Samsung profit slows down in Q2 2018 due to unimpressive Galaxy S9 sales

31 July 2018
The Korean giant announced KRW58.48 trillion ($52.2B) in sales and KRW14.87 ($13.3B) trillion in operating profit.

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To be fair to Samsung, All Smartphone sales have slowed down.

Ash, 31 Jul 2018iPhone style price increasing will only result in reduced s... moreApple is not their benchmark. Samsung benchmark is their own position in the global market. They are the world largest tech company. Biggest semiconductor business. The one who put NAND and DRAM into every phone out there.

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2018Last year Jan I warned Samsung will go like nokia.because o... moreIts call satisfying all the segments buddy. Educate yourself before complaining why things are the way they were.

Elhombree, 31 Jul 2018What I mean with software optimization is that their androi... moreHow heavy is it even? Most customed android using nougat and above are already required to use stock notification panel. Just some icons shape changed, theme, added proprietary apps and some non native feature doesnt make the UI heavily bloated. Welcome to Samsung Experience 9.0.

Since Apple cancelled all orders on new iPhone eXes as they don't sell at all, that does account for a fair amount of income loss. 30 million displays sold to them in the previous couple of quarters compared to zero in the latest. It does seem like Samsung has been quick to work around that by selling it to more high end Chinese brands, like the Vivo, Oppo and such.

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Samsung, run more ads calling potential customer morons. It worked so well

charging too much for a S9. in my place it was charging US$750 at lunch time. but S9 is just a very minor upgrade over S8, same generation 10nm SOC, same amount of RAM and storage capacity. more reasonably, it should charge for US$630. it can charge US$750 again if it is complete upgrade, the SOC, RAM and Storage amount. S8 could charge such high price when launched.

the note9 will be same low demand. if Samsung again charge high price.
Samsung was aggressive to keep pushing new models out one month or 2 months earlier. but result is worse than expected. it is time to think what went wrong.

poor sales often happen on odd number models, the S5, S9.
I remembered S7 was launched at lower price US$630. I am still using a S7.

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Arie777, 31 Jul 2018Agree for Elhombree, It's been a long time Samsung always ... moreI do agree that Samsung needs to differentiate themselves from other OEM. Samsung needs something that will draw back customers who will stick around. More and more customers are slowly and steadily leaving Samsung to other brands. Unfortunately I feel like Samsung is losing it.

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Anonymous, 31 Jul 2018All those insults about personal computer sales going down ... moreLaptop fall why does they improve battery .did they made 4k screen.did they introduce HDR. Did they improve ram ( still most has 4gb)..anything without innovation will fail. Phone had and still undergo innovations so thrives.

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recruta, 31 Jul 2018Do you have a Samsung flagship? Probably not, because you'd... moreWhat I mean with software optimization is that their android skin is till to heavy and heavily bloated. With lighter skin updates can come more frequently and more often. Yes I had Samsung flagships countless times.

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Anonymous, 31 Jul 2018You say samsung flagship is overpriced? Ahhh... you must be... moreTell me one unique feature except s pen any Samsung phone has which is better than competitors..

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All those insults about personal computer sales going down when people just replace parts when they upgrade or just hold on longer to their laptops.

Welcome to the party, smartphone world. Well at least those that do not have a fruit logo or loyal horde following.

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Last year Jan I warned Samsung will go like nokia.because of failure to adapt to higher still launches phone with hybrid second SIM no SD card dedicated. Still launches 1gb and 2 GB ram 8gb ram.still thinks 12 mp camera is better than 40mp huwai.still thinks 5mp selfie is best while opportunity has 24mp. Rare to see stereo speakers. No Atmos no hifi audio. No bundled covers and screen guards. Nothing special so die a slow death while oppo Vivo OnePlus triad along with huwai is kicking them out from not only midrange but also premium while xiomi has already killed Samsung in lower ends... With mi TV launch in India Samsung TV is going to die soon.due to overpriced models.if so had been at 40k it would killed OnePlus...but overpriced phone with no Snapdragon processor

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haha look at that fat chin.. smh..

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Give us something really new not a tard cpu upgrade like sd835 to sd 845 oh come on what's wrong with you! Imagination lost!

I had most note model my self, last one... Note 8 i had for 1 week then i sold it, dont like the tiny upgrades they make any longer for such amount of money, not worth it... So my opinion is, its overpriced, can find other flagship with more innovation for less money and still i dont shoot and speak shitty of people there have other opinion then mine opinion.
Its a smartphone folks a smartphfone :-D
Most phobes are goid today, the difference is so small, so we mostly cant feel it or see it. But some people just like to tell my specs is better then urs... Doohhh

sarkar the govt, 31 Jul 2018what ?i hv s8 with samsung experience ui its laggy bro ..op... moreWhich features and bloat are resource hungry?

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Elhombree, 31 Jul 2018The real problem that Samsung still refuses to realize is t... moreYou say samsung flagship is overpriced? Ahhh... you must be blind and ignorant of the specs.

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Samsung flagship totally waste higher price less than month ago price drop