Apple iPhone XS benchmarks confirm chart-topping performance

20 September 2018
A12 Bionic marginally faster than the A11 Bionic but still crushes the Android competition.

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  • miguel
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  • 23 Sep 2018

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2018it will beat the snapdragon 855 easily just like the a11 bi... morea11 didnt beat sd 845
get your facts right,,,
see other sites and other datas too

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    • v3B
    • 22 Sep 2018

    Anonymous, 22 Sep 2018Can it run Crisis? Evenn Macs throttle/crash when in Ultra+... moreandroid can't run crysis too loser

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      • 22 Sep 2018

      Higher benchmark score also means one more thing... the higher the score the more future proof the phone will be. You get a Samsung note 9 for 1000 dollars and after two years is getting slow and laggy. You get an iPhone for a 1000 dollar, too but after 4 years it's still fast. I believe those later iPhone with A11 and A12 chips can still be very solid performers after 5 years.

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        • Brandon
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        • 22 Sep 2018

        Anonymous, 21 Sep 2018Wow. Lot of people still believe those speed tests. I’m ... moreThat was a good video. Gary does another video about benchmarks and agrees that they do a good job of testing raw performance in a device. And it does a fairly good job of testing real world usage. So it was only speed tests that Gary disagrees with.

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          • 22 Sep 2018

          Can it run Crisis? Evenn Macs throttle/crash when in Ultra+ Setup. lel.

            Vegetaholic, 21 Sep 2018Speed test is nothing else as a test for RAM management and... moreWell, there is a little connection with the CPU but the bottleneck is indeed internal storage and RAM speed. I always ask speed testers to test in app performance if you want to check CPU / GPU capability, but none seems to be able to come up with any result. Probably since app loading speed is the easiest to understand by most people.

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              • 21 Sep 2018

              Anonymous, 21 Sep 2018You record videos on 4K right? When you send them or uplo... moreSo u r dumb enough to think rest OEMs compress 4K for inability/ poor cpu?
              Tell me you upload/share 2-3GB sized videos u recorded over messenger/whatsapp or social networks?
              Btw whatsapp facilitates sending original files without compression via docs mode! Yet apple went another mile to boast some useless gimmick feature already available to users!
              And iFans are fiercly holding on to that plank after the massive shipwreck of xs series reception fail..soon to be called iSurvived! ;P

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                • 21 Sep 2018

                Android Consultor, 20 Sep 2018Omg, it is so fast. Time to pre order another 1200 euros ph... moreYou record videos on 4K right?
                When you send them or upload them somewhere usually requires compression. So it is useful! iOS does that anyway, no additional software needed. Try sending a 4k video on messenger, or a part of it via email.

                  Anonymous, 21 Sep 2018Wow. Lot of people still believe those speed tests. I’m ... moreSpeed test is nothing else as a test for RAM management and internal memory speeds, nothing really to do with cpu or gpu. Been telling it forever, but most readers here are completely clueless about hardware and how it works, so you do what you can, but majority are just here to troll empty.

                    Well it is nothing new here, already from GeekBench 4 result you could form a opinion that it is fastest smartphone chipset in a planet. Some typical Andoid fanboys will tell you that it's because of iOS but kudos to GSMA for outing video editing results and some app opening times(well this one more goes to internal memory speeds when to cpu).

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                      • 21 Sep 2018

                      Wow, so much BH, those results really put the android fans on fire.

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                        • 21 Sep 2018

                        Wow. Lot of people still believe those speed tests.

                        I’m just gonna put up a video about how speedtests aren’t a trusted source to test a socs power.

                        Gary from android authority explained it well.


                          Duel, 20 Sep 2018" Even then the performance increase isn't even useful in d... moreSigh. I specifically mentioned day-to-day tasks. Such as opening Instagram, or your email. You won't benefit from that extra power from opening apps when the phones already have enough power. Unless you play games or transcode videos or whatever.

                            Anonymous, 20 Sep 2018Did you even take a look at the app load times? THAT makes ... moreDid you even take a look at my comment? I specifically said 'in day-to-day tasks'. It's only games and transcoding video (as I said in my original comment, if you bothered to read it) it's faster but you won't notice a difference opening Instagram with that extra power, therefore saying, what's the point for the average consumer?

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                              • Carol
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                              • 21 Sep 2018

                              As if benchmarks are really telling the truth...

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                                • 21 Sep 2018

                                Who cares?

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                                  • 21 Sep 2018

                                  Those transcoding speed is just WOW.
                                  Does Apple use some kind of Quick-Sync alike tech to maximize those? Or is it just a prove how powerfull iOS optimized ecosystem and coding? I'm not sure.

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                                    • KaneJ
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                                    • 21 Sep 2018

                                    It may have top performance in benchmarks, however, when it comes to real life use, there are phones from 1-2 years ago that are faster. Does not mean anything.

                                    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 & Sony Xperia XZ Premium, for example are both faster in many instances.

                                      Bewildered , 20 Sep 2018The Kirin 980 was the first announced 7nm SoC it is 5G and ... moreBewildered you yourself said it mate kirin 980 is 1st announced its not launched yet or not reviewed by any experts or consumer so announcing 1st doesn't mean anything here hence i said a12 bionic made by tsmc is 1st 7nm chip in the phone industry.
                                      and about the 5g thing .... ya u r ri8 apple is on 4g soc .. as we also know apple don't really rush thing up or u can say they don't really need to (brand image)
                                      if u see the history android come with 4g network 1st later apple followed it same will happen this time, and in every year flagship android network soc were superior to apple soc, i had shared u a link below check it ........ Why Apple's in no rush to sell us 5g phone ?

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                                        • 20 Sep 2018

                                        Kingslayer, 20 Sep 2018It doesn't matter. Apple is copying Google's computation... moreAnd what the use of pixel camera when the video quality the worst including colors reproduction not as accurate as iPhone camera?!. Before you argue I’m pervious pixel and pixel 2 xl owner plus benchmark aren’t a (number) as you think it will shows the real performance of the phone, google can’t even make there own custome Soc like Apple and Samsung and there pixel phones are low cheap quilaty.