LG Q7 trio unveiled with DTS sound and optional Quad DACs

21 May 2018
Also, a 100° selfie camera will ensure that all your friends fit in one shot.

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  • 21 May 2018

Unnamed processor, hhmmm

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    • 21 May 2018

    It DOES have a headphone jack, in fact LG Style, the Japanese varient of Q7, has one on the bottom! Plus there's no way that Quad DAC works with a dongle unless it supports analog signal output.

      Peter-B, 21 May 2018Right you are! I've corrected the text in the article.Nice! Quick response!
      I like it when administrators response to errors quickly. Keep it up, Mr. Peter!

        me, 21 May 2018"like a G7 or V30. And like them, there’s no 3.5 mm headpho... moreRight you are! I've corrected the text in the article.

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          • 21 May 2018

          As the Q6 the only thing that you can expect is an SD4XX plus overpriced as the most.

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            • 21 May 2018

            LG compatating Samsung it is a joke anyway

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              • 21 May 2018

              "like a G7 or V30. And like them, there’s no 3.5 mm headphone jack"

              What? G7 and V30 have 3,5mm jacks

                If they price them right, just like they did with Q6, these will sure be a big hit.
                Q7 already killed samsung's new j6/j8/A6/A8.
                Only device left is nokia x7.

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                  • 21 May 2018

                  no jack? no buy

                    Um, nop. Not again LG.
                    Is there anyone else who also thinks that LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony can only be successful and come into light with their flagships but not midrange or budget ones? Because I think so. Stupid idiots!!!!! *In Y2J voice*

                      Finally! Q series has USB C port with fast charging support!
                      Quad DAC on a usb port? Is that possible?
                      Anyhow, LG is aiming for competing Samsung on midrange phones!
                      (Please don't tell me it will be expensive as hell :/)