Sony Ericsson Q3 results: 0 profit, smartphone-only portfolio in 2012

14 October, 2011
Xperia phones account for 80% of shipments and the company plans to make that 100% starting next year.

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  • AnonD-9052

nokia 2700 and 2730 are better than any walkman series in terms of music quality and power output through headphones output and speaker. dare to compare

  • nuosy

I guess this mini pro fault isn't gonna help them :/

  • Vylle

if sony really wants to make sales in android, the need to stop making phones with such LIMITED specs and come out with something amazing!! the sooner they make and release the rumored xperia duo the better!! needs more internal memory, more ram and possibly try out different chipsets like dual-cortex A9 to get an awesome powerboost

  • Anonymous

IMO - facing a terrible Qtr due to the unfortunate Japan Quake, standing up and converting the IBT from -42 to +31 mil. or converting Net Income from -50 to 0 is a huge and positive performance from SonyE. This shows that SE Management is on the right path and the faith that people have in Xperia line up which is definitely not going to disappoint in future.

  • AnonD-672

that will teach them to neglect the mobile sector.. sony needs to pull their heads out of their asses and put some real effort into phones like they do into playstation.. the phone sector is a huge cash cow that theyre obviously missing out on and now with 0% profit itll get even worse.. serves them right

  • apo

I am an Sony Ericsson fan, but come on same design, same hardware parts.As far as it goes for smartphones - they have lost it.The future - Samsung, Apple maybe lg.The same end awaits Nokia as well.Just my opinion as a smarthpone user.

  • player_2

Well maybe if they made QUALITY products,then they'd still be in business.
2 of my friends and I had the 'top of the range' SE's at the time (k850 and w960) all of them broke over the course of 1 year, which is unacceptable for a phone that costs 500+
Problems like: restarting/lag/keypress failure/unresponsive touch buttons/charger failure/bits of the case cracking off (without any proper damage).
After that I pledged to never look at SE phones again, and especially warn all others of their pathetic built quality.

  • Anonymous

iphone 4s camera is manufactured by sony, i think that would help sony in increasing their sales

  • AnonD-9052

2700 and 2730 are better in terms of power and quality of sound than any walkman or ipon shuffle or nano. just try

  • Raghu

buddy,just find the success models config,launch it on ur own style&design even price doesn't matter
but features matters nowadays


buddy,just find out the success models configuration
present that in your quality&design even price higher
sure u will succeed

  • AnonD-9052

nokia 2700,2730,6700 have better and louder sound than any se walkman through headphones output or speaker

  • terover

AnonD-19190, 15 Oct 2011sony is a much better company then any one else.. sony gives muc... morei am completely agree with you. i am sure if sonyericsson build its own OS,no company can reach to it.i always love ericsson.of course one thing always bother me in SE phones and it was lack of set password for menu.

  • mario polo

im a samsung fan. but neither me nor anyone can deny what sony ericsson has given to the mobile industry since the beginning. I believe SE is going anywhere but to fight for the 1st position as usual. I'm also so interested about sony buying ericsson's share. Imagine a mobile named "SONY". Dude that means much as hell.

  • Khoreh

Being a Sony Ericsson fan, would always trust their products. I recently bought an Xperia Mini Pro, which worked fine but a few days later the display gave up. I was totally disheartened, but my dealer replaced a Brand new one without any charges. Two months down the line, my phone is working and looking as good as new. Maybe, Sony is using eco friendly recyclable materials, but even though, the quality is excellent. You feel that you are not carrying a cheap phone. Thanks Sony. All the best for Q4 and other Q's ahead.

  • masplai

soner is the best
and i'm loyal to sonyericsson user, especially in the cybershot series

  • Anonymous

SE used to be THE BEST phone for specs such as camera, memory supporting a variety of formats e.t.c I had 3 SE phones from 2004-2009 and all of the 3 phines had same problem with the charging connector. When the problem wasnt even on my 3d phone I decided not buy SE any more. I believe other people have been having same problems with theirs as this was a well known fact which SE didn't want to fix in 5 years time

  • Budddy

Sony ericcson is the worst phone product! To tell you guys the truth I was working in sony erriccson factory they use cheap materials. Samsung is better

  • sidneylopsides

AnonD-23200, 15 Oct 2011Sony Ericsson would have made a huge loss if they didn't have af... moreIf they charged you it would have been a non-warranty issue, what exactly happened to the phone?

  • Neo

Well it seems sony is getting what they deserve