Four Huawei phones get delisted from 3DMark

07 September 2018
Huawei P20, P20 Pro, nova 3 and Honor Play were removed after the company admitted tampering with results.

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ProJames, 07 Sep 2018Nah the "Performance mode" in Samsung phones does not actua... moreUmm... Agreed, But actually, my point is that Huawei's chipset isn't as goos as it has been found lately.
THat means that we still.. Probably... have SD 845 as top dog, Cos let's face it, Kirin 980 won't be different in instructions.

More like making saveing bettery life and gbu power than cheating and this why most of Snapdragon mobiles losing bettery life

  • pajson

P20 Pro have best camera right now , kirin 970 isnt that good ,but again phone is great . Im not buying that shitty fruit phone

  • SMJ

Benchmark or No Benchmark. The P20 pro beats any phone hands down in the camera department. No questions. Even in other areas like battery endurance, Sound Quality, Display, Speed etc this phone is no slouch. My only gripe is the removal of 3.5 mm HP jack. Even otherwise IMHO this phone is a gold winner 2018. I have tested the camera intensively. And it is a class act.

Don Hrle, 10 Sep 2018Imagine all that, take a bit on a cpu department and take a... moreOf course iPhones are the worst, but Apple sells phones to people who believe Androids are "unfashionable." They want the iPhone X just because it is the brand new iPhone. They don't care about if it is good or not. Obviously, a lot of us in the tech community believe iPhones are bad. The iPhone people don't care.
Huawei sells a lot of these P20 Pros to people who were hooked by the "triple camera." They saved up their money to buy this phone, and so they don't want to admit the phone isn't really as good as competitors. So they have brainwashed themselves into believing that it is the best.

schlip, 09 Sep 2018No, it's likely the Huawei owners have suddenly realized th... moreImagine all that, take a bit on a cpu department and take away some on battery then slap another 200-300usd in it....Iphone X

  • AnonD-784107

i look at it this way. many websites have reviewed this phone and put at the top of there list. So are we to believe there all lies. No it really is that good. Best camera phone in the world to date. i should imagine iPhone 11 or Galaxy S10 will be best and so on. But owning one i really think its amazing.

Techman, 09 Sep 2018Any evidence?Its users.

[deleted post]Ok ok don't cry :))

Isn't Benchmark supposed to push chipset to it's knees and show max capabilities of chipset. So if it runs in performance mode on max power, that's mean results are true and show max capabilities of chip? Never understand those claims of cheating in benchmark, I would understand if you change numbers by software showing higher than if it is suppose to be, but if you just run your chipset at full power, I don't see any cheating here at all!

  • Techman

Vonarian, 08 Sep 2018ASUS too :) Asus never lied.Any evidence?

schlip, 09 Sep 2018No, it's likely the Huawei owners have suddenly realized th... moreI agree. One girl who is Huawei fangirl got really angry at me for sending link of this article to her... and then metioned 3 cameras....

  • Anonymous

I had P20 Pro and will never again buy Huawei junk.

  • Anonymous

P20 Pro maybe the best camera phone this year but Kirin 970 is a d**k. why ruining your best camera with such a cheap trick? cheating is not right.

Realistic1, 08 Sep 2018Huawei for sure will not learn anything if their users just... moreNo, it's likely the Huawei owners have suddenly realized they have not bought the best phone for them. Like, please explain the lack of headphone jack, having a notch, 1080p screen, EMUI vs better/less intrusive skins, and dated CPU, all for the price of ~$800.
They have brainwashed themselves into thinking they have the best phone, so that they don't feel guilt they bought the wrong one.

moon, 08 Sep 2018My Huawie P20 pro is performing very well, very usefull EMU... moreHuawei for sure will not learn anything if their users just forgive them like this.
Cheating is cheating, they flat out lied.

And then iPhone users get called iSheeps...
If I remember correctly - iPhone users were really fired up by Apple CPU throttle. So much that Apple had to give them battery replacement deals and option to turn off that feature. I, myself as iPhone user also say that it was dirty move by Apple. And you just defend Huawei...

--VM--, 08 Sep 2018100 % not .. Who bought the Samsung and Apple phone .. T... moreCheating is cheating. Period.

Also work on your grammar a bit. It is almoust impossible to understand what you wrote.
I am glad that your P20 works nice. Just try not to drop it because from my experience it is not really durable.

H-1, 08 Sep 20181- there's no need to spam the same answer for different us... moreI like keebaaab.
Kebab is the traditional food of my country. :D

Nick Tagataka, 08 Sep 2018Only Apple and Motorola haven't done this, unfortunately...... moreASUS too :)
Asus never lied.

dude111, 07 Sep 20181+ cheating gain was less than 5% Here we are talking ab... morecheating is still cheating no matter how much percentage it is & by keeping the cheating score on the list will make the list become useless