Google officially releases Android P, calls it Android 9 Pie

06 August 2018
Available on Pixel phones today. Rolling out to devices on the beta program before the end of fall.

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so that i dont trust Samsung any more.
xiaomi is the best in option and price

  • alf

when is the release date for samsung users

  • bon

F1rstman , 07 Aug 2018I wonder when the Galaxy S8 from 2017 will get Android P. M... morei agree. i have diff brands with diff models of smartphone but my samsung devices havnt have regular or up to date os. even their security update its hard to see to be rolled out. my s7 got the nougat after more than a year. now my s8 (almost the same with s9) my note 8 (almost the same with note 9) is hard to see update. i pay a lot os money for a low quality experience of a new os. high end device = priority to this kind of brand. look at other companies they are upto date security and getting the android p already. maybe samsung is affraid to update their devices because it can cause more lag to their devices.

  • Anonymous

James, 08 Aug 2018I wonder what will be that Q thing?hehe that is more intere... moreQuiche?

I wonder what will be that Q thing?hehe that is more interesting than P. Maybe Quickie?Lol

rex, 08 Aug 2018pressing the button is far easier than swipeIt equally easy. Neither is hard to do. You wont die of tiredness just swiping the screen the same as you clicking the screen.

  • rex

Luxor, 07 Aug 2018Use swipe gesture. pressing the button is far easier than swipe

  • Kirk

Cyber, 07 Aug 2018they should call it BIG MESS,thats look like to me PProbably because you don't have the capacity to understand what you're looking at, you probably skimmed through the pictures and thought that it looks like a big mess... can you tell me why you see it like that?
Like, gimme some details man.

This is probably the most underwhelming Android Release!!! Hardly anything is new or noteworthy!!!! Have been using it since yesterday, nothing exciting!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Droidtard, 07 Aug 2018I don't know what you're talking about but Apple already fi... morethey did not fix the issue they just gave user a choice to throttle or not throttle. That is not a resolution that is just a way to avoid future class action suits.

  • Anonymous

looks clean - need more cleaner look like iOS - more unified apps. If they just discard apps which does not follow their guideline - android will be much better

  • Cyber

they should call it BIG MESS,thats look like to me

  • g6 user

Irfan, 07 Aug 2018Android 9.0 Pie Released... Infant Company Essential Updat... morethat's right bro it is a shame for lg having in count that they have worked together with Google on nexus devices in the past I have rs988 waiting for f**g 8.0

  • Yamite

I thought its gonna be Android Polo considering the white circle (on the letter P) resembling the candy itself and green outline for the wrapper. XD
Anyway, adaptive brightness and adaptive battery is not something new.
Maybe they made some improvements but its not new.

F1rstman , 07 Aug 2018I wonder when the Galaxy S8 from 2017 will get Android P. M... moreBuy OnePlus. Get regular updates. Get regular OS software updates. Speed you need.

  • Anonymous

sandip, 07 Aug 2018can i update android pie on honor play good luck. Huawei aren't exactly the fastest when it comes to OS updates

  • Anonymous


  • sandip

can i update android pie on honor play

They are only tryna make more marketing avenues for devices that run on their OS. When will these releases come farther than they do, like one every two or even three years? while patches will be come at more often intervals to support the original versions.

very soon on XZ2 and all XZ2 family! then the rest of supported Xperia follows!