Samsung's foldable Galaxy F gets showcased in a cool concept video

12 November 2018

After many, many years of leaks and rumors, Samsung is finally almost ready to ship its first foldable phone - at some point next year. The company has already unveiled the flexible display that it's using, and a few other details have been coming out recently too.

Based on everything that's known about this phone which will probably be called Galaxy F, Concept Creator has gone ahead and created a mesmerizing concept video that imagines the upcoming device in all its glory, and portrays it from all angles.

Please don't mistake this for a leak of the Galaxy F's final design or anything like that - again, it is merely a concept, but a very nice looking one at that. So let's just say that we wouldn't mind it at all if this is what the actual product ends up looking like.

The Galaxy F will employ two screens - the inside one is 7.3" when opened, with 1536x2152 resolution (420ppi and 4.2:3 aspect ratio), while the Cover Display is what you'll see when the handset is folded. This one is a 4.58" panel with 840x1960 resolution and a 21:9 aspect ratio, also with 420ppi.