Google faces a €4.3 billion fine from the EU

18 July 2018
This is the biggest fine imposed on a single firm in history, but Google can still appeal the ruling.

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Wow. Biggest fine in history.
Why not Apple? They are the one who started this effing strategy?

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2018The EU competition commission should also penalize sim lock... morealso for not allow the device to Bluetooth or connect wirelessly with other devices

  • HP

Google should pull out from Europe and ban all Android phones from selling to Europe. All current Android phones in Europe should be disabled by Google as EU has forcefully instructed Google to "modify" their software.

Then EU will need to think twice before implementing such heinous fine. A daylight robbery by EU. European should blame EU for having no Android phones anymore in Europe, soon.

  • Pragmatic

Anonym, 18 Jul 2018Low by what accounts? In terms of market cap, their app sto... moreMarket value and profit are not relevant. I could sell 100 phones for 1 billion dollars, have more profit than most companies, but I would still not be a dominant player becauae what is 100 phones to millions of others.

A lot more people are using Android than any other platform, and that's what makes Google the dominant player.

  • Pragmatic

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2018You mean the Windows Media Player scandal, right? At least ... moreI believe it was more about Internet Explorer ( :P ) being bundled with Windows.

  • Anonym

Duck of death, 19 Jul 2018Talk about triggered Apple apologists.... :) Read what I w... moreTry reading past the first words and you'll realize the only thing I don't agree with is the claim (paraphrasing) "they are small enough to not be fined". Not only they are not "small", market value shows they are the ones that should be hit first by any fine.

Anonym, 18 Jul 2018Low by what accounts? In terms of market cap, their app sto... moreTalk about triggered Apple apologists.... :)
Read what I wrote instead of acting like your stereotype.

  • Anonymous

Apple's day is coming

  • Anonymous

MdN8, 18 Jul 2018"it's not mandatory for manufacturers/Developers to use Goo... moreThats actually not true. You cant sell a forked os with google services, however you're free to do so if you omit all google apps. Its how most Chinese manufacturers operate, esp in China, but lately in eu too and they dont get fined nor sued, eg. Meizu. Sure, Google probably extorts companies if they plan on uaing their services natively, however they are not mandatory. OS is free, google services are not, nor they should be. Build your ROM, dont use gapps, there is always aptoide if you need alternative, but dont expect someone to give his ip for free.

oh yeah, Apple will never built in their Mail app and their Safari browser on iPhone /s.

  • Anonym

Duck of death, 18 Jul 2018Since Apple has a relatively low market share in the EU it'... moreLow by what accounts? In terms of market cap, their app store has by far the biggest share of the pie! That is in fact the biggest criticism one can make here, not that they may not have a point, but that there is a far larger (market value) and biggest offender in the mobile market which somehow was left unbothered --- I may even go as far as saying that Apple is simply draconian in what comes to the very reasons they are fining Google.

  • NichtsGemacht

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2018Agree. Fining a company for trying to earn money on their o... moreThey can't google's market influence makes it almost impossible for other OS developers to get an opportunity in the market, since the contracts that google make manufacturers agree with don't allow that to happen , so this disciplinary action is very justified.

  • Anonymous

Confused, 18 Jul 2018I'm quite confused. I'm not a Google fan. I'm fairly cert... moreAgree. Fining a company for trying to earn money on their own OS is a lazy way of doing things. They should encourage businesses to be competitive by building their own OS then they'll know how difficult it is and why companies need to do the things they do sometimes to earn the returns.

Confused, 18 Jul 2018I'm quite confused. I'm not a Google fan. I'm fairly cert... more"it's not mandatory for manufacturers/Developers to use Google's Software/Services (Play) in their Android flavor"

You are getting this wrong. Google made Android open source, so that anyone can take it and make their own version. Then Google adds proprietary software (Google services, Play Store, YouTube, Gmail, Play Books etc) and you have Google's version of Android. Which any smartphone maker can install on their phones for free and sell it. Google profits. Fair enough.

However, if you want to make and sell a phone with a forked version of Android (Lineage, MIUI, Smartisan, Paranoid etc) without Google services - you can't. When you sign that you will make phones with Google's Android, you also have to sign that you won't try to sell phones with any alternative version of Android. That's the problem. Makers can't give buyers a choice, it's Google's Android or nothing.

  • Christian

Salah, 18 Jul 2018What about forcing the Apple empire to let people install o... moreYes you can set up any other browser as default on iOS.I am also using firefox,but still prefer the Safari.
On the side note,Apple is also chased for monopoly practises,and payed(snd Will pay) fines for that.Still,Apple case is a bit different as their primary objectives is to find a way to tax it in the EU if possible,and that’s believe me much much more than mere 4bil $ than google is to paid ;)
Google also deserves much more “disciplining” than this,as they are (in)directly responsible for choking any other new OS platform to come trough OEM’s who are subdued to android contracts.

I think the Gapps package is fair-last Samsung device I used most of the Google stuff was practically buried and I was forced to open a Samsung account before setting up. They have an in house version of most of the Google apps it's up to the user to chose at the end of the day. Preventing OEMs from using forked android as well is not fair to me though

Dr. Chillo, 18 Jul 2018It's sad to see there's no action against Apple because App... moreI agree. I hate the acts they do

Luxor, 18 Jul 2018Bet you still use gmail. Hahaha.I do use GMail. However I make sure everything, including cookies, is erased after I leave the web, I am not even using Chrome, Firefox ftw

  • GSMarena

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2018Apple is too small. Flies under the radarApple's market is small compare to Android but it's app store is profiting more than twice than google.
I Think they should be fine twice.

  • Confused

I'm quite confused.
I'm not a Google fan. I'm fairly certain Google has more information on us than the NSA. But fining it because they set terms on how to freely use THEIR SOFTWARE AND SERVICES is utterly stupid in my opinion.
Since Google is the owner of the software, and Google provides the services (For free... Sort of), and it's not mandatory for manufacturers/Developers to use Google's Software/Services (Play) in their Android flavor (Which is also Google's OS in the end), why should Google be fined? Don't like what they offer for free? Build your own OS/Software or f**k off. Seriously...