HTC Desire 12s debuts with 5.7-inch display, Snapdragon 435

17 December 2018
It's already available for purchase in Taiwan.

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dead on arrival.

HTC looks like they really want to get out of business.

I mean for real: what's with that snapdragon 435 and small battery crap.
Nobody wants that.

  • Tee

Welcome to 2015 HTC. Those pathetic specs and that awful unbalanced back is unforgivable, what are they smoking in the design department? At some point HTC dominated a good market segment, those days are long gone.

Is that ... .A freaking MicroUSB ?? Go to h*ll HTC ...

  • Anonymous

Back camera section looks like LG G5

What happen to HTC designer! OMG! Your ruler is faulty when design the camera placement?!

  • Anonymous

HTC's customer service is pathetic. Their phones are expensive and their phones are really hard to unlock the bootloader. They are destined to fail sadly.

  • Anonymous

Wow.. not even supporting fast charging..
There are so many other devices that are much better at this price point, i seriously doubt this will sell well at all

  • AnonD-819322

Should be below £120 if they want it to sell...

  • AnonD-781012

Why this article is FEATURED?! Is this even worth reading...

Y'all better buy this lol ;)

Muthu, 17 Dec 2018Htc should not have used the an cutting edge SoC like SD 43... moreha ha ha

Pushing the camera to the right would have killed HTC. But they are dying anyway so why bother.

£180+ for a 720 screen and an sd 435 !!
HTC just don't learn, do they.
HTC12s spec =Moto C spec
HTC 12s =£180
Lenovo moto C (2018)= £45
12s has more ram, that's it..

  • Dara

HTC brand stays behind OnePlus today in most countries. HTC should open eyes to see the world. Even you sell your phone at the price and specs as OnePlus, more people may choose OnePlus.

  • Anonymous

Someone forgot to Ctrl+T that rear camera

  • Anonymous

sad to see HTC lagging behind the upstarts . With these kind of products ...I dont think they have any will to compete with chinese brands.

I've been saying there's this for years, HTC should stop making midrange and entry level phones altogether. They can't compete with the Chinese as they don't have brand recognition or the financial power to slash their profit margins

5T, 17 Dec 2018People saying you can buy this, you can buy that, it's too ... moreLol what a stupid comment. This is a public forum where people state their opinions and have healthy discussions.

A lot of people here used to love the HTC brand name and a lot of us are disgusted at what HTC has been reduced to selling overpriced crap like this.

Anyways at this rate I don't think HTC will be in business for long.

Q, 17 Dec 2018True. But, maybe they only work on smaller Pixel design :-):-))))

  • Foxfone

Had the designer being in the pub before completing their drawings?

The off-centre rear camera looks rediculous and takes away any thoughts about positive aspects of the device. HTC was once brilliant but needs to re group like Nokia did and come back to the table with a fresh approach
The one othe thing which stops me buying their devices is the rubbish screen brightness. They are very dim screens in sun-light. They need to take a cue from LG on this one or Motorola.