Xiaomi Mi 8 is official with 3D Face Unlock, dual GPS

31 May 2018
There is also an Explorer Edition with translucent back and in-display fingerprint scanner.

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  • Anonymous

mi 8 nice phone Iphone x luck

MasEnha, 05 Jun 2018Well, IOS is not that bad however if you refer to the restr... moreYes android do more and pay less.
IOS is too complicated too many restrictions. Too many things you cant do or you cant do easy way.
Like to connect phone with your PC and transfer data from one device to another in case of Iphone it does not work at all.
You always have to use some stupid third party program.
Just no.

  • MasEnha

CptPower, 04 Jun 2018Man an Iphone and me? Did you drink something? I would ra... moreWell, IOS is not that bad however if you refer to the restrictions Apple made I'd agree with that. They made those restrictions to gain benefits from it contents and protect the user from harmful external contents. I'd say IOS is easier than Android from user experience standpoint; however Android do more and pay less for any needs.

G.Agrianitis, 04 Jun 2018I completely and utterly disagree, I want to be efficient a... moreMan an Iphone and me?
Did you drink something?
I would ratgher have no phone than have an Iphone.
Even a Daytona made by Motorola back in 1972 the very first cell phone ever created i would appreciate much more than newest Iphone X.
Thats the story.
Had Iphone 6 long time ago when it was a brand new and after 3 months gave it away because this phone brand and OS are tottaly stuborn.
I mean phone does not work as i would expect and makes easy things as complicated as possible.
So in my case Iphone Idead :-).

CptPower, 04 Jun 2018Oh man these so called accidents are for clumsy people end ... moreI completely and utterly disagree, I want to be efficient and cautious with my devices.
You fit the iPhone kind of people, you should get one, it might suit you.
End of discussion from my end, won't reply any more, we can't convince each other and each of us should definitely get different devices.

suarez92, 04 Jun 2018Uhh now I see, you are one of those Xiaomi plastic fanboys.... moreMan you did noot even read what i said instantly you replied some trash.
You are a forgotten story from a forgotten book in some forgotten cellar of a forgotten house somewhere off the any civilization.
Man and expensive doesnt means Quality look at the Iphone how much its cost and whats offers a design which everybody copy, only 2-3 GB ram weak small bateries which takes eons to charge a laggy buggy software .What offers Samsung? An explosive Note 7, a phones which will start with OS like S8 started with android Nougat and then People wait like year for OReo. In case of S7 2 years.
My Moto X4 is chinese and i started with Nougat and 2 months from release i got an Oreo.
Your life experience doesnt match with other people who prefer Xiaomi phones over anything else because they had problems with the brands you selecting over Xiaomi.
And be suprised in next 7 years up to 2025 Xiaomi will be number 2 maybe number 1.
Nothing else to be said.
You anyway wont listen never understand and pay 1000+ for a phones which real value is 379 dollars.

CptPower, 04 Jun 2018Real flagship experience? Wake up man. Xiaomi is number ... moreUhh now I see, you are one of those Xiaomi plastic fanboys. Pitty you wont experience some real build design.

And I never mention where phones are build or designed so you went a little off topic. Xiaomi will never be third or second of first and you know why? Ill tell you why, because their low end or mid end phones CANT COMPARE with low and mids of Samsung, Huawei or even Sony or LG. Take mine Mi A1, sometimes losing wi fi, sometimes wont change to 3G, poor colors of display, average camera (decent). So wake up instead and come to real life. Why Xiaomi sale is good? Because they are CHEAP. Cheap usually means NOT GOOD. You'll find out one day.

suarez92, 02 Jun 2018Calm down fancy china. I just said that is crazy to give th... moreReal flagship experience?
Wake up man.
Xiaomi is number 4 in worldvide mobile phones sales.
Huawei is number 3, Apple is second and Samsung dominates in Market Share. But number 4 is great enough.
Only and be sure ONLY REASON why Xiaomi isnt first is because they are not in every country yet as the case of Samsung.
Samsung is possible to get in almost every country in world much over 150 countries.
When Xiaomi opens its shops in all 198 or 193 excluding drawf countries like Monaco and Vatican they will be far beyound any other company.
And about a fancy china you know that apple is chinese Samsung is chinese Sony is chinese and much more are chinese?
According to Wikipedia records https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxconn Foxconn makes 40% of world cell phone global production and Foxconn is chinese.
No matter how you look at it 40% of all phones are assembled in china.
So your fancy chinese mate trying to tell you that your real flagship is made by same company as Xiaomi phones thus the quality is aproximetely equal.
You just had to say something to look important and now i prove that you were wrong.

