Samsung's foldable Galaxy F gets showcased in a cool concept video

12 November 2018
The video is based on the information that was outed about the device so far.

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Samsung lost it .

The cool thing behind folded phone is making it 3 inch size and when unfolded 5.5 tp 6.4 inch normal size phone.

not a huge phone that turns into a tablet

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    • 13 Nov 2018

    Luxor, 13 Nov 2018The battery doesnt need to be that large. Its not like both... moreIt needs a fairly large battery and is a fairly large device to house a decent sized battery

      Beautiul. ;v;
      AND IT KEEPS THE 3.5mm jack!!! Kudos to samsung!!!
      I hope this will use SD8150! QvQ

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        • 13 Nov 2018

        Anonymous, 13 Nov 2018Unpractical Unnecessary Just for show off ...You are very narrow minded.
        This is the beginning of future technology

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          • 13 Nov 2018

          Anonymous, 13 Nov 2018Samsung have got 1 or 2 more years if theyre lucky at being... moreYou think that Huawei is knocking down Samsung just because they can offer the tech cheaper because they are doing it years later without the time and research and just rushing to release it first???
          Not to mention it's doubtful in this or the future versions Huawei will be the ones pushing the envelope of the tech.

          That's just silly. Though Samsung does need to push their phone tech a little more and drop the price a bit or they will start feeling more heat

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            • 13 Nov 2018

            me personaly i find it very practical.. guess u have problems with imagination..! the phone will be a normal phone.. but when i use it for media.. will be in a mini tablet.. wich is way better than just a phone size .! it is a very very good upgrade to normal phones

              Anonymous, 13 Nov 2018Samsung have got 1 or 2 more years if theyre lucky at being... moreHuawei is the company with the first 7nm chipset? the most powerful? cheating the benchmark tests? no.1 AI but this doesn't do anything and it takes 5 minutes to detect an A4 paper document?

              Please spare me...

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                • 13 Nov 2018

                Dolanescu, 13 Nov 2018As usually... Samsung comes first with new hardware technol... moreSamsung have got 1 or 2 more years if theyre lucky at being the king lmao

                After Huawei introduce their foldable phone at a better price the games over for Samsung

                  As usually... Samsung comes first with new hardware technology...
                  I hope they will collaborate more with android/google for software... They are the king on the android market but others gain speed also (not the Huawei cheaters and false advertising :D)

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                    • 13 Nov 2018

                    With time this form factor will evolve.
                    Early adopters will act as testers.
                    Give it some time, instead of criticising...

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                      • 13 Nov 2018

                      I dislike it

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                        • 13 Nov 2018

                        Just for show off ...

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                          • 13 Nov 2018

                          Interesting, but the system kind of looks like the one from surface book. So, nothing new here, outside of the screen. Anyhow, this probably wants to be the tablet killer, not that the tablet was somehow a success. It might also want to be the Computer form, as we all know it, killer. That is why, they want such a price. As i was saying, idea is good but the price will kill it for the normal user. I can imagine using something like this as a manager or CO in a business enviroment where they need to have everything to them, the smaller the better. But, haha another one, android is not goo enough for something like this, so dead on arrival?

                            Honestly, I'm not at all interested in the first generation foldable phones. They will be underwhelming for sure. 2nd/3rd generation ones will be far more practical & useful for day-to-day usage.

                            Still, looking forward to see how the first one looks like.

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                              • 13 Nov 2018

                              Ayush01, 13 Nov 2018This thing here is the real innovation.I guess samsung and ... morethey feel it as innovation when that company does the same thing and introduce it as greatest innovation of all time like large screen display now on the phone.

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                                • 13 Nov 2018

                                guy, 13 Nov 2018Why do tech sites always gravitate towards these awful conc... moreAgreed 100%!
                                Terrible render and showed a clunky impractical design too.

                                  I can’t help thinking it doesn’t need a entire screen on the outer side a tiny screen would suffice solely for notifications and the main screen would be on the inside

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                                    • 13 Nov 2018


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                                      • 13 Nov 2018

                                      Ghostwolf87, 13 Nov 2018Unless this thing has at LEAST a 7500mah battery, it won't ... moreThe battery doesnt need to be that large. Its not like both display is turn on at the same time when using. It still works like a normal phone and normal tablet. That hinge thing, Samsung mentioned in SDC the screen does not degrade over time no matter how much you fold it. Its not the same oled you think it is. They dont make it to be 'cool'. The same way how they push the curved edge design this foldable design will be rub on our faces no matter we like it or not and no matter it catch on or not.

                                        BiyoBiyo JunJun, 13 Nov 2018people always take everything seriously .... Ikr? Seriously peeps, it's just phones.