Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL official: bigger screens, wireless charging, Pixel buds

09 October 2018
Most new features tend to be software ones, running on the faster S845 chip. The retail box includes USB-C Pixel earbuds.

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  • Anonymous

appleboy, 13 Oct 2018Don't they listen to their fans? Crazy Google phone people ... moreApple is even worse

  • Anonymous

Severely over priced

Super ugly overpriced phones with last year specs! Google no innovations.
And this ugly notch!? I can't even look at it!

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2018If you actually read the comments, you would know that ppl ... moreDon't they listen to their fans? Crazy Google phone people

This is the reason why Apple is the best, they do what we the users ask for.
We wanted the notch and Apple made it for us. They listen.

  • Anonymous

appleboy, 11 Oct 2018Now Google fans will be praising the large notch as great. ... moreIf you actually read the comments, you would know that ppl are not happy about it.

Now Google fans will be praising the large notch as great.

Funny how they now like the Notch that we asked Apple for in the X and they laughed, now they want it.

  • Anonymous

Waste phone from pixel or mocking apple with their products confuses with same hardwere from last only change notch and cpu...a amazing.

Vegetaholic, 10 Oct 2018Another joke from a Google, absolutely horrible hardware fo... moreSamsung suuuuucks

  • Me

Oh my God! Size of top edge and bottom edge of pixel 3 are not the same and the worst scenario is that the top one is bigger than bottom one. It's too annoying.

someone, 09 Oct 2018The price. Well... I'm not surprised

The notch can be disabled like on the Essential. I don’t see a big deal about it. Only the $150 markup for the smaller Pixel 3 with still only 4 GB RAM. As proven from Max Lee, this feels more like a Pixel 2S. Not worth $150 more when the cameras are negligible.

Another joke from a Google, absolutely horrible hardware for asking price, can't believe they even downlocked cpu and offering only 4gb RAM which other offer 8gb price for much less. Google still does not have a clue how to build a phone, and those ugly notches, oh boy

  • Anonymous

Kingslayer, 10 Oct 2018People are completely overlooking what Google did here. It'... moreYou're kidding, it gets mentioned and is loved in all the videos and articles I have seen. However, rather than use a fragile substance that pretends to be a durable substance, I'd prefer a durable solution that pretends to be glass, or anything.

worst + ugliest release in the 2018. felt like something from 2016.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018This is a shame that no company listens to people anymore. ... moreThe smaller Pixel doesn't have a notch though

Anonymous, 09 Oct 2018People can vote with their pockets - the midrange more than... moreI believe the only thing that can make a change in the sector is foldable technology. If that catches on after its release that could really bring a new category to mobile phones. Hopefully by this point they will realize current top end phones like the Iphone XS max should really be much more affordable and foldable tech could be seen as the Alpha handsets to own and could warrant a price tag of £1000-£1400. It has to be more realistic price wise, as the tech becomes more widely used and available.

  • Anonymous

No 3.5mm jack, no expandable storage, no dual camera, small battery...not a very strong offer.

So the surprise was the price....

  • Anonymous

I must be the only person that prefers the XL the regular looks like something from 2015

  • dd

one of the ugliest phone i have ever seen