AnonD-628531, 01 Jun 2018Whoops that's what I meant, now that I've read it again it ... moreNow i dont get it.
You make me feel confused thanks for that :-)

G.Agrianitis, 31 May 2018It is much much much faster transferring your files from on... moreOh man these so called accidents are for clumsy people end of story.
If you are careless it could happens othervise its not possible to damage your phone by accidental water damage.
And the data transfer is fast enough.
You just needs some excuses how to not make easy task dificult.

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2018Which country are u from??? Huawei mate 10 and mi A1 priced... moreI never said that price is equal or same. Learn to read first. I just said one model name to compare which I used, not saying that price is same.

  • MasEnha

suarez92, 02 Jun 2018You still don't get it.... Its OKAY to pay under 200 to... moreWe call it lifestyle. I don't know why people (in my country) bought expensive phones but when knowing their income U'll be surprised. With montly income around $200 they buy >$500 phones. They don't even calculate the lifetime, spareparts availability or the phone might be broken or stolen (frequently happened). I'd say its stupid thinking. Bought something based on the needs and budget is more rational and smarter.

  • MasEnha

Nothing wrong since its coming with 420$ price tag (would be higher outside China though). Its indeed copying iPhone-X; however don't be sceptic, iPhone copying somebody else's idea and its not the best design possible. I'd be more satisfied if the 8s uses her sibling's design (Mix), but they choose uglier iPhone-X design which of course with reason to tackle its popularity. Its all about politic.

  • Cristian

Even if they're copycat from Apple devices, all their mobiles work flawlessly. I highly recommend them.

  • Anonymous

Why I-fans get upset upon seeing this beauty?

  • Anonymous

suarez92, 02 Jun 2018Huawei is more POPULAR and KNOWN brand than Xiaomi. Serv... moreWhich country are u from??? Huawei mate 10 and mi A1 priced equally in your country. That's a huge problem of your country. And it shouldn't be said on a global platform to be embarrassed. Price of mate 10 is 4times higher than mi A1 internationally. First do some research on international pricing and then gain some common sense of comparing. And then post such comment. U don't know nothing about international market but u are commenting as an all knowing. Ofcourse huawei is a better brand than xiaomi, their sales report and income report says this but not in that poor way of camparing mate 10 with mi A1.

  • Grinch

suarez92, 02 Jun 2018You still don't get it.... Its OKAY to pay under 200 to... moreYou just buy the parts needed from Ali. I just gave my 3+ year old Mi Note a bit of TLC, new battery and power/volume button ribbon shipped registered for 20USD. The part and battery are great quality too, the same as original.

Also you need to research the parts used in Xiaomi phone's, I would never take Huawei over Xiaomi. Huawei did do really well with their camera this time around, hats off to them for not totally ripping off their misguided purchasers. Huawei is mostly a big advertising gimmick.

Just to note I haven't stopped using Xiaomi after 7 years using the iPhone from the original 2G. I bought their phones because they really were the best you could buy, that's far from the case now. And guys VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING COMES FRON CHINA.. and simply put phones with more demand means more stress on the assembly lines. Then there's yields of a given item, new tech often = lower yields which means it's not going to find its way into iPhone etc or a variation in hardware/grade having to use multiple sources. Apple love doing this, especially with memory and displays.

suarez92, 02 Jun 2018You still don't get it.... Its OKAY to pay under 200 to... moreNow I get your point.

  • Grinch

RobZ, 02 Jun 2018i don't understand whats wrong with the chin?!Haha it's ok, just not symmetrical. The phone is an amazing deal and I would prefer the larger display with chin vs a smaller display without. My wife will be getting this phone.

  • Grinch

Erwin Ang, 01 Jun 2018sorry Xiaomi, iam now not very exciting with ur new handset... moreRemember the notch is there for a reason, it holds a ton of functional sensor's unlike the others you mentioned. Woman are going to love this phone, my wife especially, she has the Mi Mix 2 and it doesn't go down well with her priority on selfies..