Google officially announces October 9 event for Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL launch

06 September 2018
That exact date has been rumored before, but now there's no doubt that the company will unveil its next-gen hardware in NYC.

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AnonD-632062, 08 Sep 2018Okay, I won't include features such as FM Radio, Infrared B... more-Notch, yes, it's there, but it has it's advantages, like more screen space, except Pixel 3XL has big bottom bar for the front speakers, but at least you have that.
- 3.5mm jack missing is terrible, but looking at the market, there are some good L-shaped USB-C adapters that have similar portion of the plug coming out, so I might be able to deal with this, as much as I still think that 3.5mm is the standard to stay. I also understand that the cost and space savings are well appreciated for smartphone makers.

as for other issues, Pixel will have some sort of IP rating, dual sim is subjective, and not present on many phones, it's an extra most users rarely use, SD cards are slow and kill the experience, for photo/video storage, they work, but it's still very subjective. To me 128GB internal is plenty.

Google took the wrong engeneers, or just purposely releases crappy ones to let other OEMS to breath better :)

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Andy Rubins is "shaking" his head in disbelief as the founder of Android OS. When did Android start copying iOS gestures, he wondered.

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AnonD-632062, 08 Sep 2018Okay, I won't include features such as FM Radio, Infrared B... moreYou can add: No 4000mAh battery. The top 3 most popular android phone brands (based on worldwide market share) - #1 Samsung, #2 Huawei and #3 Xiaomi all have flagship phone options with 4000mAh batteries. Google's vested interests in its cloud service, e-sims (project Fi which is like dual sim but not available elsewhere other than in the US) and other accessories (bluetooth Pixel earbuds) is the main reason it has a stubborn and almost pathological dedication of not providing its Pixel phones (the supposedly 'model' of an ideal Android phone) those features which so many users have been clamoring for years (or want restored like the headphone jack). That, and of course Google's iPhone envy. It wants to be the iPhone of Android phones, monetizing everything from overpriced higher internal storage options, monthly cloud storage fees, to overpriced bluetooth accessories (Pixel ear buds) and wireless charger (coming soon). Who knows what else it would sell. It may disable Wi-Fi direct/screen share to smart TV's like Apple's iphones, so you'll now be forced to buy Chromecast 4k for simple screen sharing. (Apple refuses to support wifi direct/ screen share to smart TV's because it wants you to buy an overpriced Apple tv accessory).

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Xypleth, 08 Sep 2018Which features are they removing, give me examples. Besides... moreOkay, I won't include features such as FM Radio, Infrared Blaster or removable battery, because although they are missing in the Pixels, other mainstream flagships don't often have them too.

So comparing the Pixel to a mainstream flagship say the Note 9, here are some disadvantages:
- Intrusive Notch
- No 3.5 mm jack
- No SD card slot
- No Dual SIM
- No IP68 rating

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I doubt Apple lasts longer than Samsung.

When my HTC Desire HD died 3.5 years ago, I bought this Galaxy S6 & have been using it ever since.

Also I bought a replacement battery for my friends S3 mini a couple of months ago & he also wanted a new Samsung phone, I showed him the pro's & cons of each model & we decided on the Galaxy A5 (2017) for £200 & he's very happy with it.

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Kingslayer, 08 Sep 2018Google is using the same design for three generations. I'll... moreI can never learn to love the iOS user experience. Sure, it appears more fluid and seems less laggy despite operating with lower RAM or lower hardware specs but it's simply because it is a very restrictive operating system preventing you to do things you would otherwise like to do like customize the home screen with widgets in any size or location you want, adjust the grid size, icon size, theme color, scroll speed, animation speed, animation style, etc. Apple chooses slow animarions which I hate and which you can't change because anything faster will reveal a stuttery mess. Try scrolling on the iphone's phonebook and it refuses to scroll as fast as you'd like it to compared to an android that has been customized to run animation and scrolling speeds faster. Had apple given in to customizations, it will clearly be a stuttery mess, more so than android given that its hardware is limited in RAM, processing cores, etc. Simply put, its the restrictive iOS software 'babying' the hardware that makes it appear 'efficient' and 'smooth' (which really is not true compared to most Android phones since Jellybean's project butter). iOS is like Windows 3.1 running on a low powered dual core intel atom processor. It's buttery smooth and efficient because well, it's limited and restrictive. I won't take any of that iphone smoothness/benchmarks/speed is superior talk because the super restrictive iOS experience is for me, the bigger issue, the elephant in the room, si to speak, that I as an experienced phone user can never accept. The miniscule perceived 'smoothness/fluidity/finesse' in animations in iOS which so many iphone users brag about is outright sluggish and laggy in my book. I always enable developer options in any android phone I own and always set all animation scales to 0.5x while using Nova launcher at the same time, setting animation speeds in the custom launcher to fast. I add gestures and it makes my user experience 1000x better than any iOS based device.

