Samsung Galaxy Note10 to come with a 6.66" display

Peter, 15 October 2018

Industry insiders claim that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 will come with a 6.66” display next year. This is reportedly part of the specifications that Samsung Mobile handed to Samsung Display so that the panel maker can start work on the larger Super AMOLED panel.

The Galaxy Note9 has a 6.4” screen size and (assuming the aspect ratio stays the same), the next Note flagship will offer about 8% more surface area. Note that while the iPhone XS Max has a 6.5” screen, due to the aspect ratio and the notch, the usable surface area is actually smaller than Note9’s.

One of the three Galaxy S10 models, the S10+, will fill the gap with a 6.44” display. The other two S10 versions are expected to stay at 5.8”, the same size as the current S9 (and the S9+ is at 6.2”).

The Galaxy Note9 display is currently Samsung's largest Infinity Display

Anyway, the Galaxy Note10 is code named “Da Vinci”. The “Note10” moniker is a placeholder for now as Samsung might change the naming scheme with the Galaxy S10 coming in the first half of next year.

If you’re wondering why Samsung has settled on specs for the Note10 so early, the company is reportedly going for a longer development time so that it can deliver a better product. The Galaxy S10 design was finalized in April this year and it won’t be unveiled until MWC in February next year.

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Reader comments

  • Thomas

No need for Note+ with 7.5 inches screen. There's already the Tab 8 with s-pen.

  • Anonymous

There is no note 10+just a note 10

  • AKM

It is time Samsung launches two versions of Note: Note and Note +. Note + should have betwen 7" to 7.5" dispaly. It will facilitate easy reading of PDF documents and scanned documents.

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