Samsung and LG will adopt a "shotgun strategy" and release many new models

18 July 2018
Insiders claim that the two companies will answer the mounting pressure from Huawei and Xiaomi by focusing on all market segments.

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Shortgun means shortage of updates. I don't think Samsung can hardworking in bring out updates especially Shortgun.

  • Balabak

Don't let the gun shoot yourself. No matter how many smartphones released, if the price is more expensive, consumer will still go for Xiaomi and Huawei. Too many models will confuse consumer to pick their phone. You're digging your own grave son.

Please Samsung release flat 16:9 screened big battery Note .

Even if they use up all letters in the english alphabet they will still not be able to beat the likes of Xiaomi and Huawei because of their pricing strategy.

  • janis

when i buy phone i try to find best phone from nokia, huawei, lg, samsung for price i hardly get. and learning from old phones why they are dead now. competition always welcome.

Imstead focus on lowering price innovating product improving software support cause your low-mid range are highly overpriced you cant compete with Xiaomi, Honor, OPPO, Vivo

  • Anonymous

Just take a look at HTC's "Shotgun" strategy.
Filled with rubbish and wasting resources...
And the loss of even more income

  • Anonymous

mobi 5G, 18 Jul 2018By not launching Galaxy A3 (2016) , A3 (2017) , J5 (2017) in Ind... moreBad strategy

And one of the reasons I will never a Samsung device is precisely their idea of throwing crap at a wall and see what sticks, to try and go through Samsung line up of phones to try and pick the ideal one for your wants and needs is impossible, and even if you do waste the time doing so, you'll then find that because its not one of their top sellers, it's not available, even in the uk/EU and is only available on personal import, which then means iffy support etc, by which time you may as well buy Chinese, get precisely what you want/need and only pay 50% of what samsung wanted to rip off from you !!!

  • Anonymous

Nice. Flood the market with even more trash.

  • Anonymous

Luxor, 18 Jul 2018You worship chinese brand so much it is amusing. The death of ot... moreAgree with you here.

They only care about making money.

  • Anonymous

This shotgun strategy won't work. It will mean worse aftersales support and practically non-existent software update support for many of the lower cost models. It will also mean more phones ending up in a landfill faster. There should be worldwide regulation against planned obsolescence. Releasing many phone models without obligation for battery replacement support and Android software update support for many of the lower end models is wasteful. Manufacturers should conform to providing software updates and battery replacements regardless of whether the model is low end, midrange or high end for at least four years or be heavily fined for filling the world's landfills with electronic waste.

  • Anonymous

Love LG, so I'm looking forward to their new models. They're a great underdog and I hope they get their mojo back soon since their flagships are pretty awesome. It makes sense for the tech community to give LG more props since LG's usually the only one who risks and tries to experiment with new ideas and push the innovation envelope.

  • Anonymous

A series,j series,with pro+ star, s series, note .still a little..... maybe im drunk and samsung are awake....OMg

  • Mraju

Can't compete if you sell low spec A series for $400 ..those days are over Samsung

So, we will see new Samsung phones almost every day again... even GSMArena comments from couple of years ago, usually mock that strategy back in the day.

  • Aadrian

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2018I can understand Samsung doing this with its vast spending power... moreThe difference is that LG is not dependent on their mobile phone department. They sell electronics worldwide and not only phones. Same with Samsung. HTC is another story, they're doing phones only, with the addition of HTC Vive since a year or two. Trying not be dependent on phones only. However, this shotgun strategy is not new fpr Samsung, they have been doing it before: remember all the galaxy phones they released which all looked the same.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2018I think they are used to sell people a new phone each year and n... moreThey actually probably use a tick tok, two year model, hence big differences appear every two years. What Huawei and the others have noticed is that contracts lock people in for two years. They are aware that if they hook people, they stay with you for a minimum of two years. I'd be willing to bet that any company that launched a phone, lime a P20 Pro ie class leading battery, decent camera, has 95% of the features expected, then sell it at £350, ie half the price of others you compete with, then they could release nothing for two years. They would have removed enough of the market to cause hell. 2 yrs later release an equally, to that years flagships, at £400. They mop up again. If they do it every year, then they mop up every year. Look at Oneplus. Every phone you sell now, takes a buyer out of the market for 2yrs. If Huawei sell everyone a 2yr contract this year, 90% won't buy another until contract end. Many here are annual buyers, so are entirely a typical buyers. We are the minority, by a mile.

I think it's not a Shotgun strategy. It's Assault strategy that bursting market with release phones faster.