winston

AnonD-327936, 21 May 2018Looks like a misfire from LG. Don't bank on these getting u... moreWhat's the fuss about not getting updates? Will the camera become worse, if it doesn't get updates? Will the screen lose its resolution? Can some of the concerned ones explain it to me?

  • hmmm

Judging by the processor speed the faster one is SD 636 and the other one is SD 450 if they put this generation CPUs in, otherwise I have no idea what we're looking at. Other than that, I'm guessing the camera is going to be a wildly disappointing experience as usual with LG "mid range" devices that are more like everyone else's entry level devices, but that aside the audio should be good enough and the display seems fine, build quality is from LG so it could be hit or miss really, but then again it has an IP 68 rating so who knows. Anyways the WORST part about the phones (design not included) seems to be the LG branding meaning slow, laggy, horrible, disgusting, absolutely revolting software experience. HOWEVER were they to choose to go the Android One way, and have managed a competitive price compared to Xiaomi and Asus this may have a chance. That said if I may be so bold as to make a prediction, I think it'll be a major FLOP, mainly because and I'll return to the design here - it's 2018 and the picture shows a phone with single main camera and excluding the rounded display corners a very 2016 look and did I mention it's 2018? Basically most people will look at it and think "OOOOH that's the 2016 model. Well I want the new one!" and just get a Nokia X6, cause it looks so damn gorgeous and is running clean android so even testing it in the store is going to show a major difference and likely a much better and judging by the fact that they LG sprung themselves for waterproofing certification the Q7 will likely be upwards of 300 euro. I just cant escape how much the back looks like the K series, which are all ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PHONES, JUST ABSOLUTE PIECES OF SHIT, THAT SHOULD BE CRIMINAL TO TRY TO SELL TO PEOPLE!

  • Ash

Shanti Dope, 21 May 2018What's the problem? Helio P60 pretty much destroys every s... moreMy point is that snapdragon is just overpriced crap.

  • Ash

Shanti Dope, 21 May 2018What's the problem? Helio P60 pretty much destroys every s... moreEven the old sd600 beats all other 600 series processors except 660.The 600 series except 600 and 660 are just slightly better 400 series processors to fool the naive.

Just give us Sd630/6 range and ok !

  • Chobz

For sure it will have 3.5MM headphone.....

  • AnonD-327936

Looks like a misfire from LG. Don't bank on these getting updated.