Cases for Sony Xperia XZ3 show single camera on the rear

17 August 2018
However, we've previously seen cases that showed a dual camera. Will we see a XZ3 lineup with two different camera setups?

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I like this approach much better than the gimmicky triple camera joke.

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    • 17 Aug 2018

    Dual cameras are totally pointless even for bokeh. I've used the Xperia XZ2 and taken some great images with a blurred background like flowers for example without the need for two cameras. Proper cameras don't have 2 lenses it's all a gimmick. A wide angle lens or tele photo is better

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      • 17 Aug 2018

      Case showing single camera then
      some point confirmed if it is real........
      1:- thickness will be reduce
      2:- light weight
      3:- reduce price as compared to XZ2- P.
      4:- latest sensor used

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        • 17 Aug 2018

        LG Superfan, 17 Aug 2018XZ3 Premium with Dual 48MP Quad bayer sensor one RGB and ot... moreImx586 does not have DRAM.
        It is not for Xperia

          XZ3 Premium with Dual 48MP Quad bayer sensor one RGB and other Monochrome with f1.5 and Sony 102400 iso video recording that would destroy everything

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            • 17 Aug 2018

            I love to see Xperia phones on the top of list