Nokia 5.1 and 3.1 unveiled with tall screens, new chipsets, Nokia 2.1 tags along

29 May 2018
The Nokia 5.1 and 3.1 will receive software updates for two years, security updates for three. The Nokia 2.1 is an Oreo Go Edition phone.

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  • 02 Jun 2018

I like the Nokia 3.1 with a 5.2" 18:9 display.

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    • th9
    • 31 May 2018

    At least we now have a definitely new contender to Motorola's and Sony's timely updates

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      • NYV
      • 31 May 2018

      pudlicek, 30 May 2018completely unnecessary cell phones, of which there are hund... moreNokia is not really Nokia till they have their own OS.
      But that doesnt mean these phones are completely unnecessary. They are much better than most Samsung and Oppos (top 5 brands) and leagues ahead of Infinix and Gionnee (each is miles ahead of Nokia atm.

        Anonymous, 29 May 2018will com0anies stop usimg the cursed micr0 usb ports please... moreYou can buy reversible micro USB cables online and your problem will be solved.
        After buying a couple of them myself I can't help but wonder how I was able to survive for so long without them.

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          • 30 May 2018

          Nokia12, 29 May 2018Mediatek is fine for general users , since they offer decen... moreA leopard won't change its spots just like a bad processor won't change its crab!

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            • 80g
            • 30 May 2018

            Anonymous, 30 May 2018Actually u are fool if any manufacturer is giving 2gb for a... moreYep. Very sensible low end phone. Durable, good cpu, big battery, very strong body, security upgrades longer time what you normally get from some highend phones... lost of things to like!

              Anonymous, 29 May 2018hmd global*They are synonymous... At least for 8 more years :-)

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                • 30 May 2018

                Anonymous, 30 May 2018Have you MediaTek complainers forgot about this: ‘MediaT... moreDude, There are 2 kinds of "MediaTek complainers":

                1) People who still think that MediaTek nowadays is still the same as in the old days:
                unreliable GPS, battery-eater, crappy CPU, and so on.

                2) People who have knowledge on SoC and people who owns recently sold MT-powered devices. This people complains on the choice of SoC types, as MediaTek does make few good 64-bit SoCs, like Helio X20 series, X30, and P60 which are cheap enough for Nokia (HMD) to buy and use it for their new devices.

                Instead, HMD choose the crappy MediaTek SoCs and omit vital features like FPS to cut corners to get as much profit margin as possible, resulting in these unbelievable devices which is absolute RIP-OFF!

                  XaErO, 30 May 2018Why 4000 mAh battery is still not so common even in 2018 ?? unless users give extreme importance to the battery . manufacturers don't make it

                    Anonymous, 30 May 2018Have you MediaTek complainers forgot about this: ‘MediaT... moreI won't hate on them until I test the phone out first. Then again I'm not as familiar with MediaTek as others seem to be. It would seem some hate it with a passion while others simply just get caught up in all the hate without knowing all the facts. I'm kinda somewhere in between lol

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                      • 30 May 2018

                      Have you MediaTek complainers forgot about this:

                      ‘MediaTek has partnered with Google for its GMS Express program. GMS Express is a program designed by Google to provide approved Android software solutions, including Google Mobile Services (GMS) and Google Compatibility Test Suite (CTS) certification, to device makers.‘

                        But it's also weird the way the 3.1.has 5.0 Bluetooth yet the 5.1 one has only 4.2 Bluetooth.

                          FromChinaWithLove, 30 May 2018"Connectivity includes a microUSB port to charge" ? But... moreI think that was an error which they soon corrected again?

                            currently 2GB is minimum for android phones :(

                              FromChinaWithLove, 30 May 2018These people are here to trash talking or bitching about it... moreAnd like Nokia said many times at their shindig last night, the Nokia 3 is actually their best selling mobile since they came back from their long hiatus. And that, my friends, speaks volumes and sums it up right there!! At the end of the day the general public are not phone geeks and are just looking for a entry level to mid range at best. We can talk specs until the cows come home but I'm sure the new Nokia guys know what they're doing?

                                rahul, 30 May 2018i think nokia people did not know the market now chipsets i... moreWho knows? Could be?!

                                  Anonymous, 30 May 2018Something is really off with the design team. Somehow Nokia... moreThat's only really becuase the size of the screen of the 3.1 is a 5.2 inch one. But yeah, you are certainly not alone in your thoughts. Go figure.

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                                    • 30 May 2018

                                    Anonymous, 30 May 2018Something is really off with the design team. Somehow Nokia... moreNot just that, but when you play a video game, or watch a movie, or go on YouTube....
                                    ...then the content will be scaled for 16:9 ratio.

                                    And those tasks are primary tasks that happen on a MOBILE phone.
                                    This means the 18:9 phones with lower Screen to Body ratio, will occasionally have black borders (ie Letterboxing), so the REAL practical Screen to Body ratio will plummet.

                                    So you see these Notches and Weird aspect ratios do NOT make the device smaller. No, they instead add extra screen that nobody asked for. I'd much prefer a Google Pixel 2XL if it had those same bezels with a 16:9 screen instead of an elongated 18:9 one.

                                      "Connectivity includes a microUSB port to charge" ?

                                      But, Nokia's website list type-C for all 3 new phones.

                                        pudlicek, 30 May 2018completely unnecessary cell phones, of which there are hund... moreI certainly agree that there are way too many similar phones flooding the market...and can't be good for the environment either. But when did big money corps care about that, eh? The answers is never.