Asus ROG Phone finally lands in India with all its accessories in tow

29 November 2018
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Geric.770, 29 Nov 2018Great, but Android gaming isn't as reliable as console or P... moreIt's reliable as a smartphone gaming. Don't compare it with Pc or console, It's a class all on it's own.

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    • 03 Dec 2018

    "The quality of games on Android itself leaves a lot to be desired, as iOS still gets all the new games first and in some cases, exclusively."

    And then i knew who is the author of this article.

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      • 30 Nov 2018

      Give a landscape slider or flip keyboard

        Addd, 29 Nov 2018What does that mean ?? High ping spikes?Ping spikes in games, is a gamers worst nightmare. Some games uses ping and some uses latency. Normally you will have different ping, depending on how far you are from the server of the game. The closer, the lower. Lower is best. But ping spikes means that it goes from low to very high, on random times. On the game arena of Valor, you will see the ping time in game. With Oneplus 6 and game mode on, I had ping between 40-52ms. But on the rog, with and without gaming mode on, I had pings between 40-180ms. And it many times killed me in game, because my movements was delayed do to high ping.

          AnonD-415644, 29 Nov 2018Is this a software problem?I don't know. But they didn't know about it on xda forums. And I returned my phone before 14 days after buy. It already had 2 updates since release. But, the phone was 9 months old, before release. So asus and the devs had enough time to fix such huge problem.

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            • 29 Nov 2018

            Zendroid, 29 Nov 2018If you play online games, then don't buy this! You have bee... moreIs this a software problem?

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              • 29 Nov 2018

              This is a good phone and launch pricing is not obscene (in a world where flagships now launch at $1000+), though it won't sell much. It's not priced in the OP6t but it has USPs that are worth it. The USB-C placement and the headphone jack alone make this nice. I hope it sells enough that Asus bring out the next iteration.

                Senju, 29 Nov 2018Feeling same... At that price, I think Huawei Mate 20 pro ... moreyup ......chipset in mate 20pro is in whole different league than asus rog with better camera and one of best lowlight performer only behind pixel 3 and 3xl with satisfactory sound output,brighter and better screen 2body ratio ,ip68 rating,u will hardy notice any different between 60hz display and 90hz display compare to 120hz display on razer phone with better thoughts

                  Anonymous, 29 Nov 2018Depends on what you like. The Mate 20 Pro has better displa... moreLet's just pretend that the HUAWEI MATE 20/20 PRO doesn't have a card slot for now, because NM cards are pretty much almost non-existent

                    Aniketsh, 29 Nov 2018Better than mate 20 pro???In some aspects. Regardless whether you're a normal person, or a smartphone "gamer" looking for this smartphone, you're better off with the HUAWEI MATE 20 PRO. Overall, it's still a better smartphone, especially the camera. Faster refresh rate, pressure sensitive sides, these are just gimmicks that doesn't make the ASUS ROG PHONE a gaming smartphone, even with accessories included, or the gaming design it have. There's no major difference when u compare to other high-end flagships out there, CPU clocking a few 0.xx GHz more brings negligible performance bump, not like as if it's a whole different chipset meant for gaming smartphones that have a newer and better architecture giving a bigger performance bump. The one good thing I see in the ASUS ROG PHONE is that it comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, that's it. U shouldn't go for this smartphone if it's for the 3.5mm headphone jack, the GALAXY S9 have it, and it's been in the market for months already, even cheaper than this and the HUAWEI MATE 20 PRO

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                      • 29 Nov 2018

                      Aniketsh, 29 Nov 2018Better than mate 20 pro???Depends on what you like. The Mate 20 Pro has better display resolution (2K vs. ROG's 1080p), expandable memory (I don't like the NM cards but the ROG doesn't even HAVE expandable memory), wireless charging, IR blaster, better camera and SUPER FAST RIDICULOUS wired charging (0-70% in 30 minutes)

                      The ROG has the way better FRONT-FACING stereo speakers, better display refresh rate (ROG's 90hz vs the Mate 20's 60hz which helps with scrolling fluidity and gaming), headphone jack, 4k60fps video recording, and more LTE bands for better coverage.

                      I'd LEAN towards the Mate 20 Pro but you may wanna wait until the LG #gluegate displays die out so that you know you get one with the BOE display.

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                        • 29 Nov 2018

                        satyajeet, 29 Nov 2018this is a gaming phone no doubt with unique look,overclocke... moreFeeling same...
                        At that price, I think Huawei Mate 20 pro is good deal...

                          this is a gaming phone no doubt with unique look,overclocked cpu,and 90hz display still its hard to recommended because of its pricing and launching date they launched it 2late,snapdragon 845 is old news as its successor is on the way and other chip-set of same caliber its better to buy 1+6t @70,000rs ($1,002) i can buy two 6gb ram 1+6t which performance is nearly same as this with same quality mediocre camera.i m not saying its and bad phone i m just saying its a bad timing and pricing thats just my thought.

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                            • 29 Nov 2018

                            PriteshThakker, 29 Nov 2018An Android for gaming? Seriously? The OS is restricting ... moreApple fanboys just cant help themselves, can they? But when you are paying ridiculous amounts for inferior hardware and crappy restrictive software, it should be expected I guess.

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                              • 29 Nov 2018

                              Zendroid, 29 Nov 2018If you play online games, then don't buy this! You have bee... moreWhat does that mean ?? High ping spikes?

                                Better than mate 20 pro???

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                                  • 29 Nov 2018

                                  Nyc Phone

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                                    • 29 Nov 2018

                                    Phone is outstanding all its accesorize as well.
                                    But the price isnt.
                                    Whats worse Salary in India is so bad that i wonder if even 100 people will buy among a billion and half living in the country.

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                                      • 29 Nov 2018

                                      PriteshThakker, 29 Nov 2018An Android for gaming? Seriously? The OS is restricting ... moreRather on adnroid than apple.
                                      Apple is sin greedy company charging its customers for literrary everything.
                                      Everytime you need even a simplest things you have to pay for them.
                                      Thanks no. Enough is enough,

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                                        • 29 Nov 2018

                                        These days every FLAGSHIP and mid range premium device is highly overpriced. If they not why they drop uptp 50% just by next year or their exchange price is very low than expected.