Google is using the same design for three generations. I'll just wait for the Pixel 4 when Google finally adds an extra camera lens for the rear and boost the RAM up to 8 GB.

This is a good read for someone thinking of returning to iPhone. The Pixel is the closest to experiencing an iPhone in the Android world without comprising on camera like the Chinese makers like OnePlus do.

iPhones, like Macs, just last longer...

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I do not belive with leak i belive leak nowadays are marketing strategies.

AnonD-632062, 07 Sep 2018Yup, well said. Many valid points too. Google (Pixel) is... moreWhich features are they removing, give me examples. Besides 3.5 jack

Kingslayer, 07 Sep 2018My balance for the S7 edge is only $100 left on T-Mobile. I... moreI mean, they kinda have to hype it. After all, it is their job. That's great that you plan on getting the OnePlus 6T.

My balance for the S7 edge is only $100 left on T-Mobile. I could pay the entire balance next week. Which makes me a free agent for whatever carrier. Or I could stay another two years with them.

This gets tricky. OnePlus 6T is coming to T-Mobile in October. I could also switch to Verizon and use my Essential on it or get the Pixel 3. Or I can get another iPhone since they do last longer than Androids if you don't update the software so often.

The only thing that Pixel 3 really offers for me now that I own an Essential is a good camera. That's it. The iPhone 9 or XS could be in the mix but I know Apple will use the same design for the next two years.

Looks like OnePlus 6T is calling me. Best value. If there is a limited time offer deal where I can get the 6T for $300 on T-Mobile, I'm all in. That's only $12.50 extra on my bill for the next 24 months. I have a feeling we will see a type of deal like that after a few months.

OnePlus just isn't known with carriers. I remember seeing the price drops for the Essential Phone. I kept holding out until it reached $250. Then I took the deal and haven't regretted it since. That's what will happen with the 6T. Wait for it to drop below $300.

Apple, Samsung, and Google are not fooling smart shoppers like me with those $1000 price tags on something I will replace in a few years. It's just another stupid smartphone with incremental changes hyped up by YouTuber tech cheerleaders that need views.

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Kingslayer, 07 Sep 2018They lost me in glass backs. For some reason, I'm more both... moreS9 better option

They lost me in glass backs. For some reason, I'm more bothered with glass backs than the loss of headphone jack. Still a bummer without the headphone jack since the dongle is a hassle to bring. Sound quality is awful. But I plan to go Bluetooth wireless eventually.

I would rather have plastic back that's removable with the battery than glass back. I also don't care for any IP rating. I live in a dry climate. Not once did I ever think when I had my S7 edge that I wanted to go swimming with it. That's another gimmick that people only started to care about once iPhone 7 got it.

If I could choose, I'd get the Pixel 2. Last to get metal back. Since getting its spiritual cousin in the Essential Phone, no need. I lose camera but win in everything else including size, design, build quality, value, etc. I'm hoping by Pixel 4 or 5, Google finally changes the design and dual or triple lens on the rear.

For now, the Pixels bore me and only interests me in camera quality. OnePlus is cheaper and with a more exciting design and Oxygen is fast and fluid. Has a fast face unlock. And I'm only thinking about getting Sony because I never owned an Xperia before.

2018 Wishlist
1. OnePlus 6T
2. Sony Xperia XZ3
3. Apple iPhone XS (or red 9)

Note9 is too tall. S9 seems to more comfortable. Pixel 3/3 XL are too boring. Seems to me that OnePlus and Xiaomi are the only ones who get it right with price. Those other flagships might be "better" but not $500-$700+ better. Shame we have to resort to discounted Chinese brands but it is what it is.

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AnonD-632062, 07 Sep 2018Yup, well said. Many valid points too. Google (Pixel) is... moreAgree with you

  • AnonD-632062

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2018Google officially announces another overpriced, crippled pi... moreYup, well said. Many valid points too.

Google (Pixel) is slowly turning into an Android version of Apple (iPhone). They are removing useful features and adding useless ones. It's a terrible path.

Thank goodness there are phones like the Samsung's Note series and LG's V-series that don't compromise a lot.

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Aslipundit, 07 Sep 2018They have made some questionable software decisions going b... moreSo true, Google is simply cutting down features. Rather go with Samsung's Note series or LG's V-series.

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Anonymous, 07 Sep 2018Google officially announces another overpriced, crippled pi... moreA round of applause for this gentleman/woman !!

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Anonymous, 07 Sep 2018Google officially announces another overpriced, crippled pi... moreWatch your back, Mr sxs, a user named CptPow*r may be coming to "attack" you soon on your headphone jack argument with his baseless logics and mud-slinging.

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Anonymous, 07 Sep 2018Google officially announces another overpriced, crippled pi... morePixel 3 / Pixel 3 XL should be RENAMED to iPixel 3 / iPixel 3 XL.