Android 9.0 Pie to hit six Sony smartphones starting September

11 August 2018
The rollout will finish in November.

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  • Me2...

AnonD-665723, 11 Aug 2018Where are models like Xperia XZ Xperia XZs Xperia XA1 Pl... moreThis is the list of 1st phase update I guess. But XZs should have been in the 1st phase being a flagship. XA2 series must be getting updated in 2nd phase for sure. But XA1 series getting Pie has thin chance considering XA series never got more than one major update. XZ already got two updates 6->7->8.

Duck of death, 12 Aug 2018Well, la-di-da! Sony has finally decided to release a phone... moreNaysayer go away!!

Predictive memorys, 12 Aug 2018Can you see this before bla..., la-di-da! Sony has finally decided to release a phone without crappy camera software!? If nothing else, a nice way to bow out from the smart phone business. "See, we actually were able to do something right! Bye!".

Too little, too late.

its just a starting list
XA2 is a confirm android 9 or even say android 10

Duck of death, 12 Aug 2018Are you seriously slagging Samsung's camera software when c... moreCan you see this before bla...

Shanti Dope, 11 Aug 2018Like I've said, it's always Android who does it better. An... moreAre you seriously slagging Samsung's camera software when comparing to Sony's awful post processing? :)
When was Sony ever praised for mobile camera software? Never? They have a knack of devaluating their DSLR's and MILC's by taping their branding on phones, but I think even Sony has realised that's counter-productive these days.

Samsung is the best, 11 Aug 2018First smartphone with 'Multi Window', later known as Split ... moreAnd rewind a few years, and we have the small apps on the Xperia T on Jellybean

Will xa1 ultra get android pie....... Pls rply anyone.....

  • Anonymous

Whackcar, 11 Aug 2018Meanwhile Samsung promises Android 9.0 Update till Summer 2... moreI've just updated my Pixel to Android P and to be honest, it's nothing special. Samsung users ain't missing much.

franz.alex, 11 Aug 2018I'm also rocking Oreo on my X Performance. Just hope it's ... moreIt started with Marshmallow, got Nougat, got Oreo, highly doubt it will end with Pie.
But if it happens, that would be a record of some kind, yes?

  • AnonD-366992

Last month I bought Sony XA2 phone which I really like, I hope that phone is going to get Android P, in the past I think that Sony rolled out the update for other phones, I am really confused why the XA2 Ultra wasn't on the list....

  • Xajel

Ellio74, 11 Aug 2018Major updates like these aren't just about adding features,... moreLDAC is Sony propitiatory, But they contribute it to Oreo for free ( So more people can make use of Sony's bluetooth speakers/headphones = more sales).

But it still requires developers to actually implement it and not all chipsets support it.

Tann Hauser, 11 Aug 2018I recieced Oreo on my X Performance only a month after XZ P... moreI'm also rocking Oreo on my X Performance.
Just hope it's on the final list of devices to receive Pie

  • Samsung is the best

Geric.770, 11 Aug 2018It's was called Multi Window on Android KitKat Galaxy phone... moreFirst smartphone with 'Multi Window', later known as Split Screen was.. taaa daaa.. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (also first smartphone in the world with 3GB of RAM). But, that was in September 2013, and on Jelly Bean (4.3). Way, way, before Google = Nougat, yea we also have split screen :D
But, time change, today Samsung is no longer trendsetter in UI tweeks and inovation (Note series is), but some of OEM from new generation (Oppo, vivo, Xiaomi, OnePlus.. etc)..

Shanti Dope, 11 Aug 2018Those features work better on Android though. You see, And... moreSamsung's implementation of multi-window mode are miles ahead of Google's.

  • Hehe

Yah ya samsung fans bashes sony even for its camera, try to use manual mode, superior auto was always weak point of sony but the weakest point is that you dont know how to enter that manual :D anyway sony was good with updates hope XA1 plus also gets the slice of pie :)

  • Anonymous

abubasim, 11 Aug 2018Not expecting that Sony will surprise us with support for R... moreSony does not use stacking. Not even for their mirrorless.

I want to see the Pixel shift used on A7R III and Eye AF of A9

  • Anonymous

xXENDER FREAKXx, 11 Aug 2018Yeah no doubt, ANDROID NOUGAT's Split-Screen feature came f... moreLG had split screen since android 4.2

abubasim, 11 Aug 2018Not expecting that Sony will surprise us with support for R... moreRAW could be nice for sure, but HDR+?
I hope this came from Google! It's everything but great in my opinion, the Pixel pictures are overdone. I immediately notice a Pixel pictures and the resulting HDR "artefacts".
And don't be worried, people are still buying Sony for their camera capabilities ;)

  • Anonymous

umeshk, 11 Aug 2018When is so shutting their smartphone business?? Why dont th... moreIs it your billions you worry about Mr Wall Street?