Winners and losers: Apple's 2018 iPhone event

16 September 2018
The good and the bad at Apple's 2018 keynote.

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Note9 is cheaper than iPhone XR (Take ur time, compare both). Infact marginably cheaper.
I wonder what samsung would make in the price of an iPhone XS/Max!!!
It's not that i hate apple, I appreciate their software and hardware robustness but their price!!
I can buy but i won't.
I wish i had enough money to buy Apple Inc. and just defunct its Smartphone Division.

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    • 16 Sep 2018

    Meh.. u use ur phone for game.. work.. browsing..making notes.. photo.. etc. If with 800 to 999$ already do the wonder with xz.. s9.. p20.. or even the magical note9 with spen.. why would u buy 1000$< phone? With all that minus fingerprint.. dongle.. charger.. etc.. please for once use ur goddamn logic and try those phone before buying that. Stop looking straight to 1 brand. Im not team android but the world of phone is soo big and dont be a slave to 1 brand. Be smart for ur hard earned money. U deserve value and i think is not apple this time around until they start appreciate and value their customer.

      I never understand why Apple doesn't manufacture its phones in India despite of having its own plant here in Pune. The one and the only phone manufactured here is the old iPhone SE, and then its price dropped considerably, it costed even lesser than what is costed in the US. Now they are planning of manufacturing 6S.
      But the fact is if they manufacture all the phones here in India, every country will be benefitted cz labour is damn cheap here!

        in india ip xr starts from 77k i.e roughly 1067USD and they say its the cheapest iphone if you have this much budget why not go for galaxy note 9

          I don't think the Note 9 is a loser by means of anything... It is still a better Phone than MAX...

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            • 16 Sep 2018

            Instead of calling it a notch, its more of a mini bezel.

              In my place Note 9 512 GB costs close enough to starting price of iPhone X R 64 GB with 720p screen!!

              Samsung must be thanking Apple for pricing iPhones out of reach for the most!