Samsung Galaxy S10's triple camera detailed: regular, ultra-wide and tele lenses

02 October 2018
A leaked table lists sensor resolution, pixel size, lens FoV and aperture.

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  • 02 Oct 2018

I'm hoping that the 7nm S10+ is special, if not, then I'll go for the Note 9.

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    • 02 Oct 2018

    F/1.5 camera on a midranger !!! That is gorgeous !!!

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      • 02 Oct 2018

      So for the fourth straight year, main cam will be same except for variable aperture. everything else same as s7

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        • 02 Oct 2018

        Without OIS in the three Cameras, super battery and super memory, and competitive price related with other flagships, this phone will be another failure for Samsung.

          Don't care about the s10. What i can't wait for is the note10. And triple camera gimmicks are just that, gimmicks, no matter which oem is implementing them. I'm not going to care about such a setup on the next note but for everything else that will purportly be there: in-display fps, possibly greater than 4000mah battery, 8gb ram, 512gb rom, and an even more useful s pen, now those are different things entirely.

            Lccy, 02 Oct 2018I never understand why people want a lens wider than what i... moreman,those numbers aside, which i don't even want to read,i don't care about them, i point and shoot, i can tell you that a normal wide angle is not even close to the ultra-wide of an lg v30!and distortion or not, it is fucking nice to have one on the vacations u go or even to shoot a room full of people.ultra-wide is super useful,the numbers don't matter, only the perspective.

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              • 02 Oct 2018

              The last Oracle, 02 Oct 2018I am not sure this is the actual S10 Camera setup or some r... moreWell...

              Telephoto is always smaller than regular wide because of the angle. The module becomes thicker as the angle goes narrower. You can see it by the fact those great telephoto lenses are as big as an arm.

              The imx586 is 48MP and 1/2". It is just 5% larger than 1/2.3". It also does not have DRAM inside.

              Larger sensors require larger lenses, it is also harder to apply the OIS to the module due to how thick it would be.

              It the software is done right, bigger sensor with more resolution will always give an edge over the 12MP.

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                • 02 Oct 2018

                Can't wait for the Galaxy Note10

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                  • 02 Oct 2018

                  i notice that everytime samsung announce a new phone the haters a patiently waiting as soon as copywei if you didnt know huawei or the chinese company in general post something new you guys are like wow way to go thats innovation! you guys makes me laugh no matter what u haters say they still will be sold:)

                    I am not sure this is the actual S10 Camera setup or some random fake internet circulated specs. Either ways, Samsung makes ones of the best smartphone cameras around, and regardless of setup, I have no doubt that they will make one of the best camera systems.

                    My only regret would be if Samsung doesn't pick up a larger sensor as the main sensor (like the Sony IMX586 sensor), with 2 complimentary 12MP sensors to compensate for low light and allow enough digital zoom.

                    Samsung sometimes forgets that it's not like every other smartphone maker. It is most often THE smartphone to beat. That's why it's innovation must always be way ahead of customer wants dad needs. It MUST decide what would be THE future and future needs of customers.

                      Anonymous, 02 Oct 201816MP + 1 micron = 1/3.09" ( like the 16MP used by LG) ... moreExactly, these are tiny sensors, not even a miracle could help them.

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                        • 02 Oct 2018

                        ultra wide camera is meh...

                          It took three years for Samsung to copy LG while it only took six months to copy the iPhone 7 Plus' Telephoto.

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                            • 02 Oct 2018

                            Samsuck is yet again copying LG and the whole world well scream that samsung is the only company that inovates...

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                              • 02 Oct 2018

                              Cool. Normal Dual-Pixel + Ultra-wide + Telephoto Zoom is the best triple camera combination.

                              It's good that both LG and Samsung are adopting this. A monochrome sensor would not have been as ideal or useful.

                              As, it stands Samsung already has one of the best camera hardware for low-light photography (with no gimmicks). Now, on the software side, there should be an HDR+ algorithm like the Google Pixel and a sweet Night Mode like that on the Huawei P20 Pro.

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                                • 02 Oct 2018

                                16MP + 1 micron = 1/3.09" ( like the 16MP used by LG)
                                13 MP + 1 micron = even smaller than 1/3.09".

                                The main camera remains 12 MP 1/2.55"

                                With this hardware, no software can perform miracles... Soon even Vivo and Meizu will outperform Samsung in cameras.

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                                  • 02 Oct 2018

                                  I never understand why people want a lens wider than what is standard on the s9/pixel as at 26mm they are already wide angle and have significant perspective distortion compared to human vision.

                                  My old phone was an Lg G3 with a 29mm equivalent focal length and everything looked more natural despite the small difference. In fact I notice on the Xperia xz 2/3 menu that there is an option for lens correction because the lens manufacturers have been using have been getting ever wider in focal length and aperture leading to all kinds of distortion problems.

                                  With the Nokia 7 plus (25mm) I find myself to be almost always too far from my subject and needing to walk many steps closer (when possible). In a worse case scenario my phone has a poorer quality 52mm equivalent 1/3.4 inch f2.6 non OIS camera, but due to physics and since I can't use Google camera HDR+ the quality is much worse. Nonetheless despite being much poorer quality, there is no perspective distortion or barrel/pincushion distortion like the main lens, everything is far more natural and I like how things are compressed. I only wish this had the quality of the main camera.

                                  It looks like the pixel 3 and S10 are not going to see much improvement regarding photography, the Google camera port on my phone has made me interested in getting a real camera again.

                                    Didn't we get this info a few weeks ago?

                                      Cool, Samsung. Now just put a quad DAC in the phone and I'll be all set with the S10+.