Google confirms the Pixel 3 and 3 XL only have gesture-based navigation

10 October 2018
You should embrace the new gestures as Google isn't talking about the Pixels only.

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matt00112233, 10 Oct 2018making fun of Apple until we do like Apple, that's the Goog... moreSamsung? Are you joking? Samsung is trying to be different from Apple

Sorry Google, I like my onscreen navigation buttons. If you force other OEMs to remove these buttons (including the one my phone is from), I'm probably gonna move to iPhone even if I don't like iOS because you're pretty much behaving like Apple and becoming more closed source.

  • Anonymous

Don't copy apple, you're better than this. They should use Huawei's navigation dock.

  • Anonymous

Essen, 10 Oct 2018Never been a fan of Android's black navigation bar that per... moreI agree that the black bar took screen space and was a waste, but now the screen space is taken up by a pill. Just get rid of it all together. I love One Plus gestures...I just download the app and remove the pill/nav bar all together. Much better but also more like iPhone.

Kingslayer, 11 Oct 2018I have the option to go back to the old way on my Essential... moreYa. The funny part is Apple and Google are introducing this as if it is some creative new invention that is going to improve life. Well I mean it is new, but to them only...

WebOS, Sailfish, even Windows Phone, have had gesture UI long before this. Guess the reinvention will be better this time around. Bigger audience more RnD and test beds to use it on...

I have the option to go back to the old way on my Essential but just can't see myself going back to it. The idea of swiping up the pill button and seeing all my previous apps in a webOS card UI is feels more intuitive and seamless.

Once people get comfortable with the swipe up gesture, it becomes hard to go back. It's similar to virtual keyboards back in 2007-2009. There were still people who preferred physical QWERTY of a BlackBerry. Now it's hard to back using a BB physical QWERTY. Or how people thought "4.3-5 inch screens were YUUGE in 2010. I remember seeing the HTC Evo and Dell Streak thinking how massive. Looking back, they were tiny. Even the first Note is compact in this day and age. People adapt.

  • Essen

Socalteknique, 10 Oct 2018The bar is still there. It just now contains the gesture bu... moreOh? You mean you can't have full screen display and that gesture/navigation pill remains a bar? That's ridiculous. Samsung and Xiaomi from what I know have implemented proper full screen navigation. Wow. Another reason to avoid stock Android then.

So based on scroogles comment, this move to Gesture based navigation (which has been around for a long time mind you) is only for the increase speed in app switching? dumb

Since they said it that way, the whole Android community should be All in on that....

  • MKL

Recently Google innovation is going crazy. Drop 3.5 mm jack, add notch and now go full gesture. It seems they want to cut cost of R&D by copying Apple like other cheap company. Only difference is unlike google, other cheap company sell their products cheap as well.

  • Socalteknique

Essen, 10 Oct 2018Never been a fan of Android's black navigation bar that per... moreThe bar is still there. It just now contains the gesture button lol.

  • Essen

Never been a fan of Android's black navigation bar that permanently took away two to three lines of screen area.

F u Google.


Why don't you just stop selling Pixels altogether and switch to peddling iPhones?

[deleted post]Oh why yes of course. His misery is so sad that I'd be a monster not to cry for him.

  • Anonymous

So it’s stuck with gestures like the recent iphones. Does it have 120hz touch refresh rate at least? For the smoother feeling and less chance of gesture registration failure

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Andy Rubin, father of Android will not be pleased on how Android navigation is going. Hope he returns and "kicks" Sundar Picchai iPhone X wannabe gesture fanb** out.

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2018Google is pushing for close-source Android eventually with ... moreHow about someone comes up with a new mobile OS altogether? Heck it can also be linux-based if it has to. The thing is, it needs to be open-ended & fully customizable like how Android was like until recently. It will take time to grow, but eventually it will.

Symbian OS was the top-dog until it was dethroned and eventually killed by Android. Perhaps it's Android's time to die and get replaced.

  • Anonymous

Google is pushing for close-source Android eventually with decisions like this. We may need to pray for another free OS that pre-installs Google Play, Google Play Services, Google Mobile Services minus the Google Apps. And not forgetting, software buttons with minimal gesture support.

Hmm, not sure I know enough about it and how gesture only would affect every day things. Phone key pad etc etc.

I don't remember the last good decision by Google.

Palm Pre Revisited

Great software. Terrible hardware.

I remember having a launch day iPhone as my daily driver from June 24, 2010-Nov 24, 2011. I tried webOS for the first time in August of 2011 and was completely blown away by the operating system even if the hardware was a joke.

By October 2011, I tried Android on Gingerbread and HATED IT. I felt it was the stuttering, UGLIER cousin of iOS. I didn't start liking Android until I used ICS and Jelly Bean about 12-17 months later. By the end of 2013 when I started using Nova and TubeMate, I was hooked. Using SwiftKey the following year was just gravy. Then torrent apps the following year after that.

2008 and 2011 were some key years for me with smartphones. 2008 made me experience iPhone and jailbreaking. 2011 made me try other OSes out there and opened up my eyes again. At the time, I found webOS, QNX, and Windows Phone more intuitive than iOS and Android with their similar, grid of icons homescreens.

I thank Apple for being a copycat to Matias Duarte and then Matias bringing his webOS baby back to Android.