Google confirms the Pixel 3 and 3 XL only have gesture-based navigation

10 October 2018
You should embrace the new gestures as Google isn't talking about the Pixels only.

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  • Pixel 2 XL USER.

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018So Apple was right, once again. And time after time. Leade... moreWise words from Steve Jobs himself back in the day "a good artist creates a great artist steals". the creator of the innovator Apple has been stealing ideas from other phones for years, all these phone companies just get ideas from each other and get people like you to buy their products.

btw. Samsung is the top manufacturer and makes top sales in the world for products while Apple was dethroned to 3rd places after Xiaomi taken 2nd place.

  • Anonymous

PBody, 15 Oct 2018Did you say Google was right when iOS started making 2 size... moreWhat you mentioned are not innovations, those are options.

But fully working gestures providing a consistent experience across the OS and all apps is innovation. Goodbye nav buttons!

  • PBody

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2018So Apple was right, once again. And time after time. Leade... moreDid you say Google was right when iOS started making 2 size phones? Or when they added drop down menu? Or when they added card indexed notifications? I doubt it. LOL, fact is these companies borrow ideas from each other. Stop acting like Apple created something.

  • Anonymous

So Apple was right, once again. And time after time.
Leaders come up with new and logical updates/upgrades/experiences while the less innovative ones can just follow, as they do not posses the capabilities and knowledge to come up with new and actually useful stuff. So they just follow.

The difference between an alpha and a beta. The difference between the top dog and an underdog.
The difference between working and investing twice as much resources than a follower company does, for just 10% extra quality.
The guy who studies and learns continuously for 10 years straight in order to be 10% better than the guy who studied for 5 years straight. But even if it’s just a 10% or even just a 1% difference between them, he still is number one, numero uno, top dog, while the others are all under him and jealous of the top dog’s success.

That is what it means to be a leader and the best amongst the best. Going the extra mile(s) just for that one small advantage. iPhone vs. android phones. Leica/Zeiss vs. Canon/Fujifilm. Mercedes vs. Ford.
99+ octane vs 95 octane.
$15.000 audiophile speakers vs. any Bose/Sennheiser.
8 Hz bass vs. 14 Hz bass.
5 coated paint vs. 2 coated paint.
5k display vs. mere 4k display.
Ray tracing graphics vs. normal graphics.
355 km/h vs. 340 km/h
Slightly supersonic vs. sonic speed.

  • isheep

all pixel 3 exclusive, i never see any software exclusive on iOS. pixel is premium line, feel cheated if u purchase pixel 2 or 1. sad "software exclusive"

  • Carol

BlackBerryKing, 11 Oct 2018BlackBerry 10 was way ahead of the market at it's Launch. I... moreYes, and now think about the fact that actually bb10 derived from MeeGo who yes, is and was waaaay ahead of the market and was abandoned because of a stupid elop.

  • Carol

This phone has, besides the cpu, exaxtly the same hardware as my nokia 8, but is made out of plastic(versus real quality build like mine) and costs almost 900€. Nope snapdragon 845 and a amoled screen are not worthy of more then 500€.

  • Danny

Gesture based UX has been with us close to ten years. Yes that's one whole decade. And even after all this time iOS and Android can't figure out what MeeGo, webOS and BB10 did right with gestures.

On Pie there is no back gesture which means you still have to hunt the pixels on very edge of the screen cause you know bezels are not welcome anymore. In fact Android Pie gestures are redundant as two different swipes do the same thing which is to get you to app switcher screen.

You can swipe all you want but if you still have to press notification screen button and then swipe up to unlock the phone you are doing it wrong.

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2018They copied oppo..... Doesn't matter who copied who, but this type of navigation gestures is the one that must be used by everyone.
I'm using a paid app called OnePlus Gestures to do that on my phone for about 2 months now & it's the way to go

  • AmyThePerson

what's the point of that if there's just gonna be a navigation bar on the bottom anyway D:

  • BlackBerryKing

BlackBerry 10 was way ahead of the market at it's Launch. I see that now in reality.

I hope Blackberry makes a comeback with fold-able phones.

You don't have to swipe up on the pill to go to the webOS card UI. You can actually swipe up anywhere in the dock area. Even swipe up where the back button is or the right side where there is nothing there. I really like that. On iOS, you have to swipe up at the line.

The October security patch actually made the animation seem less janky. It just feels seamless. I might keep my Essential Phone on Android 9 forever. Then buy a Pixel 4 next year with Quiche. I don't want to ruin a good thing by constantly updating.

Wow...!! I am so excited but little bit disappointed about slow motion video 240fps only, Need 480fps not 960fps.

BlackBerry 10 had the gestures haha and I loved it!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Oct 2018Don't think he will be bothered. Google is running by an In... moreOf course I know that :D Android's roots are sadly going the way of the dodo. :(

Samsung Galaxy, 11 Oct 2018Samsung? Are you joking? Samsung is trying to be different ... morethats why they compare their note 9 with iphone 6

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018Andy Rubin, father of Android will not be pleased on how An... moreDon't think he will be bothered. Google is running by an Indian now, and they are known for screwing things up.

  • Anonymous

HA! So now Google tells you what to use and what not to use just like Apple? So much for Android being more flexible than iOS..... Don't tell me we can always use a different launcher etc... I mean out of the box. Copying iOS much eh, Google???

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018Google is pushing for close-source Android eventually with ... moreAndroid won't go closed source. But maybe Google's upcoming FushiaOS might be. So wouldn't put it past a large multi-national like google to maybe slowly make Android less and less palatable so when they drop Fuschia everyone will jump on board because it'll have the "good" features everyone (all tongue in cheek conspiracy theorism)

  • Anonymous

FullmetalJun, 10 Oct 2018Samsung's gestures coming in Pie are the best navigation gesturesThey copied oppo.....