Samsung's foldable phone to come in March for $1,770

Peter, 12 November 2018

Samsung previewed its foldable phone, focusing on the screen – the Infinity Flex Display – and the UI. Industry insiders believe that there will be another demo at the MWC in February before the final reveal in March.

The phone is expected to cost $1,770 (KRW 2 million in its homeland), which will limit sales to the “money’s no object” early adopter crowd. Even so, Samsung Electronics President DJ Koh believes that the flexible phone will ship at least one million units.

The foldable phone is built like a clamshell with a 4.58” external display and a tablet-sized 7.3” display on the inside. Unconfirmed specs give the following resolutions for both displays:

The foldable phone will not be Samsung’s first 5G phone. Instead, insiders believe that the company will introduce a new version of the Galaxy S10 in March that will support 5G (the first S10 models will be 4G only).

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Reader comments

  • Carol

So apple is a premium brand? You funny. Not that i like Samsung cause i don't, but to be blind and not see how way further Samsung in front of apple is, is like living in a cage. Typical apple fan. Oh we buy into premium. All based on what others res...

  • Carol

Very simple. No research, copy paste products. Assambly is done on a Ship (no payments to guvernments). Workers are payed with maximum 100$ per mounth. Low quality materials, low quality internals pieaces (microphones, battery, mainboard, cables, con...

Well typical Samsung. hey release tech that noone wants but we all pay for it in product prices. No shame that J4 prime a phone with 2015 specs cost 150 euros. This is pure robbery on its own customers and those customers are willing to pay ...

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