Sony Xperia XZ3 gets portrayed inside various cases

20 July 2018
It unsurprisingly borrows design elements from both the XZ2 and the XZ2 Premium.

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  • 26 Jul 2018

Beautiful Sony

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    • 25 Jul 2018

    I love & I like Sony Xperia XZ3 smart phone

      Tango., 24 Jul 2018This is way off-topic right now :) Ok, sure do, I'll che... moreSame here. It's taking sooooooooo long though

        Walter C. Dornez, 24 Jul 2018Watch the Abridged by Team FourStar. You'll die laughing This is way off-topic right now :)

        Ok, sure do, I'll check it out... Thanks! I'm currently enjoying to tears One Punch Man! and eagerly waiting for it's 2nd. anime season, lol

          Tango., 23 Jul 2018Ehm... Pardon me, but I don't know what you mean?... I watc... moreWatch the Abridged by Team FourStar. You'll die laughing

            Walter C. Dornez, 22 Jul 2018Did you ever watch the abridged?Ehm... Pardon me, but I don't know what you mean?... I watched a DBZ parody OVA called Abridged on a YouTube channel thanks to a link a friend of mine sent me... it was hilarious - Regarding to Hellsing; I've only seen the regular anime, (which towards the end and being not faithful to the manga it sucked big time for me) the manga, it's prequel and the OVA's a couple of years ago... and now thanks to you Sir and this remembrance I'm itchy to watch it again! :p

              Anonymous, 21 Jul 2018You seriously have not even the slightest of ideas on how B... moreExactly, as if they had to depend on their phone branch alone to survive like other companies....

                Tango., 22 Jul 2018Hehehe... I know, 'Angel of death' - Very good character...... moreDid you ever watch the abridged?

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                  • 22 Jul 2018

                  Horrible fingerprint sensor location.

                    Walter C. Dornez, 21 Jul 2018Listen, that gun was built to defeat Anderson, and I'm no A... moreHehehe... I know, 'Angel of death' - Very good character... I was shocked at the time to see him again in it's youth... The manga perfectly extrapolate and incarnates (keeping aside the treacherous motivation) the true essence of a brittish butler IMHO

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                      • 22 Jul 2018

                      [deleted post]Alright, from your perspective, how big is Sony, then? From your "objective" POV.

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                        • 22 Jul 2018

                        I only (maybe) care about the COMPACT version.

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                          • 22 Jul 2018

                          I missed the fingerprint sensor on the side. Hope they bring that back for the XZ4 along with headphone jack and also not being as thick.

                            that's the XZ2 Premium... because the XZ3 will be on 18:9 5.7" like it's predecessor, but the one in the picture is obviously a 16:9 5.8" and as i mentioned... it's an XZ2 Premium!

                              Tango., 21 Jul 2018Oh, hi Walter-sama... pretty much liked more Father Anderso... moreListen, that gun was built to defeat Anderson, and I'm no Anderson

                                Walter C. Dornez, 21 Jul 2018What's the Y conceptOh, hi Walter-sama... pretty much liked more Father Anderson; even on Ultimate :p

                                It was revealed on the WikiLeaks hack they got on December 2014... the 'Tube' concept, seems to me, was used on a couple of XZ itinerations and the 'Plate+Human' concept on the XZ2... a mix of S, Neo and HTC's U11+? The 'Glass' one too on the previous OmniBalance

                                Lol... Wish they'll use a different language design with the next 5G SoC or when the XZ series ends; less bezels, with a jack again, side FPS... if they're still existing out there, of course...


                                  Tango., 21 Jul 2018In terms of design I would like the 'Y' concept to arrive a... moreWhat's the Y concept

                                    Tann Hauser, 21 Jul 2018But most people cant distinguish FHD resolution from any of... moreI would only call 2K a gimmick on mobile...

                                      User , 21 Jul 2018Anyone observed If any articles posted by gsmarena/any web... moreYeah... it's a funny segment and it's absolutely true; on many tech sites some articles under the Sony label/section got a lot of viewers/post! - You get facts... sadly or practically for the joy of others, discussions, informations, trolls, haters, nerds, fanatics, get to read wise and nice people, comedians, bashers, average users, etc. ... you can comprehend and get a lot of POV reading these sections; lol

                                        Shui8, 21 Jul 2018Between those two, i prefer Z2 design, love the edges stere... moreI just loved the Z2 design... craftmanship designed... square and angular, agreed, even after a few hours your palm was uncomfy as hell but... unique at the time being