Samsung announces Omnia W, we go hands-on

26 September, 2011
Samsung has just announced its first WP7 Mango-based smartphone - the Omnia W and we have some live pics.

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  • realtechie..

it look like a x6 i mean very much similar.

  • AnonD-17348

AnonD-4697, 26 Sep 2011Samsung still making they phones looks like iPhones...hmm l... moreLeave aside the Galaxy range of phones and tablets for a moment. Their own operating system, Bada, which they designed from scratch, is a complete rip-off of Android. Samsung are truly devoid of ideas.

  • AnonD-1082

While Samsung is subjected to restrictions by MS, Nokia will be able to customize their WP devices and that is a HUGE advantage for Nokia.

Bring on the Sea Ray, Nokia! We're waiting for that game changing device.

  • AnonD-5927


  • AnonD-4697

Samsung still making they phones looks like iPhones...hmm let's see whats going on near future BUT is a fact Sammy is out of designs :(

  • Lol

No suprise, bad design,..
Bad news..

  • Anonymous

neh! so expensive! NO!

  • AnonD-11450

Feeling so damn sleepy after reading this;-) damn so boring

  • snath83

I guess there is not much to say about this phone since Windows Ph 7 makes it a standard experience on everyone of them but still I would like to point out the differences from Omnia 7 -
Screen Size reduced (With same battery mAH, the Omnia W should last longer now, Omnia 7 lasts about 1.5 days of moderate usage)
Looks like Omnia W has a front facing camera - most important difference.
Omnia W looks a little curved on top and bottom edges, whereas Omnia 7 is a perfect rectangle from frontal view
More use of plastic on Omnia W. Omnia 7's back is fully metal, except the top and bottom edges (which should be plastic to avoid deathgrip issues)
Front keys - Omnia W retains the traditional of Omnia 7's 1 hardware key + 2 capacitive keys, but the harware key is now rounded rectangle rather than perfect round that was in Omnia 7
Thanks for reading!