Winners and losers: Apple's 2018 iPhone event

16 September 2018
The good and the bad at Apple's 2018 keynote.

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  • Bry

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2018Its about personal preferences, If you want it, buy it And if... moreTrue!!!

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2018Lol sure, garbage that android camp is strangely, copying furiou... moreAll these things you mentioned were copied by apple from android except Face ID. Android Face unlock was first but it was never certyfied as 100% secure, thats why fingerprint readers are still in place.

  • psychonaught

Winners and losers? Well anyone who buys an iPhone isn't a winner so.......

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2018Anyone who is smart with their money won‘t buy an Xs Max nor a ... moreIf they want a flagship with no notch, a oled screen, a headphone jack and a good battery (and dont care for the S9 for whatever reason), the note 9 is the only choice. Plug those characteristics into the phone finder if you dont believe me

AnonD-598579, 16 Sep 2018It's not only about the processor. I bet that Mate 20 will come ... moreexactly

How is FaceID less convenient? I loved TouchID when it first came out, but FaceID trumps TouchID by miles. It's way more accurate and faster in unlocking the phone. I love it!

DD, 16 Sep 2018After switching to Apple. I never went back to Android and will ... moreHad apple one when Iphone 6 were released no thanks.
Huge price slow charging no jack no SD Slot and a plenty of problens connecting phone t PC and transfering data.
In case of andoid i just connect device and all set.
Apple dont work.
I wonder what company like this doing on market.
Anything made by android or google play is free of ccharge and working in case of IOS they are no compatible even with its self :-)

  • Dan

Winners: shareholders
Losers: consumers

  • Anonymous

marq, 18 Sep 2018Read this anonymous: moreFYI marq..­acturing-costs/

Checkout the manufacturing cost of iphones, specially ip x..its 370$ ..but sold for 1400$. Same goes for previous gens..previously they made 500$ profit margin and the greed has now crossed over 1000$ profit margin each fone.
Conn business101: how to become a trillion $$ inc.(provided you have a herd of iDumb fansheep)

Samsung's parts are manufactured in house, thus the 600$ price difference between its latest N9(offers 4x functionality/features) and apple's.
Im curious what new logic you gonna bring up justifying that.

  • marq

Anonymous , 17 Sep 2018Funny..u should know that this time apple bought those displays ... moreRead this anonymous:­28/apple-is-said-to-get-second-supplier-for-oled­-iphone-screens.
LG make their own displays, so the phones are below $1000, whereas, Samsung can sell to Apple at way higher prices knowing well that Apple don't have anywhere to go. Also Apple want to get the maximum possible out of their fans, yeah, and the fans will pay, no matter how much. But Samsung prices are too high although they manufacture storage, chips, displays, batteries in-house.


friends you knows what is android? is linux sowftware free and the best software is free could you eart me apple free.

  • Kunal

iPhone is loser.
Winner upcoming Samaung Fun 4X and OnePlus 6T.

  • Anonymous

Galaxy Note 9, 17 Sep 2018Apple logo behind! They better get the logo tattoed on their ass! Lmao
Samsung is way cool with its sarcastic mockery advert of notch hairstyle.

  • Anonymous

Most of the items you mentioned were copied from Android by Apple.

Anonymous , 17 Sep 2018Funny..u should know that this time apple bought those displays ... moreApple logo behind!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2018Lol sure, garbage that android camp is strangely, copying furiou... moreAndroid OEMs that are copying apple are mid rangers but offering high specs(even more and better) with a price belt around 300$.
You seriously expect latest hardware, software, design and innovation for that price? Then you ought to expect rocket technology for iphone's 1500$ mate!

They follow apple coz for that price its impossible to provide curved infinty display and rather convenient to add a fugly notch!

Trying picking somethin from nearabout same price(coz there's a 600$ gap with best android device xO) and see flagships have retained their own, new and innovative designs and features way better than apples' 750p 300ppi on 6.1" or still stuck at 1200p for 6.5". Qhd+, 3.5mm, sd card, wireless qc, infinity display, fps, BT S-pen, 960 fps, variable f/1.5A cam.

As for gesture, apple just moved on to dual sim(even after 10years they couldn't implement right).. ip68.
so by that logic apple is toddling and copying android??!

Every OEM are pretty much in the same line with R&D and Innovation. Its just a matter of customization, optimization and incorporation. Whoever does it first.. sells! But Apple goes another mile and calls it their innovation.
So its not copying..its whoever makes the best implementation of new innovations for better experience being at par with the price for what it has to offer.

Its a pity that you need an explanation and can't see for yourself through that thick stinking apple BS. Delusions can be harmful for grey matters, especially when brainwashed to this extent.

Wake up from ur magical dreamland of iSlavery , where less hardware and features yield better experience.

  • Anonymous

marq, 17 Sep 2018Blame Samsung hugely for those high prices due to their monopoly... moreFunny..u should know that this time apple bought those displays from LG!
Now you will rant about lg it. They are way behind 1000$ tag.
Also im curious, how would you justify 900$ for 750p 300ppi lcd panel?

  • Anonymous

androfox, 17 Sep 2018"Was the keynote what you'd expected" yessir - average phones fo... moreLol sure, garbage that android camp is strangely, copying furiously. Android users don’t like apple yet android OEMs keep following Apples foot steps with the notch screens, removing the headphone jack, adding glass backs and some WITHOUT wireless charging & poorly implemented/less secure versions of Face ID. Also so happen around the same time, android 9.0 has a swipe gesture system that seriously looks like apple iOS on the iPhone X?

Can you explain why in the world is android copying Apple “garbage” when the fans themselves don’t want it?

"Was the keynote what you'd expected" yessir - average phones for high price - every year. While others keep innovating, apple, as always, comes after. Only designwise they keep innovating, but even that was forecast by huawei/sony (as for camera) mi mix and essential (bezelless design). There is not much left of those glorious apple days if it weren't for the fans that keep buying and buying no matter how utterly garbage the products are value-wise.
Still - "what goes up must come down" is not just a saying, it does fit for EVERYthing, and every brand out there. Im here to see them fall, even if it takes another 10 years.

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2018And bring back the world's most popular, versatile headphone jack.Oh Sorry