Asus ROG Phone finally lands in India with all its accessories in tow

29 November 2018
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Great, but Android gaming isn't as reliable as console or PC gaming. :/

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    • PriteshThakker
    • P@$
    • 29 Nov 2018

    Dev, 29 Nov 2018Literally the pricing of device is worthful and correct. N... moreAn Android for gaming? Seriously?

    The OS is restricting a lot for fluid graphics... thus you face hiccups even at best SoC

    Thus, it is surely not worth spending on Android... better invest on iOS (maybe even a year old model)

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      • Danny
      • uvG
      • 29 Nov 2018

      One thing is so surprised that whether reviewer or youtuber keep the device or return it.
      If they keep this also result on huge pricing.
      OEMs have to keep in mind.
      I have search asus rog phone on youtube there are plenty of unboxing with accesories also!!!
      If the device is plenty of good then why you create havoc.
      That is the reason LG Smartphone are underrated.

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        • Dev
        • uvG
        • 29 Nov 2018

        Literally the pricing of device is worthful and correct.
        Not overpriced like pixel and iphone (in India).
        I hope Asus may drag "value-concious" Indian.
        I am happy that they bring assecories in India. Asus is doing great job in India.

        Now the game is on Mate20 Pro ,Galaxy Note9, Pixel 3 XL, iphone XS Max are flagship in field.
        Note9 is the cheapest among all.

          If you play online games, then don't buy this! You have been warned. Extremely high ping spikes on the rog phone.