Nokia demonstrates a phone with a flexible OLED display

27 October, 2011
Shown at Nokia World, the device lets you flex the it at different angles to control the UI.

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  • Tizen Takeover

I like the flexible screen. I don't like how it was implemented here.

  • Babara

Sammy Fanboy, 27 Oct 2011yeah, have to agree - Samsung already had this 6 months ago, and... moreSammy had showcase flexiable AMOLED at Jan this year at CES. More than 6 months ago.

  • WEKS

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2011Nokia, please file a patent on the display right now or Apple wi... moreNokia already has a patent on this, filed in 2010 I think.

  • Ty

Nokia is is need of doing something drastic to survive.

Looking at the concept, not bad but all i thought about was how handy having a car dash/center console that flowed into each other and featuring this tech to mould to the curves instead of stupid mulit function control joysticks cars now have added with moveable touch areas for controls like heated windscreen, radio, fully customizable.

  • AnonD-8088

AnonD-10525, 27 Oct 2011Apple never claimed to invent siri. They purchased Siri a while... moreHave you tried a Symbian or Windows Phone 7 ever before?!?

  • Fade.

Nokia has had all kinds of flexible prototypes for many years. One of them is some years old and it is so thin that you can actually schroll it into tiny schroll. The model also has solar panels in it. Nokia is trying to develop the prototypes solarpanels so good that the phone will never run out.

  • arrk

reminds me of Aeon:­eature=related

  • JunePhilippines

Android Man, 27 Oct 2011Samsung is the first to have flexible screens, they are the lead... moreOh really? another samsung fan,. Read first because SONY invented the first flexible, rollable screen ever... and besides, the thinnest (as thin as film). Search for it.

  • Nice one Nokia

But I think samsung came up with this idea 1st and maybe soon announce galaxy flexible oled, but i had to say this really pretty job nokia doing it again

  • Anonymous

Looks great! Hopefully they will use a better OS than window...

  • Blankman

Who cares about who was first with this?

The real winners are the ones who can implement it with good software, and bring it to the masses. Just like Apple did with touchscreen phones, then the rest will follow suit.

  • don_bomber

excellent phone in the world

  • Anonymous

I'd like to believe that this will be incredibly hard to break, which is quite remarkable. But navigating by twisting and bending is just silly

  • Anonymous

Nokia, please file a patent on the display right now or Apple will "invent(steal)" it in 5 years.

  • Sun Down

I'm not sure how a flexible phone will help most consumers, but having a virtually perfect display is just incredible.

  • AnonD-19064

AnonD-24543, 27 Oct 2011@ Author: "The downside is that you have to use both hands ... moreYou beat me to posting that comment.
Also, there is a very wide difference between merely flexible display (used for curved surfaces or like made into a glove or a rolled up screen) and a flexible display that senses the flexing and gives the feedback to the system.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-10525, 27 Oct 2011Apple never claimed to invent siri. They purchased Siri a while... moreAnd what does that have to do with Nokia's OLED device???

  • anon789

Haha ... the iOS vs Android war, even in a Nokia post? XD

Anyway, the flexible OLED looks pretty nice. I wonder how the mass-production would look (and feel) in the future. Thanks for showing us the awesome prototype, Nokia. ^^

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Samsung Skin...