LG Q7 trio unveiled with DTS sound and optional Quad DACs

21 May 2018
Also, a 100° selfie camera will ensure that all your friends fit in one shot.

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  • 21 May 2018

Seems like a downgrade from Q6

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    • 21 May 2018

    Mitochondria, 21 May 2018Quad DAC without jack, Audiophiles sure going to love this!... moreQuadDac without an analog output is utterly stupid, the USB C to 3.5mm Cable has a dac built in so as soon as you use that your bypassing the "quad dac" Blu-tooth will likely use it but any benefits of the Quad Dac are lost when you go BluTooth, so this is purely an advertising thing for them, "Quad Dac" but no analog output how stupid do they think people are :/

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      • 21 May 2018

      From source link "Qualcomm’s Fast Charge technology can charge the Q7’s battery to 50 percent in about 30 minutes for added user convenience."
      I thik mediatek can be ruled out .

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        • 21 May 2018

        Xhxhyy, 21 May 2018Something must be wrong. They offer optional quad-DAC with ... moreYeah there's no reason to remove it.. I think gsmarena r wrong.. Cuz lg didn't tell us the full specs we don't know even the cpu... I will pray for it to gave a headphones jack

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          • 21 May 2018

          So boring all black front panel and no logo

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            • 21 May 2018

            LG Q7+ seems to have Snapdragon 636 (at last!)
            But the rest of Q7 has Snapdragon 435... really?

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              • 21 May 2018

              At last an LG phone worthy to follow

                For everyone that's saying that it sports a mediatek chipest.

                The Article clearly states that the phones support Qualcomm quick charge.

                So how can a mediatek processor support Qualcomms quick charge technology.

                  Kind of miss super wide back camera there. Tele too.

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                    • 21 May 2018

                    Something must be wrong. They offer optional quad-DAC with no headphone jack. This phone is a joke. It feels like you have a GTX 1080 without display port/DVI port.

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                      • 21 May 2018

                      LG tries their hard to shoot on their own feet all the time. Lets put all the great audio capabilities and then remove headphone jack, so that the audiophiles don't buy this phone.

                        Quad DAC without jack, Audiophiles sure going to love this! /s

                        Now only Samsung is left without removing headphone jack in any of their smartphones yet.

                        And yes, you can have jack and Bluetooth so no excuses!

                          Finally some good news for mid rangers. Compact size, good display, good internals, good design and build, and hope that the camera is good also (fingers crossed), good audio and IP68- sounds like perfect package. Now the price should be affordable too, maybe sub 300$. Not like the stupid pricing of Galaxy S Luxury.

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                            • 21 May 2018

                            An affordable "audiophile" phone with no headphone jack - that sounds extremely useful.

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                              • 21 May 2018

                              Quad DAC and high fidelity audio but no wired headphones? How does that make any sense?

                                Shanti Dope, 21 May 2018What's the problem? Helio P60 pretty much destroys every s... moreHelio P60 is a different chipset lmao. I am sure this guy wasn't talking about Helio P60. Other mediatek chipsets are just crap. Nothing more than that.

                                  ben.12, 21 May 2018all with mediatek shit ??What's the problem?
                                  Helio P60 pretty much destroys every single SnapDragon processors in the 600 series, except for the 660, which it can't beat due to superior graphics, and of course, the 800 series are light years ahead (or at least the SnapDragon 835 and 845).

                                  MediaTek now rules in the mid range chip department, and the long overdue of overheating MediaTek chips have now come to an end.
                                  Besides, you shouldn't be judging their present by their past.
                                  The only left disadvantages for MediaTek chips are the lack of good custom ROM support, and their weak updates, but as more OEMs are using their already good chipsets, developers will start taking time to optimize their softwares to those chips as well.

                                  And in fact, I could actually say that MediaTek is now overtaking Qualcomm in mid range, because a Helio P60, which is as good as the 660, can possibly be offered for phones less than $200 price, but no one can even offer 636 for $200 price.

                                    bmth, 21 May 2018Unnamed processor, hhmmmFor the 1.8ghz Octa-Core processor most probably it would be the SNAPDRAGON 450. Whereas if it is the 1.5ghz Octa-Core processor, there is a chance of getting the MEDIATEK chipset we always see on budget low-end to mid-end smartphones, either the MT6750 or MT6750T, which should be retired by now and replaced by a better one

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                                      • 21 May 2018

                                      bmth, 21 May 2018Unnamed processor, hhmmmMTK smells thats i and you are thinkin! :D

                                        all with mediatek shit ??