Nokia demonstrates a phone with a flexible OLED display

27 October, 2011
Shown at Nokia World, the device lets you flex the it at different angles to control the UI.

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  • Anonymous

Before Apple steals it and try to patents this thing!!!!

  • AnonD-180

Marko, 27 Oct 2011First of all Samsung has demonstrated flexible amoled displays a... moreTo answer your question
however, Samsung said the Skin is not in. "It is a project that has been carried out by design students and is just a concept product. Samsung was not involved in the project," a Samsung rep told T3. "The students used the name Galaxy Skin and the Samsung logo in their concept to make it look more like a commercial product."

Furthermore, Are you saying that idea of navigating the phone using Twisting and bending is OLD? actually its far more impressive than the actual screen :)

  • Anonymous

Yeah, it's pretty obvious that glass won't bend­=95

  • monmon88

Marko, 27 Oct 2011First of all Samsung has demonstrated flexible amoled displays a... moreThis is a big deal because its an actual prototype, where one may actually analyze it, where as the galaxy skin you spoke of is merely a concept design, their is a huge difference between concept and prototype, one should congratulate Nokia after doing so bad in the market, this is interesting technology

  • AnonD-7829

Interesting enough, wonder what OS does that thing run on? Whatever it would be, I doubt it would be the one these devices would end up using, but at least I do not recognize it.

  • boby

try to listen to music while walking with this mobile in your pocket ... he he he!!

  • AnonD-11757

greg, 27 Oct 2011do you really think that such corporation like nokia made silly ... morethe oled display is already patented by Sony, just a search on youtube you can see a a flexible oled screen shown a few years back on a tech show.

  • Marko

First of all Samsung has demonstrated flexible amoled displays almost a a year ago, but I am not sure and they have already developed a prototype phone called samsung galaxy skin, just search using google. So I just don´t get it what the big deal this news is?

  • AnonD-7829

I guess it would be likely that they would also implement the more traditional means of navigating (swiping, etc). Just cos it can be navigated like that doesn't necessarily mean there is no other way.

Interesting concept, although I sorta doubt we will see anything using this for a while in mass production.

  • AnonD-2461

ready to accept new technology for phone.. :)

  • :)

Wow never thought NOKIA capable of creating such innovative handsets

  • greg

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2011Nokia, please file a patent on the display right now or Apple wi... moredo you really think that such corporation like nokia made silly move to demonstrate technology without being sure that no one will be able to copy that and be first at doors of patent office?

  • AnonD-19297

nokia....... never fails to amaze us !!

  • Anonymous

maybe this is the first step towards the nokia morph!

  • Anonymous

this might be great to show case that the screen is flexible, but why in the heck do you want a phone that bends. your asking for trouble with that.

  • jobless

now if only nokia could come up with a tablet using them darn flexible o-led...... that's bound to be a win over other vanilla tablets..

  • odengv

how can you bend it by using one hand only, i think its a no no for nokia, anyway thanks for trying

  • Geoff Burns

This phone would be great if you got in to a fight on a night out in sunderland. It would still bend back in to shape unlike my nose!

  • Anonymous

haha.. just for fun? I wonder how useful it is?! not a good idea to play flexible phone while driving, it might be good for game imo.

  • phone freak

nice nokia