A phone with Light's multi-lens camera tech is in the works

30 June 2018
Light's multi-camera setup will be introduced in a phone later this year.

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  • 01 Jul 2018

yuck!! so creepy, clinges

    I wonder which chipset they are using if the total is 64 MP

      Wow, now I can look forward to the smartphones of next year with 10 cameras! What a time to be alive!
      (Seriously though, my condolences to those with trypophobia)

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        • 01 Jul 2018

        In a world of a smartphone camera, it means portable. More camera lens is the way to go to achieve DSLR like quality, rather than put big protruding lens to carry around (that wont call as a smartphone anymore, as its not portable).

        Technology are very fast, DSLR needs bigger sensor, smartphone need more lens to increase quality as it should be portable for someone to carry around inside their pocket.