Samsung Galaxy S10's triple camera detailed: regular, ultra-wide and tele lenses

02 October 2018
A leaked table lists sensor resolution, pixel size, lens FoV and aperture.

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  • 26 Oct 2018

Kingslayer, 03 Oct 2018Samsung should go for the horizontal triple camera like LG ... morejust so you know, the monochrome in the previous huawei series is there for a reason! it's for capturing greater amount of details since it does not filter color which the normal rgb sensors do. it just takes in everything resulting in images which has greater amount of details. that's why monochrome sensors are highly favored by professional photographers. on another note, huawei ditched this monochrome on the latest mate series anyways saying that their main sensor are already great at capturing details than the previous one. tbh, i'm a bit worried by their decision but anyways my mate 20 pro is arriving soon and im really gonna test how this improved 40mp does.

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    • 06 Oct 2018

    battery at 3000 really not enough on the S series some improvement there

      I'm really excited about S10.

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        • 04 Oct 2018

        Realistic1, 03 Oct 2018And what will Huawei do now? Respond with 6 cameras? LMAOLol, i dont even want to know :)

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          • 03 Oct 2018

          Why not add Infrared to a camera and a black light?

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            • 03 Oct 2018

            Anonymous, 03 Oct 2018You mean like every phone out there copying Samsung by havi... morelol. true that.

              And what will Huawei do now?
              Respond with 6 cameras? LMAO

                If you ask me - this is getting out of hands...
                If I see 5 camera lenses becoming a norm - I’ll stick to a dumb phone and a tablet.

                  Well huawei is Using triple camera for yoear Samsung is again last.
                  Soon these people will use many cameras and the phone will look like a bee nest :-)
                  One main camera one secondary, telephoto, ultra wide, monochrome etc.
                  Having back side of the phone full of round circles made by camera doesnt sound really promising.
                  Samsung Galaxy K zoom had just one super power outstanding camera and it was perfect. This getting to horrible designs and lots of fun among the folks.

                    Anonymous, 03 Oct 2018You can't merge photos with different FOV. It can, if the image that will be taken will be zoomed in.
                    P20 Pro combines the cropped images from the 8MP telephoto lens, 40MP main RGB lens, and 20MP monochrome lens when taking 5x hybrid zoom images, which is why the detail level is bloody great.

                      Samsung should go for the horizontal triple camera like LG will with the V40. Looks more symmetrical.

                      Triple camera will be the norm next year but it will take years to perfect. As of now, the quality from each camera is still different. Needs to be consistent across the board. The Telephoto is still only 2X. I want 5X or greater eventually. The wide-angle still lacks option on the level to zoom out. It's already fixed for us. It should have its own optical zoom (out) option.

                      There is so much potential by merging LG and Apple's ideas of 2016. I never understood Huawei's idea with their P9. And they teamed up with Leica. Most of these Chinese gave us a useless extra camera known as monochrome. Go straight to the point. Zoom in or zoom out? Even Essential added a black & white camera I don't need but might find a little useful than ones for better bokeh effects I will never use.

                      Wide-angle + Telephoto was always the best ideas from 2016. Do you want it closer or wide-angle? The rest was Chinese monochrome nonsense. The P9/P9 Plus was a wasted opportunity like the HTC One M8 was. The Huawei P20 Pro was even more of waste by sticking a monochrome instead of a wide-angle.

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                        • 03 Oct 2018

                        At 12mm it will have a lot of distortion

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                          • 03 Oct 2018

                          AnonD-632062, 03 Oct 2018Extra Wide Angle are lenses have existed since a long time ... moreFine, wide angle is already existed on DSLR, but we're talking about mobile phone. vovo

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                            • 03 Oct 2018

                            Amit Dey, 03 Oct 2018extra wide will it have a fish eye effect ? the 123° fl... moreNo, it won't even be close to the extremely distorted fish-eye effect.

                            You can check the 120 degree wide-angle shots from the review of the LG V30. As you can see, there is only a slight distortion near the corners. And the end-result is completely worth it. Check it out.


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                              • 03 Oct 2018

                              Anonymous, 03 Oct 2018Can Samsung copy Huawei any more lmfaoYou mean like every phone out there copying Samsung by having a camera on a phone?

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                                • 03 Oct 2018

                                AnonD-632062, 03 Oct 2018Extra Wide Angle are lenses have existed since a long time ... moreextra wide will it have a fish eye effect ? the 123° flat will be difficult to achieve. Again with all the details of this phone we so far can conclude a) an upgraded CPU SD855 b) 3D Fingerprint sensor under the front display c)slightly less bezel at very bottom of the phone d)improved liquid cooling 5) and finally this an extra camera. What more we can demand now it is only one thing battery pls Samsung needed to provide us safer big size battery in their SLINE.

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                                  • 03 Oct 2018

                                  P20 Pro will still be better for camera shots

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                                    • 03 Oct 2018

                                    Can Samsung copy Huawei any more lmfao

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                                      • 03 Oct 2018

                                      Awesome love ultra wide cameras, make such a massive difference to photos especially when looking at them back on a large screen TV.

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                                        • 03 Oct 2018

                                        AnonD-797904, 02 Oct 2018Making phones with multiple cameras is now starting to beco... more"Copying" isn't the right term. The market is saturated and phone makers need to come up with such ideas to keep the consumers interested. No phone maker can exist without having their own version of the features introduced by their competition. Even Apple, who kept ignoring bigger screens, wireless chargers etc are adopting it now.

                                        Do we slam car makers for "copying" features? Since one manufactures has autonomous features do we expect the others not to "copy"? Some features are meant to be a standard across the industry no matter who came up with it first.