Samsung Galaxy Note10 to come with a 6.66" display

15 October 2018
Instead of "The Beast", the phone is code named "Da Vinci". The Galaxy S10+ will reportedly have a 6.44" display, so the Note has to go bigger.

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  • Thomas
  • pu6
  • 03 Apr 2019

AKM, 13 Mar 2019It is time Samsung launches two versions of Note: Note and ... moreNo need for Note+ with 7.5 inches screen. There's already the Tab 8 with s-pen.

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    • S90
    • 30 Mar 2019

    chandu, 13 Mar 2019is samsung galaxy note 10 and note 10+ release same time or... moreThere is no note 10+just a note 10

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      • AKM
      • 2SC
      • 13 Mar 2019

      It is time Samsung launches two versions of Note: Note and Note +. Note + should have betwen 7" to 7.5" dispaly. It will facilitate easy reading of PDF documents and scanned documents.

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        • chandu
        • U{4
        • 13 Mar 2019

        is samsung galaxy note 10 and note 10+ release same time or note+ take time,
        and please brief about both the mobiles in details because i mostly see for GSMARENA for any information for any kind of mobile, Team gsm area weldone and please provide the details of note 10 and note10+

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          • Narasimha
          • PB7
          • 11 Mar 2019

          Samsung note 10 series should come up with Mobile projector option insite it to make quick presentations at professionals and designers and architects how use it for sketching it will be added advantage .

            AgentW, 15 Oct 2018The thing is it's just so boring to read same thing over an... moreYou seem very immature and unaware of how supply/demand works as a whole.

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              • nFX
              • 24 Oct 2018

              666 the number of the beast > ; )

                Diabolic number for a monster phone at the future 🔥🔥🔥

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                  • nFX
                  • 21 Oct 2018

                  In other words this comment is mess and rubbish.

                    Osiris, 18 Oct 2018Of course it's Da Vinci, it will be a revolutionSamsung is devolution.
                    They ruined every industry they started in.
                    You have no idea how hard is to put a curved screen protector to a curved samung screens such as S series or note series and dont make any bubbles or put them aside without breaking the glass screen protector. Iput at kleast 3 a day for several years.
                    And there are a lot more examples which samsung never things about.
                    They just make much more than humanity is able to cobnsume and when its not selling as they want then they lover the price a lot,
                    Like Note 9 brand new 512GB cost like 1500 after month price was reduced to 1000 after year it will be maybe 700 or less.
                    World largest landfill belongs to samsung and is built near they largest factory in south korea.
                    In other words this company is mess and rubbish.

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                      • Osiris
                      • SXh
                      • 18 Oct 2018

                      CptPower, 17 Oct 2018Da Vinci??? There is nothing special. Kryocera made firs... moreOf course it's Da Vinci, it will be a revolution

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                        • EpK
                        • 18 Oct 2018

                        CptPower, 17 Oct 2018Da Vinci??? There is nothing special. Kryocera made firs... moreThe EOS was a demo phone that never was sold and was one of serveral folding phone previewed that day. Plus the was almost 10 years ago and the tech world has moved forward from there. You seem like a Apple fan boy that is trying to hard. Relax man its just a name.

                          Da Vinci???
                          There is nothing special.
                          Kryocera made first foladable phones.
                          Apple uses no jacks for over a 2 years now.
                          Notch has been used long time before apple invented it in Apple X.
                          There is no reason this phone is called Da Vinci.
                          It will be just a phablet with high specs and a lot bigger price.

                            Well yes a note device ehmmm lets say next page please.

                              AnonD-732843, 16 Oct 2018Just in America? What about the world? Or IS America THE world?Dude, the hell is your problem? I was simply stating that at least in the US, it wouldn't matter much as it's a big market for Samsung. I apologise if it seems like I worded it as of America is the best out anything, but you need to chill

                                AnonD-732843, 16 Oct 2018Slight curved edges do take away screen estate because eyes... moreYeah, but how much screen estate are you really losing? The curved edges are small, and depending on the person, used as their are curved edges features. Granted, the flat panel should be on a professional phone like the Note, but your earlier statement made it seem, at least to me, as if we were losing like a bunch of screen estate

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                                  • 3Jn
                                  • 16 Oct 2018

                                  Ring Tone, 16 Oct 2018This is hilarious... We will now see hundreds of people on... moreThe problem is there aren't many small options for those who want it

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                                    • 16 Oct 2018


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                                      • 8uS
                                      • 16 Oct 2018

                                      I like the fact that Samsung is pushing the "survival" features to their phones - with almost 7" inches, in case you end up stranded in the middle of the sea, you can use the phone as a paddle.

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                                        • nix
                                        • 16 Oct 2018

                                        No notch please. I will buy this as a note 8 user.