Australia bans Huawei and ZTE from supplying equipment for its 5G project

23 August 2018
The reason stated is suspicion that the Chinese government could conduct espionage using Huawei's equipment.

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  • 06 Dec 2018

haha IRONY is chinese govt asking for fair competitive environment whereas it does the same in china by favouring Chinese companies

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    • NSA_roflcopter
    • fef
    • 11 Sep 2018

    Anonymous, 27 Aug 2018"Chinese law requires organizations and citizens to coopera... moreNo other governments spy on it's citizens. Ever. Right?

      I am not sure, but true or not - I wouldn't feel comfortable having Chinese phone myself right now. I mean, after reading all this.

      I did had Huawei, just for a week tho (it's durabillity simply sucked) but I don't plan on owning one again.

        Big blows for China related giants, two huge markets already banned them, who is next?

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          • UD{
          • 27 Aug 2018

          "Chinese law requires organizations and citizens to cooperate when the government is conducting espionage"

          -And you think they aren't rigged for spying.

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            • 0wY
            • 26 Aug 2018

            bet the US pressured Australia

              TheYeti123, 24 Aug 2018I know right. It's getting tiring. HMD (the owner of the No... moreAnd the foxconn factory in Vietnam manufacturing feature phones was actually built by the original Nokia which was later sold to Microsoft who later sold it to Foxconn. HMD didn't have the money to buy it that's why it bought Foxconn in.

                rizki1, 24 Aug 2018China already a great country than you Australia!Are you kidding or what?

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                  • AnonD-784107
                  • pY$
                  • 25 Aug 2018

                  i look at it this way. while the rest of world. are enjoying superfast data on the mobile. Australia wont be LOL. i feel sorry for Huawei, they are good firm. great products. good innovations, and they cant do whay they do best based stupid accusations. If we all bothered by snooping we should ditch our smart products phones/hubs/tv's go back to the dumb ages.

                    USA spying is fine I suppose

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                      • jJL
                      • 25 Aug 2018

                      Dealing with Australian officials is an intelligence disadvantage... the Chinese can only get dumber by working with them.

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                        • 24 Aug 2018

                        dvdivx, 24 Aug 2018Huawei does not follow GPL. The fact someone talked about p... more-1 INT.

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                          • 24 Aug 2018

                          Gladly huawei is allowed in europe...

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                            • 0wv
                            • 24 Aug 2018

                            So Australia has no problem with NSA and their spying through Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon... and every American company that has to comply with USA's spying facilitating laws. Only issue is power should remain with USA and its allies no body else.

                              TheYeti123, 24 Aug 2018I know right. It's getting tiring. HMD (the owner of the No... moreRight? Too many narrow minded people on this website. They won't bother researching before commenting. Thank you, I'm not the only one who's getting tired of this "HMD is Chinese" mess...

                                AnonD-241270, 23 Aug 2018Nokia is made by HMD, so, HMD is chinese so is chinese YES!... moreHMD is Finnish, do your research! Every phone manufactured in China...

                                  Anonymous, 24 Aug 2018What are talking about? Huawei and ZTE hold more patents of... moreHuawei does not follow GPL. The fact someone talked about patents clearly shows they don't even know what GPL is. Same reason why vlc works like crap on Huawe phones is they keep what is on the chip a secret. That violates the GPL of android. It is up to Huawei to follow the rules and they clearly can't. If they have so many patents then they should be happy to show how their chips work just like everyone else does. Even Intel despite its screw ups can follow GPL .

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                                    • KMB877EKE
                                    • xL%
                                    • 24 Aug 2018

                                    As far as I know, they are only 5 manufacturers capable of making 5G telecommunication equipment: Samsung, Huawei, ZTE, Nokia and Ericsson. To me, banning two of them (and both chinese), looks more like promoting western made equipment. Could be this actually a chinese embargo? However, the Nokia and Ericsson sales went down from 2016 to 2017, and 2018 doesn't look to good...
                                    NOTE: both the article and my comment are not referring to cellphones!
                                    As I saw stated wrong in other comments before, Lenovo, Motorola, Oppo, Meizu, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Essential, Apple, HMD, TCL, Foxconn, etc., etc., are not telecommunication equipment manufacturer (towers). They are terminal devices makers (cellphones/mobiles).

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                                      • XS5
                                      • 24 Aug 2018

                                      AnonD-241270, 23 Aug 2018Nokia is made by HMD, so, HMD is chinese so is chinese YES!... moreit is only made in china but the company itself is not from china. SO you are saying that Apple is also a chinese company becuase their phones are made in china?

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                                        • mx{
                                        • 24 Aug 2018

                                        Australias loss, Huawei is the securist company and hasnt had any security comprimise...

                                        Their accusations are baseless