Google faces a €4.3 billion fine from the EU

18 July 2018
This is the biggest fine imposed on a single firm in history, but Google can still appeal the ruling.

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I 100% support EU here, they should fine them as much as they can.

They make money out of our data anyways, hit us with ads, violate our privacy...

  • AndroidGoogleLover69

I am not sure but even if the Google applications are default or pre-installed in the device it's not like they are forcing us to use all of it. It's your own free will you bought the phone and if you want to utilize the device you need to use Google services with it because that's how you can use and download the applications in your android phone. Well it's all about the money now I guess, they hate the player and they also hate the game and they make the rules so they want to do it for the money. If Google pays them the fine support on devices will be a lot different for Google if that would happen much less activity compared to previous years IMO.

  • Anonymous

k-9, 18 Jul 2018totally agree with u-they are getting android for free goog... moreAndroid is a Linux based platform, google did not create Linux therefore can't charge people for something it didn't create.

  • Anonymous

The objective Guy, 18 Jul 2018Ok Mr knowledge about technology, please enlighten us about... moreSo ur saying apples products should be much more expensive than they are already?!? R u crazy?...

  • money expensive

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I think Google are being unfair only in sofar as tying OEMs hands to forked android or Google Play Services android (but never both). But even then, if an OEM was free to release a forked android device as well would anyone really bother? Bearing in mind Samsung has Tizen, LG has WebOS and there's rumours of Huawei brewing an in house OS

  • Carol

Manoj, 19 Jul 2018All of the allegations against Google are standard practice... moreAll i see here is keeping the balance and not letting corporations get over their head. Apple is not better placed, do not worry. The only problem with crapple is: they work on the limit of what's call legal. After all, their software is only used by their products, something ms and groogle do not do. It is a totally different concept and that is why apple get's away with it's practices. Maybe in the near future there might be a law against taking money out of people , lying them: "it is better and that is why costs an insane amount of unjustified fee". But i do not count on that. For the moment Apple could be touched at the aggressive marketing and manipulation, there is quite a lot of unorthodox behavior , but then again, in Europe, they do not play that part at that scale.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 19 Jul 2018So Google are basically being punished for having open sour... moreFirst. Open Source does NOT mean free software. They are totaly different concepts. Open source means nothing else then: the company let's you seee the code and work on it at your will. Their ARE open source products that cost a lot of money. And their are closed source products that are free.
Second: google is not punished for being open source, is punished for monopolizing their system forcing oem's to install chrome and other google products if they want to use android as their devices system. Pretty much how microsoft was punished when they were trying to monopolize their internet explorer. Yes, it is your software, that does not mean you can do whatever you want with it. If you do not pike the lawa, stop selling it. There are rules.... As for you, you, as a customer should be glad not ignorant as you now are.

Anonym, 19 Jul 2018So you deny saying they should only be investigated by the ... moreI don't deny anything. Stop making words up to hide your compulsive troll disorder.
I stated a basic fact. How antitrust laws work. Apple can't be treated under antitrust in the EU as their market share isn't strong enough. They can be treated under antitrust in the US and selectively in Sweden, and maybe Canada (I don't know their actual market share in Canada but I'm guessing it's close to the US).

  • Anonymous

Nah! This problem is easily solved.
You can get Android for free if it includes google staff, or you can buy core Android lisense for 100$ per device and install what ever aps you like. So the manufacturers can chose what They want to have!

  • Anonymous

Without Google play services, playstore wouldn't exist and you wouldn't be able to download an app unless you choose to download and install an APK file through default browser. Going all Lineage or Resurrection remix on your rooted android without Gapps will make your phone obselete to use unless you convince yourself Google services is more useful than without it.

  • Anonymous

"anti-competitive behavior and demanded that Android should not force OEMs to set Google as their default search engine and pre-install Chrome to have access to Google Play. "

Whos this stupid Vestager? LOL.

  • Anonym

Bigben, 19 Jul 2018So what makes the EU commission so special????While the EU is made of fully independent countries, in what comes to international trade, it's the EU commission that has full control over the entire EU market. They literally set the rules of the game for everything sold there. This applies both to the product itself as well as the practices that go with it.

  • Anonym

Duck of death, 19 Jul 2018Okay, Donald. You mean the should was a shouldn't? Try read... moreSo you deny saying they should only be investigated by the FCC (a US only regulatory body), while being unscaded in Europe (because they are too small there)? You are aware that people can read what you wrote, right?

  • Anonymous

So Google are basically being punished for having open sourced software and because of this Google will probably end up close sourcing android and android will become like the other one

Anonym, 19 Jul 2018Try reading past the first words and you'll realize the onl... moreOkay, Donald. You mean the should was a shouldn't? Try reading what I write instead of being the stereotype overly defensive Apple spinster?

So what makes the EU commission so special????

  • Manoj

All of the allegations against Google are standard practice in the mobile industry. For example, it is a standard practice for Companies to have exclusive tie ups. Apple, the biggest & most profitable corporation thrives on such strategy, but EU finds it illegal if Google pays OEMs to preinstall its search engine. Actually, Google is being attacked for being popular; for being liked by us. EU's bias against Google is unabashedly obvious.

Besides, why should Google be obliged to provide its services to all Android forks? Manufacturers are free to fork and have their own set of services just like Amazon and others in China. Google was right in pointing out that if a company launches a device which is incompatible with the Android OS, it will lose out on technical support from Google like Google play services, its popular apps and possibly on the benefits of Android ecosystem of the Open Handset Alliance. This is in the best interest of the users & developer community.

Dumb head Vestager needs to understand that Android forks will harm the ecosystem including the developers and consumers. EU has cherry picked on Google and turned conventional wisdom on its head with regards to the real issues about Android fragmentation. Someone needs to do a deep search on the roots of the biases of Vestager.

The regulator should be more concerned about the consumers' interest rather than the interests of competitors of Google. After all, fighting a legal battle against a private company with taxpayers money at the behest of disgruntled competitors with the objective of benefitting them and the possibility of harming consumers would be utterly imprudent and perhaps not what they are primarily mandated to do.

Confused, 18 Jul 2018I'm quite confused. I'm not a Google fan. I'm fairly cert... moreI agreed with you.
Also I would like to say that most of the innovative software technologies they gave to the world. And it costs to Google, I agree most of them they have purchased from other developers but in return they have paid very handsome amount. Also they fine tuned those software and provided as a free service from their platform which again cost them a lot.

Also many other players try to jump into the mobile os market like Samsung, Ubuntu and Mozilla, but they failed. Is it Google's fault? When they come up with Android they've competition with Apple, Symbion os any many other. But they survived because of continue reaserch and improvement in their OS and again it costs them.

So if they do it without any indirect earning, who is gonna bare all these cost and afforts they put in. EU?
If you have problem develop your own os for Europe and kick off android who is going to stop you? But no they will keep fining such big companies and creating revenue.

Yes it's true, the whole world is knowing how many European countries are in how much debt and they are collecting funds like this for their in debt countries for survival.

Otherwise if you have any problems with Google stop using it, its simple. Why creating so much havoc, if I am owner of the Google I will stop giving my company Services in EU.

  • Reply

MdN8, 18 Jul 2018"it's not mandatory for manufacturers/Developers to use Goo... moreActually you can remove Google play services.Chinese manufacturers have been doing it for years.Buy a phone from China and you have to install all Google services.So it's not entirely impossible.