Xiaomi Mi A2 will be company's first Android One phone to get Pie

17 December 2018
The Mi A2 saw limited rollout for Android 9 in mid-November, but the rollout begins in earnest tomorrow. No official word on Mi A2 Lite or Mi A1.

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  • 19 Dec 2018

After Dec 5 security patch update Fingerprint scanner working little bit slow compared to previous update on MI A2 android 9.

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    • 19 Dec 2018

    After Dec 5 security patch update Fingerprint scanner response little bit slowly compare to earlier patch update on MI A2 India..

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      • 19 Dec 2018

      Marco M, 19 Dec 2018I agree, I prefer MIUI over stock android. Stock android is... moreOr they are using iPhones and iOS, so compare to that, even Stock Android have more options and it's more customizible out of box.

      I agree with you statment about boring look, also MIUI is way better in options (and still have same speed on same hardware). BUT Android 9, looks way better than Android 8.1 (or older stock versions).

        nik.007, 18 Dec 2018A small minority would definitelt utilise fast charging, ev... moreEven at the same price, they have same CPU, GPU, resolution, similar screen sizes. Camera is the winning factor and not just for photographers, the reason most people buy flagships aren't because they are gamers and need the most powerful adreno at all times, but for their cameras. Amungst the mentioned the A2 steals the victory in that very important department.

        It's the camera performance that made samsung big and grow past sony, moto and everyone else that used to be big. It's also what has made Huawei climb to the top.

        Camera has always been the weak point in lower end phones, and still is in many. The A2 is a great SD660 phone at a great price and with a great camera. For those who do not have any preferential UI, android one brings them certianty of future upgrades and it's already on android 9 pie. The others makes no such promise and is not yet on android 9, so they already lag behing.

        I don't know where you live, and how much any local (grey) importer adds to the price of the A2, but internationally speaking it's the cheapest of the mentioned bunch and still with the same CPU, GPU etc, better camera and more recent android and the ensurance that it will get next version etc.

          Avicenna., 18 Dec 2018Stock Android means Stock Experience, but doesn't mean bett... moreI agree, I prefer MIUI over stock android. Stock android is plain boring and essentially a skeleton so one has to make much more of an effort to get the same experience.

          I don't get the appeal some have stock android, particularly almost all major tech youtubers. Perhaps they are sponsored by google? Or just because they are paid you google's youtube and want to stay on their good side.

            Marco M, 18 Dec 2018Fun stuff here, you buy a Android One phone - presumably to... moreStock Android means Stock Experience, but doesn't mean better experience. That's why manufactures made its own custom UI for more features, and until now i still never getting the reason of most tech edgies here to hate them to made custom UIs.

            There's more reason. Even the basic one that stock Android could fulfill.

            8. You couldn't monitor how much and whose used your
            Wi-Fi tehtering.

            9. Stock file manager is terrible.

            10. Bluetooth pairing and its file extension limitations are even more annoying.

            11. Amount of Google Apps hogs the performance.

            12. Some of Android Go can't go split-screen.

            13. Bland camera apps, except Pixel.

              Dear Xiaomi, please put a better camera on your phones. 1/2.9" on Mi-series while 1/2.55" on cheaper Redmi Note 5 AI and 1/2.3" on older Mi 5s is just embarrassing.

              Hopefully your 48 MP Redmi phone get released soon, since I can't moved on to Kirin over Snapdragon.

                Marco M, 18 Dec 2018Well my wife has the A2 and she does take advantage of both... moreA small minority would definitelt utilise fast charging, even I have spare Quick chargers lying at my home, and would have definitely taken advantage of QC on the A2 had I bought one. But a very high majority would always rely on the out of the box charger.
                Also, where I live, all the 3 that I said are cheaper than the A2, so at least here buying A2 doesn't make any sense, except for photographers (who I am quite sure wouldn't spend 200$ on a phone instead of a camera).
                And A2 Lite (Redmi 6 Pro here) also doesn't make much sense for the value it offers for the price.

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                  • 18 Dec 2018

                  My Moto X4 Android One is running Android 9 as of today. So who is first?

                    nik.007, 18 Dec 2018It has fast charging but no fast charger out of the box, so... moreWell my wife has the A2 and she does take advantage of both the quick charge and USB-C (bluetooth enabled noise cancelling headphones with USB-C to USB-C for air travel without any dongle).

