HTC will focus on flagships and mid-rangers in 2019

18 December 2018
Expect to see more of the U12 series next year. However, HTC's idea of a mid-ranger apparently includes S435-powered phones.

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  • 18 Dec 2018

[deleted post]Sony is more profitable than htc can ever dream of being, why would they quit it? Also it's topic on htc making bad phones, what has Sony to do with it?
Nice bait sore, try harder next time

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    • 18 Dec 2018

    If htc would have beautiful futuristic design they would boost their phones

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      • 18 Dec 2018

      Hey HTC where is HTC U13 ?

        Haters gonna hate

          One of the most boring Chinese manufacturers. I know they are in Taiwan btw.
          They should get out of the business or sell their trademark to others like vivo Oppo in order to survive. However they need to act fast because their trademark gets continuously forgotten in Europe. Soon will nobody recognize them anymore.

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            • 18 Dec 2018

            "The recently-launched 128GB version of the HTC U12 life has been selling well, Chen says."

            No surprise since U12 Life has the 3.5mm jack RETURNED to where it belongs unlike last year's U11 Life. So overall it's all about choices of what type of hearing device you prefer to listen to.

              yeah ok whatever.

                That's overall great news. Innovative, solid units they have had. Hope the flagships stay away from the over shiny smudge attracting lollipop colours. Other than that, their are some major potentials to build on and support

                  include the headphone jack back in your phones.... please!

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                    • 18 Dec 2018

                    Well, can't blame HTC. Samsung is trying to sell an SD425 phone for $300, so there.

                    But I really haven't seen HTC's hardware anywhere. Maybe only Taiwanese people buy them? Honest, in SE Asia, their presence just went poof. Maybe some people that are still using their old HTC Mx phones, but that's about it. I really thought they're out of business already.

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                      • 18 Dec 2018

                      Don't cater to the cheapo midrange people. Everyone knows Flagships is where is at! That has been the mentality since everyone used to use Apple before and Apple always releases flagships. Why can't phone companies do what Apple do? HTC, please make flagships only!

                        Shanti Dope, 18 Dec 2018So apparently, the SD4xx series is mid-tier for HTC. Damn,... moreNah, that's waaay too high. Flagship for them will be the good old 636!

                          Whackcar, 18 Dec 2018GSMArena editors seems to have misconceptions regarding wha... moreI agree. but Pocophone F1 does have a flaghip chipset. so they are SOMEWHAT true.
                          I agree on every word otherwise!

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                            • 18 Dec 2018

                            4 devices per year only

                            U13 Lite: SD670, 4Gb, 64Gb, 5.8" LCD 1080p, IP67, headphone jack, 12MP + 8MP (ultra wide)/ 8MP, 3400 mAh

                            U13: SD855, 6Gb, 128Gb, 6.1" LCD QHD, IP68, headphone jack, 16MP + 12MP /8 MP + 8MP, 3800mAh

                            U13 Pro: SD855, 8Gb, 256Gb, 6.1" Oled IP68, headphone jack, front speakers, 48MP + 12MP/8MP+8MP, 3700mAh..

                            Exodus 2: same hardware of u13

                              4xx series snapdragons are low end. with 2xx series would fit more cheap smartwatches.

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                                • 18 Dec 2018

                                Mid range with high end pricing...

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                                  • 18 Dec 2018

                                  I work for a network in the UK and i found out the other day that if you buy a HTC from a third party source like Carphone Warehouse, they won't honor the contractual warranty and you have to take the device through HTC directly.

                                  I think they need to worry about their aftercare service before they look at expanding their range much more to be honest. There's a reason they've become redundant in 2018 in the UK.

                                    GSMArena editors seems to have misconceptions regarding what makes a phone flagship or mid-range. They seem to think that the SoC alone dictates whether the phone is mid-range or flagship, and that is just incorrect. They constantly refer to the Pocophone as a flagship, while in reality it is nothing more than a glorified mid-ranger. I would appreciate if GSMArena personnel would avoid this kind of mistake in future.

                                    As for the HTC Desire 12s, it does not qualify as a mid-ranger, hence GSMArena is correct here to refer to it as a budget phone instead.

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                                      • 18 Dec 2018

                                      Not only focus on Flagship and mid ranger, but focus on updating software also. I am a user of HTC U11+ and wish to use Android Pie asap.

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                                        • 18 Dec 2018

                                        Just follow OnePlus, HTC! If you want to recover profit. I wonder Xiaomi will outdo HTC in term of branding in the next two years if HTC stays with its current strategy.