Huawei claims the Kirin 980 is faster than Apple’s A12 Bionic

24 September 2018
The company says its 7nm process chipset is the fastest while at a product brief in Dubai.

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  • 07 Nov 2018

Huawei never lies.

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    • AnonD-632062
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    • 17 Oct 2018

    Guys, I'm from the future. Guess What. Huawei Lied.

    The Kirin 980 while very powerful is a joke, compared to what Huawei was teasing and boasting.

    Forget the Apple A12. Forget the SD 855 or the Exynos 9820, about to be released soon. It is only slight ahead of the SD 845 and can barely compare against the Note9 in some benchmarks.

    This was such false marketing from Huawei. "Faster than A12 Bionic", they said.

    Here, see for yourself.

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      • 2Au
      • 16 Oct 2018

      superhero, 27 Sep 2018if i recall they announced that their kirin 980 is 37% fast... moreIt's a marketing strategy to claim that they were the fastest.

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        • 30 Sep 2018

        hungrymilan, 26 Sep 2018id love yo eat the chip to see how fast it take to digest i... moreYou just hit the Bullseye, man.

          Anonymous, 28 Sep 2018You're suggesting they should refrain from talking about th... moreNo, I think they just boast too much like apple. Just fking know how to increase their price without new innovation

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            • 81X
            • 28 Sep 2018

            Chines phone fan, 24 Sep 2018I think Huawei and Apple should shut up before the launch o... moreYou're suggesting they should refrain from talking about the performance of launched products for 4-6 months?!

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              • superhero
              • DkD
              • 27 Sep 2018

              if i recall they announced that their kirin 980 is 37% faster then their kirin 970 which is nearly as powerfull as SD835. nearly not better. apple's A11 is still the faster then SD845 and exynos 9810 which are way more powerfull then the kirin 970. and apple's own A12 is 30% faster then the previous generation. what kind of math is this. i can't understand. 970 is underpowered by 35-40% then the SD 845 which is almost 20-25% slower then the A11. then how can it beat something that is way above its league.... i m curious to learn about this new kind of calculation huawei is doing

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                • 26 Sep 2018

                Anonymous, 24 Sep 2018Ok. Play PUBG / shadowgun legends. Then talk about battery draini have played both, there is a battery drain i admit. But nothing like people are making. people dont correctly charge or discharge there battery. so they pant battery life.

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                  • hungrymilan
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                  • 26 Sep 2018

                  id love yo eat the chip to see how fast it take to digest in my belly

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                    • 6jr
                    • 25 Sep 2018

                    mema, 25 Sep 2018apple A12 bionic claims that they improve their chipset by ... moreLon Antutu is scam.

                    It measures disparate things that are only relevant to different people.

                    Gamaers care about GPU, but not CPU (very much), for example. CPU is much more important for the rest of the users, yet antutu thinks that GPU on antutu is important making Qualcomm fanboysnthink their PoS is even on the same level as better SoCs...

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                      • mJw
                      • 25 Sep 2018

                      Lets see speed test first. Also new Snapdragon is on the way.

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                        • 3wk
                        • 25 Sep 2018

                        Anonymous, 25 Sep 2018Hilarious, most of the people still support Snapdragon. Hua... morethat's because Qualcomm has been distributing their open source code to the open source community since their very beginning. Huawei has NOT! Apple has NOT!

                        as long as freedom of code is a choice and as long as there are smart developers that understand the difference and the power behind free software foundation and open source.

                        free software and open source platform devices will always be more popular than closed once!

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                          • mineisbigbutshort
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                          • 25 Sep 2018

                          Realistic1, 25 Sep 2018Huawei can sure claim a lot. And they will focus on Apple a... more50% better in efficiency, not performance.

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                            • 25 Sep 2018

                            Anonymous, 25 Sep 2018Hilarious, most of the people still support Snapdragon. Hua... moreAnd apple is talking the truth about everything? lol

                              Anonymous, 25 Sep 2018Sony sucks for years,lg g2 was their best and they sink,sam... moreI referred to chipsets. not smartphones. ^^;
                              So far we got the usual bunch in android: Snapdragon (Excellent performance. not very powerful CPU s), Exynos (Spectacular endurance. decent performance, Poor GPU s), Mediatek (good for the going cheap. horrible performance and decent-ish endurance), Kirin (the best ISP I saw. decent performance and good endurance. Excluding 980 as it's not tested in real life scenarios yet), Pinecone (The average guy), Broadcom (Worse than Mediatek in performance. poor support) and others.
                              we need ANOTHER competitor that will make us android users want to use that SoC maker. with exceptional performance, excellent endurance, impressive GPUs, Spectacular ISP. and everything. and support by the developers. AND making the handset cheaper.

                                Huawei can sure claim a lot. And they will focus on Apple as their main rival which is not really smart...

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                                  • mema
                                  • RK3
                                  • 25 Sep 2018

                                  apple A12 bionic claims that they improve their chipset by 50% faster perfomance than A11 so i compute their antutu benchmark score, A11 has 246,000 score, so I multiply it by 1.5 then the result is 369,000 near at 363,000 score, and this kirin 980 claim a 37% faster in its predesesor, the score of antutu of 970 is 210,000 so i multiply it by 1.37 and the result is 287,000, therfore i conclude its not faster than A12 bionic in terms of performance, but faster in other feature like, WIFI,modem,etc..

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                                    • TK9
                                    • 25 Sep 2018

                                    nobody ask,no need to report

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                                      • mTW
                                      • 25 Sep 2018

                                      Very doubtful. While Xiaomi is making the right moves by emulating Apple (sometimes a bit too much), Huawei seems to be aiming to be the next Samsung, with their idiotic marketing trolling, and now unfounded claims.

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                                        • albarbro
                                        • IT%
                                        • 25 Sep 2018

                                        i don't think so..