Oppo Find X fails bend test

26 July 2018
The flagship device can't withstand abuse as well as its competitors.

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  • Anonymous

Dear OPPO, please lower your price and your expectations. You won't make profit if it has design flaws. Take my advice, you won't regret it. Also don't take it personally.

  • Love the Community

Just get the Vivo NEX. It's cheaper and longer lasting than Oppo Find X. I hope Oppo Find XI or XIII will be more durable.

  • RejZoR

So does my Xiaomi Mi5. But I bought it anyway. DON'T WEAR THE PHONE IN A DAMN BACK POCKET. I've been carrying my phones in regular side pocket for almost 20 years and never bent or broken any. I only have few bumps where it slides out of my pocket if chairs are really low and pocket kinda gets inverted so it can slide out. But you can't really sit on it. So, if you're not an idiot who carries a phone in a backpocket, it doesn't really matter and is not really a problem. Sure, it's a nice trait to be bend proof, but for me, not a deciding factor. I much more appreciate the looks and feel of the glass in my hands than anti-bend structure. Besides, most phones delaminate as you bend them and that would fire my OCD real bad knowing screen isn't perfectly flush with the case anymore. It may just as well crack at that point to be honest, I'd be buying a new phone anyway in that case.

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  • Droidtard

Pathetic Chinese companies. Charging a thousand dollar for a plastic toy. Psh.

  • jtrogr

Too much bending for too much money

  • Martin132014

Its funny people here that complaining about the phone is a fail and not worth it. Let me ask this question. Do you buy the phone just to bend it or damaging it on purpose. If you put casing on or take good care of it, it would last for years without even scratching the screen. Let alone bending it. The design and function is not merely an astethic. Its revolutionary on today smartphone design with thr same design, the same stupid notches. This is the first phone to break trend and design, of course its gonna be expensive. You don't need to buy the phone but surely not criticize it for the innovation. What a bunch of clown you people are. Stop living in the same day, and ready to accept changest.

eddlang, 27 Jul 2018Oppo, vivo and oneplus are owned by the same chinese company, BB... moreofcourse different team

  • Anonymous

Thanks zack from Jerry rig everything. For $1000 phone I will trust my money to Samsung or Google pixel.

  • Yann

Josh, 27 Jul 2018Nokia uses the same 6000 alluminium series but their phones have... moreInside NOKIA there is whole metal plate that makes the body more sturdy and hard.
Also 6000 series Aluminum is softer than 7000 series, but the last one is more vulnerable to corrosion.
It is good to combine the things like NOKIA did. Especially Nokia 6 is one of the most durable phone on the planet.

IMO this is one of the worst phones ever designed.

It sacrifices a lot of build quality and functionality just for the sake of esthetics.
And the price for that is just ridiculous.

HAHAHHAHAHA i knew it!
I'm pretty sure Oppo will Pay that channel when a new high-end Oppo phone has arrive.

pelmido, 27 Jul 2018It won be 400-500 in a year, if you are poor don't act that you ... moreI presume that you're rich and will by this Oppo model in spite of its weaknesses. Or will you buy it to confirm or belie this tests? -,-

PeterThePanda, 27 Jul 2018It's both body design and the use of mechanical part to move the... moreNokia uses the same 6000 alluminium series but their phones have never failed a durability test! So what does Nokia do differently than other manufacturers?

  • oppo

junk x

Oppo, vivo and oneplus are owned by the same chinese company, BBK, and yet the phones seem to have different internal engineering. I suppose each brand is made by a different team, maybe?

pelmido, 27 Jul 2018It won be 400-500 in a year, if you are poor don't act that you ... moreSo because I'm rich I should buy it then even with the failed bend test? You speak fluent bullshit. -_-

Luxor, 27 Jul 2018Too fragile and expensive. Wait for a year it will be on sale fo... moreIt won be 400-500 in a year, if you are poor don't act that you don't buy because it didn't suriv an extreme bending test...

  • Anonymous

Lol big fail for an €999 phone. Vivo Nex does a much better job.

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