                    Higher stb ratio at the cost of notches which in turn has their own glitches in terms of UI is a pass from me and just about everyone I know. which is why I'm waiting for the european release of Mi Mix 3 now that the Z5 pro has been confirmed a disappointment and same (but not to the same extent) for Honor Magic 2.

                    Mi A2, as well as Mi A1 are both based on other Xiaomi phones running MIUI. So they didn't do anything other than making it android one so your theory about this or that due to android one is invalid.

                    You brought up RM2Pro, Honor 8x, and Zenfone Max Pro M2, none of which has android one and Honor 8x is 50% more expensive. Zenfone Max pro M2 is also expensive compared to the Mi A2.
                    Neither of them has received android 9 and none of them can compete with Mi A2's camera. Just check the comparison tool here, it's a win for the Xiaomi. The Zenfone is for those who in particular have high demand for battery life and is willing to sacrifice on camera. It's a niche device.

                    For higher stb ratio at the expense of a notch, sd slot and bigger battery there is the Mi A2 lite.

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                      • 18 Dec 2018

                      AnonD-759225, 18 Dec 2018Can i know where do you live?Sure.I live in Belgium Europe :-)

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                        • 18 Dec 2018

                        After updating to new version 9 pie, sometimes when calls coming, the become too lagging and vibrating too.. please find solution.

                          nik.007, 18 Dec 2018Lol I did just that mate! :DYeah sorry. I guess different factors are prioritised differently from user to user. To each our own I guess :D

                          P.S. Your post:upvote ratio is rather impressive, you must have the words of wisdom!

                            Domestoboto, 18 Dec 2018That's still not an excuse. The whole point of Android One ... moreAndroid One promises stock/vanilla android and regular security updates for three years and OS upgrades for two years. It does not promise to have most recent android version at approximately the same time as Google's own Pixel lineup.

                            Four months is not that long, especially considering the budget class this device is in. Many budget devices don't even get OS updates and take the S9, a flagship device. Has it received Pie? No.

                            How about others high end devices, have they received android 9 Pie?
                            LG G7 Thinq? No
                            LG V40 Thinq? No
                            Huawei P20 Pro? No
                            Huawei P20? No

                            So what are you upset about again? The fact that Xiaomi and MIUI is awesome? Wow...

                            Nokia? They have few devices, most of which android one or near stock. So they should have a lot of resources for that. Still, these models don't yet have android 9:
                            Nokia 8 Scirocco
                            Nokia 5.1
                            Nokia 5.1 Plus (X5)
                            Nokia 3.1

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                              • 18 Dec 2018

                              Professional, 18 Dec 2018Strange?! I received it already 3 weeks ago on my Mi A1 ?! Can i know where do you live?

                                Furiounx, 18 Dec 2018With all do respect, I'm done here. I'm not gonna sit here ... moreLol I did just that mate! :D

                                  Marco M, 18 Dec 2018You do realize that the team(s) working on MIUI are not the... moreThat's still not an excuse. The whole point of Android One was that it got software updates at practically the exact same time as the Google Pixels. Look how HMD Nokia has done a good job with updating their Android One devices to date.

                                  The Xiaomi Android One team should have released Pie faster than the Pocophone team did. The fact it didn't happen is very telling. That is all.

                                    nik.007, 18 Dec 2018It has fast charging but no fast charger out of the box, so... moreWith all do respect, I'm done here. I'm not gonna sit here and present facts when I'm not given the same in return.

                                      sweggitity, 18 Dec 2018Auto brightness isn't a bug but a feature on Android Pie, u... moreYou're replying to the wrong person lmao

                                        Furiounx, 18 Dec 2018You must be delerious. NONE of your suggested phones have f... moreIt has fast charging but no fast charger out of the box, so it's technically still without fast charging for the majority.

                                        The other 2 have actual real life advantages, which add to better user experience, like 3.5mm jack, dedicated micro SD slots, better STB ratios, bigger batteries. Maybe you'll choose BT 5 or USB C over these actual benefits, but believe me you are part of a very small minority here.

                                        Add to that, the higher price, and more bugs than probably these custom UIs. You can get the Honor Play as well for the price of Mi A2 ffs!! A2 deserved to be a big flop that it's been. It's like Xiaomi wanted it to flop, so that it doesn't hurt their MIUI devices, considering the A1 last year was so successful.